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Chapter 251: Super Power

 Chapter 251: Super Power

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There were hurried footsteps from outside as about seven people rushed in from the doors on the both sides of the main room. They first saw Suzanna standing there with her swords and then a gigantic brown bear on the floor. The bear struggled to stand up but failed. They also saw an angry looking woman. They thought they knew what had happened and started to rush towards Anfey without even asking what had happened.

Anfey liked to think and plan before making any actions. If he did not have the advantage in a situation, he would hide and attack people by surprise. For example, the two assistant commanders of Glory Mercenary group, Shanteler and Davidson, never knew how they were killed. Even if they had experience with surprise attacks, those attacks had never posed too much threat to them. This time, the situation was totally turned around. Anfey did not want to fight with these believers, but they had started the fight without any negotiation. They even intended to kill Anfey and his group.

Dozens of sticks with thorns thrust towards Anfey and his companions. They made whooshing sounds when they travelled in the air. Judging from the speed and momentum of the sticks, they looked like they could easily pierce holes in human bodies. Two thin men with muscles tossed something black at them. It was like black rain falling from the air. Every raindrop was an unknown seed. Those seeds exploded into millions of thorns in the air and flew towards Anfey and his people. A few fan-sized leaves flew along the ground. It was hard to predict which directions these leaves were going to move to. They could barely see the sharp edges on the leaves.

Behind Anfey and his group, the vines suddenly showed up again one after another. The amount of vines even doubled or tripled. The vines could move more swiftly than some animals' tentacles. They looked like vapors, testing and approaching Anfey and his companions.

Christian gasped and immediately chanted as fast as he could without giving a second thought. A barely seen magic dome was building with him at the center. The magic dome covered Anfey and others in it. Christian knew his magic could not stop this kind of attack, but it was his last chance. In other words, he did not know what he could do besides put up a magic dome. People tended to do something, just something at the last moment, no matter what that was.

Niya was shocked for a second and immediately realized what happened. She laid on her stomach on the ground. Anfey had told her many times that she had to protect herself without considering anything else whenever they were attacked. To protect herself well and not distract her fellows was the biggest help to the others. The move of laying on the ground was taught by Anfey as well.

Suzanna looked like she was ready to slaughter those people. She was the safest one among the four of them. Even if Christian's magic dome broke, her combat power still could protect herself, but not Anfey and the other two. At this moment, Suzanna pictured Anfey, Christian and Niya laying on the ground in blood. The sword in her hand radiated a blinding sword radiant. The sword radiant was pointing at the woman, who was yelling something. Suzanna would kill all of them if they dared to hurt anyone in her group.

"Don't use Nature magic!" the woman yelled, but her voice was submerged in the whooshing and howling sounds.

Suddenly, the world seemed to stop for Anfey. There was some light shining around his chest. The light was so strong that it could shine through his clothes. Anfey looked a little confused and in pain. Not only had the Heart of Nature on his chest worked, the spirit crystal inside him started to shake as well, which made him suffer a huge amount of pain. The volume of the spirit crystal seemed to get smaller. Only two explanations for this were possible. One was it got condensed; the other would be it was absorbed into Anfey's body.

Anfey could not tell what was going on in his body, but he could not just do nothing either. The pain he suffered took half of his telepathy away and he could barely control his body to make any moves.

With a huge crashing sound, the spears made with thorny sticks clashed on Christian's magic dome. If it had been magic shield, it might have held on a little longer, but Christian's magic dome was not as strong as a magic shield. In other words, the attack was strong and fast, in the blink of an eye, and Christian's magic dome collapsed.

The huge collapsing sound brought Anfey back into this world. He suddenly felt his telepathy greatly magnified. He could see everything behind him whether or not it was alive. If he wanted, he could even know how many thorns were in the air. He felt everything seemed to connect with him in a way that he could not describe in words.

Seeing the attack coming, Anfey held his hand out to push it away by instinct.

This push did not contain any strength. It was a gesture to express his desire or will.

