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Chapter 247: A Bet

 Chapter 247: A Bet

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Anfey looked at the maid in the front, and the maid nodded at Anfey. Anfey raised his hand and knocked on the door. Suzanna's voice came from the room. "Who is it?"

"It's me. Open the door," Anfey said.

"You are really coming! Ok, ok, Suzanna, go open the door." Niya was laughing in the room.

The door was opened with Suzanna's smiling face. Anfey helplessly shook his head. "Let's talk inside."

In the room, Niya was laying on her side on the bed, interestingly looking at Anfey. Since Niya was here, what would Anfey do to Suzanna? Besides that, Anfey had behaved very well. No matter to the female slaves or the princess from Shansa Empire who was no less beautiful than Suzanna, Anfey had kept a distance from them. Niya thought it was the strongpoint of Anfey. Now Niya knew Anfey was just joking about it. What made her really happy was that she beat Anfey!

"Niya, stop, think before you talk, otherwise you are causing trouble. Do you understand?" Anfey tried to reason with Niya. That was the main reason he was in Suzanna's room.

"I will say whatever I want to say!" Niya did not care about it.

"Anfey, let's talk tomorrow. She is really proud of it now and cannot listen to you," Suzanna said, smiling.

"Yes, I am proud of myself, very proud." Niya had an attitude. She shook her head to try to piss Anfey off.

Anfey realized it was a big mistake to come in and decided to give up on convincing Niya after giving it some thought. He gave Niya a dirty look. Niya did not just let Anfey do it to her. She gave him an even dirtier look. She obviously did not want to lose.

Suzanna was laughing at the two of them. She totally trusted Anfey. No matter what bulls^*t Anfey said, it would not lessen her trust in him. When Anfey beat her and hung her on the tree with only a piece of cloth on her, she thought she would be raped. After Anfey proved it was just a misunderstanding, he quietly left the pond without any hesitation. If a man like Anfey was not worth trusting, she really could not find another man to trust.

Anfey felt upset after he left Suzanna and Niya's room. He saw Christian leaning against the doorframe, smiling. The maid was watching the room as well. Anfey got even more pissed. He knocked into Christian's shoulder on purpose as he walked by and then he walked to his own room fast.

Christian held his chest and closed the door behind Anfey. "Anfey, do you think you have better fighting skills than me? Do you think you could do that to me because of it? You did it on purpose!"

"I did!" Anfey sounded like Niya in the other room. He sat down on the luxury soft chair in the room. No wonder it was a VIP room. The decoration in the room was great. It was elegant and fancy.

"Ok, Anfey, I am not playing with you." Christian took a seat across from Anfey, smiling. "Now can you tell me the truth? What do you want to do?"

"I did not want to do anything. Miorich asked me to do it." Anfey composed himself and said calmly.

"What do you mean?" Christian asked in surprise.

"With Miorich and Blackania's military, no matter what kind of threats we are going to face, they could totally protect us. When the magic array is fixed, we will be sent back to Sacred City by magic array, right?" Anfey said.

Christian slowly nodded.

"He told me it was our king's order to send us back immediately. We had to go back immediately. Does our king need us there that urgently? Would he want us to risk our lives to be on the road? It does not make sense," Anfey said.

Christian went quiet for a while and nodded.

"I have thought about it for a while. I think there is only one possibility, that is, our king is going to kill us." Anfey smiled. "We are the bait for alluring necromancers to come out of the dark."

"Why did Miorich stress that we have to get to Boman territory in three days and return to Sacred City with the magic array there?" Christian asked.

"He wanted to kill two birds with one stone." Anfey found himself a comfortable spot on the soft chair, lying sideways. Anfey smiled. "If necromancers appeared in three days, we could just fight them. If necromancers did not show up, we could go back to Sacred City safely to give Miorich a piece of our minds."

"What you said made some sense," Christian said.

"Not just made sense. It is a fact," Anfey said.

"But, why are you prolonging it on purpose? We definitely can get to Buenos City today." Christian found another reason to be suspicious.

