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Chapter 241: Infected

 Chapter 241: Infected

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Anfey turned around and looked at Suzanna helplessly. It seemed that whatever he said was not good enough. He was relying on Suzanna to explain for him. Suzanna slowly walked over and signaled Anfey to take Shally from her arms. She leaned her head to signal Anfey to leave first.

Anfey walked to the door with Shally in his arms. The little unicorn followed him. The magic beast's intelligence was limited, plus the little unicorn was only a year old. The little unicorn only knew there was conflict between Anfey and Niya and Anfey was defeated. However, the little unicorn had no idea why they had the conflict. The little guy walked up to Anfey and turned around to snort. The little unicorn looked very close to Anfey. It seemed that the little guy was trying to comfort Anfey.

As Anfey stepped out of the room, he saw everyone gathering in the hallway and chatting in groups. Christian walked over to Anfey. Anfey looked at Christian with a serious look and asked quietly, "Did you have a nightmare as well?"

"Yes, I did. I have asked Feller to look for Miorich and ask Miorich to contact the mage union. If it is nothing else, it should be necromancers messing with us," Christian said with a frown.

"Anfey, did you have nightmares?" Hui Wei joined their conversation.

"No, I did not have any," Anfey said.

"You are so special," Hui Wei said with a smile.

"It seemed that Niya did not have a nightmare either," Anfey said.

"Really?" Christian looked surprised. "Niya's telepathy is nothing to necromancers. Her telepathy could be ignored, but how could she not be affected?"

"Are you saying everyone's nightmares are because of telepathy magic?" Anfey asked.

"Yes. Telepathy attacks are necromancers' best tricks. Don't underestimate this kind of magic. If a person has nightmares for a long time, it would only take one or two months to have a mental breakdown," Christian said.

"If this is the case, I think I know how to deal with it," Anfey said.

"You?" Chrsitian asked.

"Are you doubting me?" Anfey smiled. Compared with the monarchs in the Evil Abyss, this kind of nightmare telepathy attack was nothing more than kids' tricks. Anfey played a role as social butterfly among all the monarchs, but his telepathy was a lot more powerful than those Ahrimans. Anfey never forgot to practice his telepathy no matter where he was because he believe capability was everything to a person.

"No. I just feel weird about it," Christian said, shaking his head. A mage's ability mainly depended on his magic power and telepathy. If Anfey dared to say he knew how to deal with telepathy magic, he must know how to do it. Compared to his weak magic surges, his understanding of telepathy was awesome but a little weird to everyone.

"Hmm? Shally is not having a nightmare. Look, she is having a sound sleep." Hui Wei kept his voice low.

Anfey was shocked for a second and looked down at Shally. Shally quietly rested on his shoulder. She wore a smile on her face, even with tears still on her face. Without knowing when, the fear and anxiety on her face had disappeared.

"That is not right. Shally has been having nightmares. Suzanna had asked me to be on watch with her at night, but later at night she had to see Shally," Anfey said.

As Anfey finished talking, they heard heavy steps downstairs. Miorich walked upstairs with over ten knights behind him. There was a middle-aged man with a gloomy face. His eyes were a lot whiter than usual and his pupils were very small. If he looked at anyone, the person would feel really uneasy. With his gloomy face, he looked really terrifying.

The middle-aged man scanned the hallway and was lost in thought for a while with his eyes slightly closed. He slightly nodded to Miorich and said in a low voice, "There is a trace of infection."

"It must be a piece of cake for you to deal with it, right?" Miorich smiled.

"It is a piece of cake." The middle aged man smiled too, but not too happily. His gloomy face with a not-so-pretty smile would have the effect of scaring any naughty kid. When kids cried a lot at night, parents would ask someone who looked scary to scare the kids to go to sleep without crying. This man definitely had that ability. "Are we doing it here?" the middle-aged man asked.

"Is that okay?" Miorich asked.

"It's fine," the man answered as he walked up. Blavi and Sante could not help taking a defensive pose. To be honest, the middle-aged man was neither ugly nor scary, but he just looked so gloomy, which made Blavi and Sante nervous.

The middle-aged man took two steps forward and saw the little unicorn at Anfey's feet. He was shocked for a second. "Is that a unicorn?"

"Yes," Miorich said.

"Then what is the point of asking me to come? Don't you know unicorns have purification ability?" the man said.

"Did you say unicorns have the purification ability?" Miorich asked.

