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Chapter 265: Damage

 Chapter 265: Damage

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Druids yelled and screamed in the distance. Obviously they had been hurt in the battle. Anfey turned around to take a look and then turned to look at Bruzuryano. Bruzuryano had been peacefully looking at something in front of him. He did not seem to be able to hear anything. People in high positions not only had to be cruel to their opponents. Sometimes they had to be hard on the people who worked for them, even to themselves. The key was to be cold and emotionless.

The running horse seemed to sense something and screamed in anxiety as he slowed down. A group of zombies came from the woods, some walking and some crawling, and slowly blocked Anfey on the grass. Their eyes did not have any focus, only staring at what was in front of them. Anfey raised his eyebrows. He had sensed death in the woods a long time ago. It was not reasonable that Bruzuryano did not sense it. As Bruzuryano's assistant, he could not do anything right now but wait for Bruzuryano to start the fight.

"It was weird." Bruzuryano looked up at the sunset. He said quietly, "You stay!" He jumped off the wagon. Without any acceleration, he passed the wagon in the blink of an eye and rushed diagonally at the zombies who blocked the road.

Suzanna ran at full speed. She looked like a meteor. The combat power left a trace like the bright light tail of meteor. Bruzuryano ran like a furious gigantic beast. Although he was much smaller than a gigantic beast, he looked very similar to one. The clouds of dirt underneath his feet blew so far that they fell onto the grass dozens of yards away. The grass was crushed and covered with dirt, indicating the power of Bruzuryano's pounding feet.

When Bruzuryano was only less than 20 yards away from the zombies, he suddenly jumped up. A gigantic bear created by light and fog appeared behind Bruzuryano. As Bruzuryano landed on the ground, the gigantic bear smashed hard on the ground. Invisible but intense shockwaves swept the ground. The zombies on the other side were sent high in the air like peas tossed into a pot. The next moment, countless vines began to appear on the ground. They created a gigantic web and covered all the zombies underneath it. It wrapped tighter and tighter around the zombies. Zombies seemed to disappear under the web of the vines. Only moving vines were seen. The zombies were strong. Some zombies were strangled into halves by vines, but they still struggled moving after that. The rotten and smelly blood dripped out. There was a disgusting smell in the air.

"Annunciata, stop your tricks." Bruzuryano's voice was as loud as a tsunami in the air.

"As you wish." Annunciata gave tit for tat.

Light grey fog appeared from the woods. Where the grey fog passed, the trees died, the falling leaves turning to ashes before even falling to the ground, the branches, trunks and grass all dying. The color of the ground changed from dark black into grey white, death grey.

Bruzuryano stood in the front. He quietly clenched his fists. This was a test for Slanbrea instead of him. If Slanbrea asked any druid to deal with the Fog of Decay, it only proved that he did not have much fighting power left.

Twenty yards, ten yards, the Fog of Decay was approaching. The vines could not handle this kind of corrosion. They moved back underground. The zombies who regained their freedom roared and crawled towards Bruzuryano. Slanbrea did not respond to any of this. Bruzuryano took a deep breath and then he heard Annunciata giggling. Three dark knights rushed out from the Fog of Decay. They formed into a triangle and rushed towards Bruzuryano.

In the blink of an eye, Bruzuryano got several times bigger. A silver gigantic bear as big as a small hill appeared in front of everyone. The bear's paw was as large as a car wheel. He broke through the air currents and smashed the dark knight in the front. That dark knight looked weightless and spun backwards in the air and hit another dark knight behind him. The putrid blood splashed everywhere. Those two dark knights' bodies were heavily torn and twisted together with the bones of the horse they had ridden.

The dark knight on the left in the back thrust his spear at Bruzuryano's chest. Bruzuryano waved his hand upwards. He looked like he was swatting an annoying fly. The dark knight flew off with his horse into the Fog of Decay and disappeared.

"Hmm, why did you transform into a bear so early?" Annunciata's giggles were not very pleasant, but she still sounded very nice. She sounded like she was talking to an old friend.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh..." Bruzuryano roared. The spreading Fog of Decay seemed to meet tornadoes. The fog rolled back a couple of yards. A piece of lifeless land showed up.

