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Chapter 243: Poisoned Wine

 Chapter 243: Poisoned Wine

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Anfey sat properly in front of a desk, tapping on the desk with his finger. Something had been bothering him. There was a saying that "To know one's own strength and the enemy's is the sure way to victory." Anfey knew nothing about necromancers, while they seemed to know a lot about magic and combat power, the two main fighting powers in this war. They did not fight wars against the Dead for nothing.

Yagor left a dark magic book to Anfey after his death. He actually used the magic in that book to call Anfey into this world. Anfey thought he would learn a lot from that dark magic book if he could study it. However, both Yolanthe and Miorich suggested that he destroy the dark magic book. Could he ignore their opinions? The reason Yolanthe did not destroy the book himself was to show respect for Anfey. What would happen if Anfey was not strong enough and was tempted to practice dark magic? He probably would destroy himself.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Anfey looked up and asked, "Who is it?"

"It's me," Hagan answered from outside the door.

"Come on in." Anfey let out a slight sigh. He rubbed between his forehead to make himself look less tense.

Hagan pushed the door open and cautiously looked around before he walked in. He closed the door behind him.

"When did you, an alchemist, turn into a thief?" Anfey smiled.

"Do not even mention it. I almost got into big trouble." Hagan looked scared as he remembered.

"What happened?" Anfey asked.

"Didn't you ask me to put the chemicals in the wine and ask Doris to drink it? Suzanna saw me putting the chemical in the wine. She thought I was joking with someone and did not say anything. When Doris had the wine and screamed from the pain in her stomach, even rolled screaming on the floor in pain, Suzanna was mad and dragged me out and interrogated me." Hagan sat across from Anfey, sighing. "Luckily, Suzanna knew me before, so she gave me a chance to explain. If she had not known me long, she probably would have strangled me with her bare hands right there."

"Where is Suzanna?" Anfey asked.

"She went to take care of Doris." Hagan suddenly stared wide-eyed at Anfey. "It is all your fault. Doris saw Suzanna interrogating me. She must think I want to hurt her. What am I going to do?"

"We all understand why you did that. You can explain to her later," Anfey said.

"It does not matter if they understand me. Doris does not. How could it be the same?" Hagan was getting mad.

"How could it be different?" Anfey asked.

"It is just different," Hagan said.

Anfey looked up and down at Hagan in surprise. "Hagan, do you have a crush on Doris?"

"Stop it! What do you mean by having a crush on her?" Hagan refuted. His next statement sold him out though. "I am already over twenty. Even if I have a crush on her, so what?"

"I did not say anything. It is normal. If you are interested in men, that actually would be a problem," Anfey said.

"I am straight." Hagan put his head on his arms on the table with a troubled look. He sighed, "My happiness..."

The door to the room was suddenly pushed open. Hagan sat up on a condition reflex. It was Suzanna. She suspiciously glanced at Hagan and turned to look at Anfey. "Anfey, did you really ask Hagan to torture Doris?"

"It was not torture. It is..." Hagan hurried to explain.

"You, shut up." Suzanna yelled at Hagan.

Hagan immediately shut his mouth up. He was such a good soldier.

"I did ask him to do it. Suzanna, it is my fault that I did not tell you beforehand," Anfey said. "You saw that master alchemist last night...Oh, right, Hagan, what is the name of that master alchemist?"

"I do not know. I never knew there were master alchemists in the world," Hagan said, shaking his head.

"Let's call him that guy." Anfey thought a little bit and said. "You and Niya were in the room and did not see that guy saying Doris was the origin of the infection. That guy gave some chemicals to Miorich and asked us to find an opportunity to have Doris take it. He also said it would be painful at the beginning, but Doris should be fine soon."

"I see now." Suzanna slightly nodded. "Poor Doris."

"Suzanna, how could you act like this?" Hagan was not quiet for long before he jumped up in anger.

"What is wrong with me?" Suzanna asked.

"How long have we known each other? Huh? How long have you known Anfey? Why did you not believe me when I explained to you. You almost choked me to death. Why would you believe Anfey when he explained it to you?" Hagan interrogated Suzanna.

"I did not put much strength into it." Suzanna blushed a little.

"How much strength do you want to put into it? Would you call it "putting strength" if I died? I could not breathe. I am so disappointed, so disappointed. Is this how you treat your friend?" Hagan said.

"Sorry, Hagan, it was my bad. Don't be mad at me. Why don't you hit me to make you feel better?" Suzanna said seriously.

