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Chapter 255: Deviant Necromancers

 Chapter 255: Deviant Necromancers

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The black shadow facing Anfey and the middle-aged man looked at each other, and both went quiet.

"I am just curious why a guardian of Goddess of Nature would be friends with a necromancer? Where are your peers? Did you kill them or kick them out?" Anfey asked calmly.

"You do not need to know any of them," the middle-aged man said coldly. His eyes had a layer of light golden shine and his body started to swell up. There were strong surges of Nature power.

"I actually never liked to talk bulls*^t. I do not know why I am talking so much with you," Anfey said.

"Why?" the man responded with an attitude showing he could care less. His body got bigger and bigger. His face changed as well. The most obvious change was on his nose. His nose did not only get longer, but also grew some bear whiskers. This should be the first step for a druid to transform into a bearman.

"It would bring trouble for me if I kill you," Anfey said, scratching his head. "I killed quite a few people in the temple. If I kill a guardian of the Goddess of Nature, it would be very hard for me to explain everything. Even if I got the chance to tell them the truth, it would be hard for them to believe me anyway. In addition, I do not know where your peers are? If you killed them, they would blame me for that."

"If this is the case, you had better behave and let me kill you," the man said with a grin. His head had almost transformed into a bear head while his body was in the process of transformation. Anfey was surprised that this half-human, half-beast could speak fluent human language, which gave him a weird feeling.

"This is not a good idea," Anfey shook his head with a smile. "I am pretty smart and chose to talk bulls*^t with you. At first, you were surprised how I saw through your set up. Now you are wondering why I am talking bulls*^t to you. In order for you to understand it, you gave me enough time. Of course, I appreciate your generosity."

"I do not want to hear your bulls*^t anymore," the middle-aged man said coldly. There was only one step left before he completed his transformation. His upper body had transformed into a bear. His eyes had changed from golden color into bloody red and looked very sharp.

"Late, too late." Anfey said calmly. He casually put his arm on Suzanna's shoulder. "With a spy like you, necromancers definitely knew of the existence of Bruzuryano and Slanbrea. You changed the plan on purpose to try to distract them, but don't you think they have noticed that?"

The brown bear slowly opened his arms, but froze there as he heard what Anfey said. He looked panicked instead of sharp now.

Suzanna was attentively looking at the transformed druid. She looked at Anfey's hand on her shoulder and said, "What if they have not noticed that?" They had worked together for so long, Suzanna already knew what Anfey wanted when he put his arm on her shoulder. Anfey hoped she could help him with the story to give him a chance to talk more.

"They are very experienced and knowledgeable people. I do not think they are that stupid," Anfey said.

Bruzuryano and Slanbrea had not shown up yet. The black shadow and the brown bear started to think about leaving after hearing what Anfey said. They were not only surprised that Anfey could wake up, but also shocked to know their peers were killed. They were responsible for carrying out the plan, so they knew their peers' fighting ability. They did not think lambs, as if Anfey could suddenly turn into a wolf while their wolf peers turned into lambs. In the blink of an eye, they had seen Anfey cut through their peers' necks with a knife and tear their peers' heads off. This was such a shock for them that they still could not believe it. They seemed to forget about the precious time they had and could not help listening to Anfey telling them the so-called secrets.

If they did not leave now, they might not be able to leave anytime soon. The black shadow and the brown bear could not help moving a step back. At the same time, a priest in a white gown with golden trim and a chubby middle-aged man appeared behind them. Holy light poured out from them in all directions. The brown bear seemed fine, but the black shadow screamed in pain as black smog arose from his back. His body seemed to be grilled.

"To prove I am indeed not stupid, I am here," the chubby, middle-aged man said calmly. He looked perplexed. He did not even look at his opponents. In other words, he did not care to look at them. He focused on Anfey.

"I am earlier than you. It seems that I am smarter than you." Bruzuryano had shown up earlier at the window. He was joking but his eyes did not smile at all. He stared at the brown bear with anger flaming in his eyes.