"Of course." The middle-aged man was rude. He did not look nice either. He even rolled his eyes at Miorich. His pupils looked like they suddenly disappeared. He looked very scary.

Anfey suddenly realized why Niya did not have nightmares and why Shally was sleeping so soundly. It was all because of the little unicorn.

"Are you the master of that little unicorn?" The man turned to look at Anfey. That little guy seemed close to Anfey. It was not hard to guess the relationship between Anfey and that little unicorn.

"You could say that," Anfey nodded.

"Can you sell the little unicorn to me? You do not have to worry about the price. As long as it is not too outrageous, I can pay any price you ask," the middle-aged man said.

"No," Anfey answered with a firm tone. He felt so helpless. He had been back for just a few days. There were already so many people interested in the little unicorn. He could not simply lock the little unicorn up. Even dogs needed to be taken out for a walk. The little unicorn was such a proud magic beast that he could not take being locked up.

"Stop it. Our king has been waiting to see this little unicorn," Miorich suddenly said with a firm face.

Anfey felt shocked. With Miorich's power, if he had to press the middle-aged man by referring to Yolanthe, it was obvious that the middle-aged man was a difficult person to deal with.

"Am I that kind of person?" The middle-aged man shrugged with his hands out. "Miorich, do not scare us with your gloomy face. We have been friends for many years."

Anfey and others just looked at each other, wondering who that middle-aged man with the gloomy face was. It was hard to deal with a guy like him.

"It was just because we have been friends for so many years and I know you well," Miorich said. He did not look mad or excited.

"Hey, Miorich, you asked me to come to help you. Why are you talking to me with this kind of attitude?" the gloomy man said.

"I did not ask you to come to help me. You heard a necromancer had released infection and came over on your own," Miorich said.

"You are so devious," The man yelled.

"You are ridiculous," Miorich responded immediately.

That middle-aged man's eyes looked brighter, and the brown pupils contracted into a dot. He stared at Miorich without blinking. He looked like a vicious wolf, ready to eat a person. Miorich was not scared by him at all. He kept calm. After a while, the middle-aged man was defeated first. His pressuring pose was totally gone as well. He sluggishly waved his hand. "Never mind, never mind. I will let it go this time, since we are friends."

It sounded insulting to others, but Miorich's bodyguard squad kept quiet and their faces did not change at all. Miorich smiled instead.

"Hey, are your people all here? It seems that you have somebody missing," the middle-aged man asked, turning to Anfey.

Christian looked around and said, "Niya and Suzanna are still in their room. So is Doris. I knocked on her door to wake her up, but she is not here yet. Blavi, can you go and check on her?"

"Niya? Which Niya?" The middle-aged man suddenly looked nervous.

"Not the Niya you know. She is his sister, also named Niya." Miorich pointed his chin at Anfey.

"Is Niya your sister?" The middle-aged man pressed Anfey.

"She is my sister. Do you know her?" Anfey did not know the reason Miorich had to lie about it, but he helped Miorich anyway, since he felt closer to Miorich than the middle-aged man.

"No, I don't know her." That middle-aged man waved his hands.

Blavi came back with Doris. Doris was dressed, but she yawned with bleary eyes. Obviously she had gone back to sleep with her dress on after Christian woke her up.

The man paused for a second and nodded at Miorich. He walked up to Doris and said, "Miss, have you experienced anything weird in the past few days?"

"Me?" Doris struggled to open her eyes to look at the person who was asking her questions. With one glance, she totally woke up. She stepped back with her hands held out in front of her chest. She looked like she was ready to chant.

"Doris, don't be nervous," Anfey said immediately.

Doris finally realized everybody in Anfey's legion was around her. Miorich was there too. She finally felt not so nervous, but she did not answer the question right away. She walked around the middle-aged man and moved over against the wall to be away from him. She heaved a long sigh when she finally walked up to Anfey. She even patted her chest to comfort herself.

The middle-aged man still maintained his gloomy face. He did not get mad or annoyed by Doris's rudeness.

"Doris, think about it. Did you experience anything weird?" Anfey asked for the middle-aged man. He knew something must have happened to her.

"No," Doris said.

"Think about it," Anfey said.

Doris had her head tilted to try to recall anything unusual. "Something might have been weird in Violet City."

"What happened?" Anfey asked.

"One day I went out with Blavi and few others, but I got lost. I saw a homeless man lying on the sidewalk and asking for food. Nobody even looked at him. I felt bad for him so I bought two loaves of bread for him. He must have been starving. He grabbed the bread from my hands and scratched me."