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Chapter 239: The Threat of Having a War

 Chapter 239: The Threat of Having a War

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Hui Wei opened his mouth and tried to respond to Christian. He swallowed whatever he was trying to say after he looked around. Anfey saw Hui Wei's reaction, but did not say anything.

"Anfey, didn't you say you want to catch Ahrimans? Did you get them?" Niya asked out of curiosity.

"No." Anfey shook his head. He looked upset and disappointed. He still could not figure out how Ahrimans disappeared.

"Uh..." Niya heaved a long sigh. "We used to have such a very peaceful life. We did not have to worry about anything. I don't know what happened this year. Troubles have come one after another. It is so annoying."

After Niya finished talking, everyone smiled bitterly. Niya was right. They had peaceful lives in Sacred City before. They only had to focus on practicing magic. Since they escaped from Sacred City, they kept running into all kinds of trouble. It seemed like they had experienced a whole life's worth of troubles in a year, just one after another.

"Anfey, it is all your fault," Niya suddenly complained with a playful tone.

"What did I do?" Anfey asked.

"Since you came to my house, all kinds of troubles have been finding their way to us. You have jinxed us." Niya's words sounded a little harsh. If she had not been smiling or people did not know her personality, her words could have caused conflict between her and Anfey.

"My princess, I do not want to run around every day either. I don't think you should blame me." Anfey did not know if he should laugh or cry. He was a very forgiving person. He did not take Niya's words seriously.

"I am blaming you," Niya said.

"You cannot blame Anfey for that," Blavi said. "It was Maris. He was too devious. Maris and Melinda set Anfey up. After they were kicked out of our professor's house, they even took Zeda back to cause troubles for us. If Anfey and others did not fight back, we would probably have been killed."

"Oh, right, did Maris die? I was too nervous and forgot to check on him," Riska said.

"He should be dead. I saw Zeda thrusting his sword hard at him. There was no way he could survive from it," Blavi said.

"Zeda was so cruel. He actually aimed at Anfey after Maris. I bet Maris did not think Zeda would kill him to attack Anfey," Riska said.

"Hahaha...Why couldn't he think of that?" Blavi snorted. "Zeda was so devious. There was nothing he dared not do. He felt he had Philip behind him." Blavi hated Zeda with passion. As Saul's student, he was popular among young men. No one thought Zeda would attack him without any concern and almost killed him without giving the consequences any thought. It was such a humiliation for Blavi. He would never forget it.

"Blavi was right. Zeda was the worst one among the Four Troubles in Sacred City," Riska said.

"Four Troubles? People just made that up. Stop spreading rumors," Christian said, standing up immediately and glancing at Niya since she was one of the Four Troubles. What Christian said made some sense. The so-called Four Troubles were just four unrelated people who had been lumped together. There was no reason behind it. It just sounded fun. It spread from mouth to mouth, and now everyone knew about it. In fact, Niya only liked to play some pranks. She had nothing in common with the other three. She was an angel compared with the other three troubles.

"Four Troubles? Who are they?" Niya asked in curiosity.

Everyone was caught off guard by her question. No one thought Niya had never heard of this saying. However, thinking about it again, it did make some sense that she did not hear about it before. No one would pass this information to Niya. If they did, they were just looking for trouble themselves.

"People like Zeda," Christian tried to change topic right away. "Zeda had given us so much trouble. When I saw Anfey beating Maris and Zeda, I felt great. If it were me, I would have fought them as well."

"Yes, if I were not restrained by the antimagic bracelets, I could have helped Anfey to give them a lesson," Riska said angrily.

"I did not get to see it." Blavi looked upset. He had been in a coma and did not get to see that awesome fight.

"Anfey's sword skills were already very good back then. It was awesome to see Anfey's foot sword fight with Zeda." Feller said with a smile.

"Did he fight with his feet?" Blavi opened his eyes wide open.

"He tossed the sword up and kicked the shaft. The sword shot at Zeda," Feller said.

"Anfey was good with the sword. Didn't you notice even Ernest and Miorich were interested in his sword skills?" Christian commented with a smile.

"Hold on, hold on. We should talk about necromancers right now. Why are you guys talking about me?" Anfey helplessly waved his hand. They were really off topic.