"We have to fight with necromancers." Anfey looked determined and cold. "Because I do not want to live under the threat of necromancers." This was the truth from the bottom of his heart. He had offended them so he did not care to offend them more. If Yolanthe dared to risk them, he must have prepared well for the fight. Anfey thought to himself, "Why not let the conflict explode? With the help of Yolanthe, the war with necromancers would give them a definite answer." If they lost the war, he probably would be dead, so he would have nothing to worry about after his death. If he won, necromancers would stop for a while, which would buy him time to grow stronger.

His apparent carelessness on the previous day's trips was meant to send a message to necromancers; a message that he was picking a fight with them.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Christian gave Anfey a bitter smile. "You made me worried for so long. I thought there was something wrong with you."

"I think Miorich was more worried than you," Anfey said. He seemed to see the worried look on Miorich now. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Christian was still talking about necromancers with Anfey when he heard the knocking. He unconsciously gathered his magic. Anfey slowly stood up. "Don't get nervous. No matter how powerful a necromancer is, he would not dare to knock on my door. I will go get the door."

Anfey opened the door and saw two swordsmen outside the door. He had never seen them before. Before Anfey got the chance to speak, one of the swordsmen said politely in a low voice, "Are you Master Anfey?"

"Yes, I am. How can I help you?" Anfey said.

"Our city master would like to see you. Can you come with us? He is on the second floor now," one of the swordsmen said.

Anfey thought about it for a little bit and nodded. "Ok, I have two companions here. I am going to ask them to go with me."

"Please do not bother them." Two swordsmen said worriedly in a quiet voice with their hands shaking in the air. Obviously, they were told to only invite Anfey before they came to see him.

"Ok." Anfey had known that their city master must be a servant of Saul, otherwise he would not want to see Anfey in such a timely manner and avoid seeing Niya and Suzanna.

When Anfey passed Niya and Suzanna's room, he tapped lightly on the door. Those two swordsmen were so scared that their faces looked pale. They could not sense that Suzanna quietly stood next the door inside the room, but Anfey did. If he did not give her a signal to tell her he was safe, no one would know what Suzanna, a senior swordswoman, would do to them.

Anfey waved his hand to signal them to keep walking. Those two swordsmen waited for a while and saw nothing happening in the room. They heaved a sigh of relief and walked to the staircase with bitter smiles.

After they walked to the second floor, the two swordsmen opened the door of a room and stood on the both sides of it. Anfey walked straight in without knocking. In the center of the room, a person in a long gray gown quietly stood there. Even though Anfey was aware of who he was, he was still a little shocked by his face. It was indeed a little scary. Scars covered his face. They looked like many worms crawling on his face. There were also many bumps on his face. When his face was burned and lost skin, the facial muscles grew without any constraint and caused those bumps. His nose and mouth were crooked. They looked like a sideways triangle. It just did not look right.

"I hope this face did not scare you." The person's voice was very coarse.

"Are you Viscount Nana? I heard about you from Niya." Anfey smiled. The person did not respond to him, so Anfey switch to a different topic.

"Niya? She still remembers me?" The coarse voice started to shake.

No matter whether it was Anfey or Christian, they could not understand why Nana was so excited. To be more specific, Entos was not the first student of Saul. Nana was. When Nana was five years old, his parents passed away. Someone took Nana to Saul's house. Unfortunately, Nana was talented with neither magic nor combat power. He was similar to Urter from Violet City. There were many people like them in this world. Not everyone could become a swordsman or mage.

After Nana got more mature, he identified himself as a servant, helping with errands to show his appreciation for what Saul had done for him. It could be said that he had watched Niya grow up. When Niya was three years old, Nana was in a fire. Later, he received royal titles and left Sacred City and never saw Niya again.

"Of course, she remembers you." Anfey smiled. "If you want, I will call Niya down."

"No!" Nana shook his head and said with self-deprecating humor, "My face...I used to hate looking at mirrors. Every time I wanted to smash the mirrors, but I had to look at them. After a long time, I finally got used to it."

"Why?" Anfey asked.

"If I could not bear with my own face, I do not have the right to ask others to bear it. My master told me so before." Nana smiled.

Anfey and Christian could not help looking at each other. Even though Nana had been a city master for a long time, he still called Saul as his master. His loyalty to Saul seemed to never end.

"You actually are paying too much attention to your looks. Niya never thought it was that important. She has been mad that you have been avoiding seeing her," Anfey said quietly.