"I hit you? You must be kidding me." Hagan peaked at Anfey. Even if Anfey had not been there with them, he would not have dared to hit Suzanna.

"What can I do to make you forgive me. I will do whatever you ask me to do," Suzanna said.

This request got Hagan. He stood there without saying anything. If he asked too much, it would asking for insult. If he did not ask much from Suzanna, he would not let his anger out.

"Hey, Suzanna, you are here. What happened to Doris?" Christian walked in as they heard his voice.

"It wasn't hurting her that much anymore when I left." Suzanna peaked at Hagan. "She was so mad that she said she wanted to kill Hangan with her own hands."

"Anfey!" Hagan yelled desperately.

"Ok, ok. I will explain to Doris. I promise you I will make everything clear. Okay?" Anfey said.

"It will be too late anyway even if you can explain everything to her." Hagan sluggishly sat down.

"Doris is a nice girl. She would not hate you for that. Do not worry about it," Christian said smiling.

"Is it enough for her not to hate me?" Hagan rolled his eyes at Christian.

"What do you want from Doris then?" Christian said.

"You do not understand," Hagan said.

"Ok, Hagan, maybe you should not have any hope for Doris. Maybe you just see the result beforehand. It is a good thing for you. Are you the best guy in our legion?" Anfey deliberately looked at Christian. Christian was really handsome and had some royal sense to him. In terms of appearance, Hagan was just a stone, while Christian was a pearl.

"Anfey, are you comforting me now?" Hagan was mad. If they were peers and had similar levels of power, Hagan might have jumped on Anfey.

"You had a crush..." Suzanna looked like she did not know if she should laugh or cry. "Hagan, I do not think Doris would like you."

"What do you mean?" Hagan was alerted to something and asked.

"Doris likes someone, but it is not you," Suzanna said.

"What is it then?" Hagan turned and laid his eyes right on Christian. He suddenly felt a threat. "Could it be him?"

"No," Suzanna said.

"Then who is it?" Hagan clenched his hands into fists. He looked like he wanted a fight.

"It is not you." Suzanna's words were even more hurtful than Anfey's.

"How do you know? Doris told you about it? You are not lying to me, are you?" Hagan looked at Suzanna suspiciously.

"When a girl likes someone, her eyes always follow him. I am a girl, so I know it." Suzanna looked a little sad.

"No, I need to ask her in person." Hagan suddenly stood up, rushing out of the door.

"Hagan!" Anfey called. This Hagan must be crazy. He just made Doris drink the wine with chemicals in it. Doris had been in so much pain. If he wanted to tell her right now, what result did he think he would get?

"Never mind." Suzanna stopped Anfey. "It is better for him to know it as early as possible so he would give it up."

"I just hope he will not make too much trouble." Christian frowned and hurried to the door. At that moment, Sante and Feller walked in passed him. Christian said to them, "Sante and Feller, can you go to Doris's room and get Hagan back."

"What happened?" Sante asked in surprise.

"Stop asking questions. Go! Hurry!" Christian said.

Anfey quietly pointed at Christian's back. "Does Doris like him? You must have lied to Hagan." If they had to pick a person in the legion to be the perfect guy, it would surely be Christian. Besides his family, appearance, and ability, Christian's personality was attractive. He was gentle, polite and got along with everyone. He always made people feel good.

"No, huh, stop guessing," Suzanna said.

"Fine, I will not guess. Suzanna, why don't you talk to Doris and tell her to stop worrying about it. Can you give her the chemicals from now on. Hmm...there will be a problem. Would Hagan not be willing to work after he gets to know that Doris does not like him?" Anfey asked.

"No, Hagan is not that kind of person," Suzanna said.

"Oh?" Anfey said.

"Hagan could be sad one moment and laugh the next moment. He will be fine in a day," Suzanna said.

"It sounds like someone made Hagan cry a lot." Anfey smiled. "You did not make him cry last time, did you?"

Suzanna playfully rolled her eyes at Anfey and refused to answer this question.

"Suzanna, what personality does Vonmerge have? He left without telling us. It is not too polite," Anfey said.

When they were talking about Hagan and Suzanna, Anfey thought about Vonmerge. He had not found anything suspicious on Vonmerge, but Vonmerge had always left him with an uncomfortable feeling.

"He used to be very outgoing. Later he was hurt and his ability dropped a lot. He was very depressed, even though he always wore a smile on his face." Suzanna shook her head. "Anfey, I do not want to talk about him. Let's talk about something else."