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Chapter 252: Mysterious Box

 Chapter 252: Mysterious Box

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Nana, reeking of ale, entered the temple with a few dozen guards. He glanced at the bodies strewn on the ground and frowned, shaking his head.

The believers in the temple were not all killed. There were two wounded: one had a puncture wound on his stomach, and another lost his leg. The woman was tending their wounds, her expression cold and distant.

Nana walked over to the woman and asked respectfully, "my lady, are you hurt?"

The woman shook her head, and her attention did not shift away from the wounded man. She did not say any spells, but her hands were glowing green. The gentle glow covered the wounded men's bodies and disappeared into the wounds.

Anfey stood there quietly. He already knew that the woman was very important, or else Goddess of Nature's followers would have not attacked. Nana's attitude towards her only confirmed his suspicion.

Nana turned to Anfey and frowned. "Who are you?" he asked coldly. "Where did you come from?"

Niya lifted her brow and was about to say something. Anfey took a step forward and waved his hand at Niya behind his back. "We are from Mambo Territory, my lord," he said politely. Anfey already knew what Nana's intentions were when he pretend he did not know who they were. Goddess of Nature's followers had great influence in this city, powerful enough to make Nana worried about the consequences. He needed to make it clear that he had nothing to do with the people who committed murder in the temple. This way, if he was trying to protect Anfey, Niya, Christian, and Suzanna, he wouldn't be called biased. If he made it apparent that he was acquainted with them, and was protecting them, it would cause troubles.

"Do you have proof?"

"Yes, my lord," Anfey said. He found a piece of paper and handed it to Nana.

Nana took the paper and studied it carefully. It was just a random piece of paper, but Nana appeared very serious. He handed the paper back to Anfey after a few minutes.

"Tell me what happened," Nana said to Christian.

"You see, my lord, we just wanted to check the temple out. We heard it was a beautiful place, you see. That woman talked to us, then this bear attacked us for some reason. Then all these people appeared out of nowhere. We had no choice, my lord. We were being attacked."

Nana nodded and turned to the woman. "Is that true, my lady?" he asked the woman.

"It is true," the woman said without looking up.

Nana frowned. He thought the woman would deny her involvement, and her reaction took him by surprise.

"Are you sure, my lady?" Nana asked again.

The woman did not say anything, and kept treating her patients.

"I have to let them go free, then," Nana said.

"They are free all along," the woman said.

Nana frowned. He felt like the woman knew all along his relation to the four people standing there. He thought about his actions and did not find any mistakes. He turned to Anfey.

"Can we go now, my lord?" Anfey asked. He knew that the woman's reaction must have something to do with Great Nature Power and Messenger of Gods.

"Alright," Nana said, waving his hand. "Let them go."

The guards made way for the four of them. Niya followed Anfey, and before she left she turned and glared at Nana. She did not understand why Nana was being so cold towards her.

"My lady, do you need any help?" Nana asked.

"No need. This is our business."

"But all these bodies..."

"It is our business," the woman said calmly. "Not yours."

"Alright," Nana said and shrugged.

Anfey and Christian's room was still and quiet. Suddenly, the small box on Anfey's bed shook. Then the lid opened slowly. A small, golden figure climbed out of the box. She had two small, light blue gemstones on her head. That was her eyes, and they were shining eerily. Her head swiveled around as if she could really see what was in the room. Then she jumped from the bed and onto a nearby table. She walked over to the water bowl and knocked on it. The water bowl vibrated and buzzed.

The figure jumped onto the water bowl and tried to open the bowl's lid with her fingerless hands without success. She stood there for a few seconds, then she jumped onto the lid and placed her lyre by the opening of the bowl. A colorless liquid poured out of her lyre and into the water.

After the liquid was poured into the water, the golden figure jumped back onto the bed and lifted the lid. She settled back into the box and closed the lid behind her. The room returned to stillness, as if nothing had happened.

After a while, Anfey and Christian walked into the room. Niya and Suzanna followed them.

"You two should get some rest," Anfey said, sitting down on his bed. He took a piece of hair off of the box and blew it away.

"Alright," Suzanna said, nodding.

"What is that?" Niya asked curiously, staring at the box in Anfey's hand.

"It's a gift for Master Saul," Anfey said.

"Can I look at it?" Niya asked.

"You'll see it soon."

Niya rolled her eyes and stamped her foot.

Everyone would become numb to the sight of blood after a while. Getting used to uncomfortable situations was vital for human survival. Even Niya was already used to death and did not let what happened in the temple bother her.

Anfey smiled but did not say anything.

"There's got to be good things in there," Niya said, turning to Suzanna. "Don't you think?"

"Let's go get some rest, Niya," Suzanna said, smiling. She was not as curious as Niya was, and dragged Niya out of the room with her.

Niya sighed. The two were very different from each other. When Suzanna was facing enemies, she was murderous and violent, but when she wasn't, she was calm and quiet. Niya was usually quiet when facing an enemy, but outgoing and lively when she was with people she knew.

"Be careful tonight, Suzanna," Anfey called.

"Don't worry," Suzanna said.

Seeing that Niya and Suzanna had left the room, Anfey opened the box slowly and saw that the golden figure was still standing there, playing with her lyre.

"Let me see," Christian said.

"Tomorrow," Anfey said, closing the lid.

"How selfish," Christian said, shaking his head. He walked over to the water bowl and reached towards it.

Anfey reached over and grabbed the bowl before Christian could. "What are you doing?" Christian asked.

"I'm thirsty," Anfey said. He raised the bowl to his lips and drank directly from it.

"What are you doing?" Christian asked, his eyes wide. "Personal hygiene, Anfey."

Anfey didn't say anything. He suddenly choked on the water and coughed violently. Christian walked over and patted him on the back.

Anfey waved his hand. "I'll be fine," he said, setting the bowl on the table. "You thirsty?"

Christian looked the pot and shook his head. "I'm going to ask for another bowl."

"Oh yes, Christian," Anfey said. "I saw a bird cage on the second floor just then, with two birds in it. Can you go grab it?"

"Those are the owner's birds, right? What do you want with them?"

"I like birds," Anfey said. "Tell the owner I'll just play with them for a bit. I'll return them tomorrow."

Christian frowned. "Fine," he said, shrugging. "I'll go ask, but I promise nothing."

"Don't worry. They will let me. We are, after all, the city lord's friend," Anfey said with a smile.