He had made the plan with Slanbrea. If something had gone wrong, Slanbrea and he had to be responsible for it. To ensure safety, Bruzuryano even sent six of the most powerful druids from the temple. He thought even those druids could not ensure the safety of Anfey, which would buy them some time. They did not know there was a traitor among them. Judging from the messy scene, he could tell they had a bad fight. If something had happened, they could not forgive themselves.

Slanbrea did not look like he was in good mood. The black shadow could not stand the holy light. He lay on the floor, screaming. Slanbrea did not stop shining the light on him. He even made the light brighter on purpose. The corners of his mouth curled up. He and Bruzuryano were in the same boat. If Bruzuryano felt he lost his face, Slanbrea felt the same way. He had hatred towards the black shadow and the brown bear.

This had nothing to do with forgiveness. Everyone had two values. The value of their own lives and the value of their experience, ability, friends, family, and fame. Which one was more precious varied. It was very personal. Some people would save their lives by sacrificing the other values. Some people would rather save the second value by giving up their lives. Slanbrea definitely belonged to the later group. He almost ruined everything he had. He did not look as angry as Bruzuryano. He had better control of himself.

Anfey frowned and wanted to say something, but swallowed his thought.

"Miss," the black shadow knew he did not have long to live. He suddenly lifted his head and yelled, "I never wanted to hurt you. These are the conditions I had to agree to in order to work with them."

"What?" Niya was shocked. She looked around to make sure the black shadow was talking to her. She hesitated a little before she said, "Are you a necromancer?"

"I have no other option," the black shadow yelled with a trembling voice.

"But why are you willing to be a necromancer?" Niya asked.

"I look even uglier than necromancers. No one would want to look at me, not even my wife. She did not want to be with me. Why can't I be a necromancer?" The black shadow seemed to look very pained, like someone had rubbed salt on his wound. His moaning sounded even sadder.

"That is not right." Niya shook her head. It was asking Niya too much to convince people. At most, she was able to tell whether something was right or wrong.

"Hahaha.. what is wrong with that? I only wanted them to look uglier than me!" The black shadow's eyes looked greener. He turned to look at Anfey. At that moment, Nana stepped out of the black shadow, but his image looked like it was melting. Black fluid kept dripping off. It looked scary.

"You have become a such deviant." Anfey shook his head and felt scared. There was nothing more scary than a person mentally unstable. He could understand how Nana thought. Most necromancers pursued unreasonable eternal lives, and that was the reason they became necromancers. Nana did not join them for that reason. He thought he was too ugly and too lonely. He wanted to turn others in the world into necromancers to make himself feel better. Nana lost that balance in him and became a deviant.

"What deviant?" Nana yelled. His body suddenly exploded. A string of black gas mixed with his deep hatred shot toward Anfey's face.

Anfey blocked Suzanna and reached his right hand out. Nana's spirit was filled with hatred but was not very powerful. If he were in Evil Abyss, he was only a low-level Ahriman. Anfey did not even care about his attack. As Anfey reached his hand out, he suddenly realized something and changed his mind. He shot out some milk white light radiant. When Nana's hatred clashed with the white light radiant, it just disappeared.

Slanbrea did not look so worried any more. The corners of his mouth curled into a smile.

"Canon, it is your turn now. Tell me, why did you betray us? Where are those druids?

Bruzuryano asked coldly.

"Hahaha." The brown bear laughed hard. White bubbles splashed everywhere under the rapid airflow. It looked disgusting. "Master, this is my last revenge. Do you think I will tell you?" The brown bear waved his claws and hit his head hard without any hesitation. With a huge bang, his gigantic body only had half a bear head left. The other half flew off. The gigantic bear body smashed on the floor like a landslide. Without gravitation magic, the gigantic bear body crashed through the floor.

Anfey heaved a sigh. He was not too happy with what had happened. It was too far from what he had expected.