Something happened that startled everyone. The thorny sticks swung in a formation of an arc and turned around, flying in the opposite direction. The thorns in the air followed the thorny sticks and all flew backwards. The sharp-edged leaves swirled around Anfey and the other three and flew back to where they came from with a whooshing sound. Countless vines moved passed Anfey and the other three. They flew against the floor to the other side, like a gigantic flying carpet.

The whole temple had an angry vibe, not from angry people, but from angry plants. If their previous attacks could be called fierce, then their attacks now were crazy.

Suzanna shot forward but suddenly stopped herself. Her jaw dropped as she saw what had happened. She immediately turned around to look at Anfey. She knew only Anfey, with such mysterious powers, could do something like this.

Their opponents were attacked by surprise. A few of them had quick responses and tried to protect themselves with magic. However, things got even weirder. No matter what elements they called or what magic they tried to release, the moment they appeared they would be infected by angry plants and start to turn around to attack the people who released them. They died even faster than their peers who did not react as quickly as they had.

The people who released the thorny sticks now got pierced by the thorny sticks themselves and were nailed to the walls. The wall had been intact when the brown bear hit it, but now the walls had holes in them. The two skinny men who shot out thorns had been shot and looked like hedgehogs. They fell to the ground and screamed in pain. The sharp leaves flew back and cut off a man's head and another man's leg. The man who lost one leg lost his balance and fell to the floor before he had time to realize what had happened to him. He was still staring at Anfey.

The elements started to disappear and everything went back to normal. Besides Anfey and his group, everyone else seemed to fall to the ground in blood. Those people who were nailed to the wall now slowly slid to the ground, even though they had lost their lives. The woman did not attack from the very beginning, so she was the only one who did not get hurt. She did not seem to think herself lucky. She looked desperate and helpless. She did not understand why their power had betrayed them.

Anfey took a long breath in. He definitely felt he had reached another level, although the world he was in had ebbed and flowed. He could not even remember how he felt in that status. If he described himself as invincible in that status, it might sound like he was exaggerating, but for a very short period of time, he really believed that he was invincible.

Anfey rubbed his chest and found the Heart of Nature had made some changes. It seemed to move to a heart beat. The Heart of Nature had brought him some amazing feelings before, but it was just an object to Anfey. Now it seemed to have a life.

"Is your code being activated by me?" Anfey was so excited that he thought it out loud, but no one could understand him.

"Do you have the power of Nature? Are you the messenger of God?" That woman suddenly realized something. She struggled to stand up and cried, "But why did you kill them? They are all your followers!" After she finished her talk, she rushed towards Anfey, but the moving vines stopped her.

Anfey was quiet. He thought to himself that it was going to be hard to explain his actions. He did not want to kill those believers. Actually he did not kill them, those plants killed them. In Evil Abyss, he learned the power of telepathy. What he had was a willpower that he could not explain in words. Willpower was way more powerful than telepathy. This accidentally-found power was so powerful that Anfey had no control over it and did not know how to control it either.

"Why? Why? God, are you going to kill all of us?" The woman was still crying.

"Be quiet." Anfey slowly walked up to her. The vines on the ground seemed to be able to see Anfey and moved to the side like the tide and made a path for him. "If your eyes had no problem, you should have seen it was your people who wanted to kill us."

"Yes, I admit they offended you, but you cannot take their lives because of that, can you?" That woman asked a rhetorical question in a trembling voice.

"Do they have the right to take our lives? I have a rule for doing things. If you want me to die first, then I will let you die first," Anfey said calmly.

"You have been attacking us from the very beginning. We only defended ourselves." Christian slowly walked over. "I suspect these violent people are really the followers of the Goddess of Nature." Christian knew there were many followers of the Goddess of Nature in Maho Empire. To make less trouble for themselves, they had to convince her they were right. In fact, he did not know whether the woman had any revenge intention after seeing the power of Nature on Anfey. She was not willing to, did not understand and did not want to believe the messenger of God would kill the followers of the Goddess of Nature.

"If we were the ones on the floor, what would you say? Blame yourself?" Anfey said with a satirical tone. "There is no point to talk about this. Anson, can you get the city master to come here and ask him to handle it."