A person leading a horse walked out of the fog. It was not very appropriate to call him a person because he was a death spirit. Compared to his peers, he looked very arrogant. He took the time to walk, like he was going to attend a party. His appearance was highly unusual. He was taller than a person and protected by dark red armor. He wore a broken crown. His eyes looked brighter than the fire series crystals, which made him look scary. The spear in his hand was at least 3 yards long, and pointing at Bruzuryano. The war horse was tall as well and hung with many light blue flames, as fine as hairs. Its muscles bulged through the light blue flames.

Bruzuryano slowly stepped back. He was not scared. The concept was not in his dictionary. A fight with the powerful Death Knight in the Fog of Decay would be nothing different than a lion trying to catch a shark in the ocean. He might as well commit suicide if he did that. Bruzuryano had the courage for the fight, but he was not inclined to committing suicide.

The arrogant knight raised the spear in his hand and greeted Bruzuryano. He proclaimed the fight. The Fog of Decay had already moved around, but stopped behind the knight. Bruzuryano was shocked for a second. Did this Death Knight know about fairness? Bruzuryano knew what kind of person Annunciata was. The way the Death Knight behaved made him feel that this Death Knight might be too powerful for Annunciata to have total control of him. Therefore, she did not let the Fog of Decay keep spreading and instead stopped it behind him.

"Glory..." The knight squeezed out the word.

Bruzuryano felt sad. It was part of his nature never to forget the meaning of this word, but he did not know what the glory really was. A death spirit had no right to talk about glory. He only brought terror and fear to people.

Zombies slowly crawled out of the Fog of Decay. Five dark knights led those zombies around Bruzuryano, and they kept crawling over to the wagons that were parked farther away. The Death Knight stood still, looking at Bruzuryano. He only wanted to have a fair fight with Bruzuryano. He had no intention of interfering in others' business.

"Do you think I am easily bullied?" Anfey murmured. He jumped off the wagon and plunged his Indigo dragon crescent blade into the ground. He put his hands on his hips to allow himself to stretch his back. He kicked his legs and shook his arms to warm up. A long time ago, he had already guessed what his task was, so he tried to make an Indigo dragon crescent blade out of the wind blade. It was hard to make any fatal damage to death spirits with a wind blade spear. The flame sword's attack range was too limited. The Indigo dragon crescent blade did not only look fancy, but was also very practical. Its power could reach very far.

Anfey's moves looked weird to others. The zombies slowed down. The few dark knights also kept their distance. The death spirit's hesitation did not mean they had the ability to think. However, it did show the changes in Annunciata's thinking. In fact, Anfey was wrong. No one thought it was easy to bully him. When many people knew about something, it was not a secret anymore. At that moment, the whole world seemed to have been looking for a village head called Ben Ladeng. Besides Yolanthe's hurricane team, Evil Mist was looking for him as well. Yolanthe could publicly look for him while Evil Mist had to do it secretly because of their background. They were afraid that they would be killed immediately after they got a chance to see the Master Swordsman who had taught Anfey. The reason they wanted to catch Anfey alive was not only to get more secrets from him, but also to blackmail his master when it was needed.

Annunciata thought Anfey's weird moves were all from that super powerful Master Swordsman. She not only needed to think about it, but also tried to memorize everything.

"Anfey, I do not want to hurt you." Annunciata sounded even nicer.

"Then do not hurt me," Anfey played along. He pulled out his indigo dragon crescent blade.

"Would you like to visit me at my house?" Annunciata did not think it was really going to happen, but she still wanted to give it a try. The best result would be Anfey volunteering to join them. If that happened, everything would fall into place. Annunciata thought her ancestors were too simple and naïve. They always wanted others to choose between assimilation and death and dreamed to rule the Pan Continent. As a result, people were against them even more. After countless failures, they finally learned to work with others. In the Evil Mist, besides necromancers, there were many allies and followers who did not become necromancers. Necromancers learned to share their cake with others. The road was measured step by step. They needed to take their place in the world before they could think of doing something else. They would be day dreaming if they thought they could control the world immediately.

"Visit you?" Anfey could not believe what he heard. He thought to himself that Annunciata should hate him with passion instead of inviting him over for a visit. Anfey did not want to believe anything she said. He placed the Indigo dragon crescent blade on his shoulder and smiled. "Sure."