"You guys can continue your talk. I am feeling a little sleepy." Niya stood up with a playful smile. Niya's personality was just like this. No matter what difficulty she was facing, she still could smile as long as she had someone to rely on. Her personality was not bad. She was optimistic, which kept her healthy and could help her live a long life. Anfey, on the other hand, could not be optimistic. He had been thinking that problems were way serious than they should have been. In everything, he used to plan for the worst. He did not want to act this way, but life forced him to.

"Ok, you guys should go have some rest. Riska and Blavi, can you be on watch for the first half of the night. I will take over for the second half," Anfey said in a low voice.

"Sure." Riska and Blavi nodded together.

Everybody started to walk out. Anfey gave Christian a look to ask him to stay and then he called, "Hui Wei, can you stay for a second?"

Hui Wei shrugged and walked back. He took a seat on a chair.

There were only four people left in the room. Anfey signaled Suzanna to close the door and said quietly, "Hui Wei, do you want to tell us something?"

Hui Wei hesitated for a second before he started speaking. "I talked about Servants of Death on purpose. I was trying to help you out back then. In fact, those necromancers cannot make Servants of Death. I think it was a new puppet spell instead of Servants of Death."

"Why do you say this?" Anfey asked.

"Because I know some of the history of the puppet spell of Servants of Death. There was a terrifying agent in the blood of Servants of Death. The Servants of Death could not turn regular people into their same kind until they put their blood into a regular person's bodies. Once this kind of agent disappeared, they could not make any Servant of Death anymore."

Anfey and Christian looked at each other without saying anything.

"Christian, you made necromancers sound too terrifying. In fact, necromancers could be very weak," Hui Wei said with a smile. "I have a wide range of interests. I want to know a little bit about everything. I spent some time on death magic before. Luckily, I was able to pull myself out from it before I committed myself to death magic."

"I did not make necromancers sound terrifying. You are making them sound too simple," Christian said with a shake of his head.

"What do you mean?" Hui Wei did not sound too happy.

"You only obtained very superficial knowledge of death magic, but you have not turned into one of the necromancers. You do not really know about them," Christian said.

"Do you know about them?" Hui Wei asked.

"I think you could tell Miorich was very nervous when I mentioned Servants of Death. Do you think he worried about one or a few puppets? If you think that way, you are so wrong. He was worried about the habit of necromancers."

"Habit?" Anfey and Hui Wei asked at the same time.

"When death magic had just appeared, kings from different countries were very fond of it, since death magic could create many cheap but loyal soldiers. However, because of the characteristics of death magic, as necromancers got stronger, kings started to see death magic differently. They started to fear it. When people started to dislike death magic, necromancers felt they were used and dumped by those kings. They could not bear with it. Instead, they killed people to vent their anger. They became the enemies of the whole Pan Continent," Christian said.

"Do you know the habit of necromancers whenever they were defeated? The surviving necromancers would hide in the areas where no one would find them. They would restore their abilities. When they felt they could fight against the whole Pan Continent, they would come out to make some small troubles to test what countries on Pan Continent would respond to them," Christian said. "Twenty or thirty years ago, was there any necromancer on Pan Continent?"

Hui Wei thought about it and answered, "No."

"Now many people know about a necromancer called Annunciata. What they did not know was that Annunciata had been making trouble here and there ten years ago. Our professor talked about her before as well. This time Annunciata dared to create many zombies in the Cross Valley. Do you know what it means?" Before Hui Wei could even answer his question, Christian continued, "Necromancers only pick a fight when they think they are a match with the whole Pan Continent. It means the War against the Dead would start soon."

"Is it that serious?" Hui Wei asked.

"Time will tell," Christian said. "Right now, one of the two High Priests of Light has gone to Maho Empire and the other to Shansa Empire to try to mediate the war. The pope will meet with the nobility in Ellisen Empire. Are they there only to mediate the war? In fact, many people have noticed the threats from necromancers, but they just do not know which areas necromancers would target first. That is why Miorich was so nervous after seeing the puppet. A regular puppet spell is not that great, but more and more necromancers showing up would be an issue, a serious issue."