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Chapter 233: Troubles for Talented

 Chapter 233: Troubles for Talented

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"What is the matter? Why so secretive?" Niya asked.

"Niya, we were talking about the magic academy. You heard about it as well, I think...," Riska said.

"Don't you think you should ask Anfey about the magic academy?" Niya asked.

"I have asked Anfey," Riska said bitterly. "Anfey said we would talk about it later."

"Then just wait a little bit," Niya said.

"Niya, I am doing this for everyone," Riska said. Hagan thought Riska did not know how to negotiate. He walked up and pulled Riska aside. "Niya, don't you want a magic sword that stores and releases combat power as you wish? Don't you want armor that could stop any magic attack? Don't you want a pair of shoes that could help you experience what it is like to fly in the sky?" Hagan said.

"What? You can make all of them?" Niya asked.

"Not now, but I definitely could make them in the future," Hagan bragged. "Niya, alchemists are different than mages. Even the stupidest mage, as long as he masters the principles of elements, he could increase his magic power through meditation. For me to increase my ability, I have to repeat my experiments. That is why I want Anfey to build an underground lab, a free space for me to do the experiments. I think I will become an alchemist soon."

"Ok." Niya showed no interest in it.

"Anfey did not want to do it." Hagan forgot to look at Niya's face as he talked excitedly. He continued talking without paying attention to his audience. "I really do not know what he was thinking. Niya, you know Anfey better. It is better if you can go and talk to him. Can you ask him to consider building the lab?"

"Hehehe...We have been together so long. We all know him the same. It is going to be the same no matter if you guys or me go to talk to Anfey," Niya said.

"No, it is different," Hagan said.

"Ok. I will talk to Anfey when I get a chance." Niya nodded, but she did not look like she took it seriously. Obviously, she had not learned to hide her real thoughts.

Niya was stubborn and naive, but who does not have weak points? With his experience and wisdom, Yolanthe could easily tell what Niya was thinking, but he still treated her as his own daughter. Of course, he had his own reasons for that it. Niya, being the daughter of Archmage Saul, enjoyed a high position. Many people tried to use young and naive Niya to influence upper class people when they could not convince Yolanthe and Saul to do so. Niya could pass their messages by a joke or a comment. Yolanthe knew what those people were doing. Niya never commented on anything political. Even when Yolanthe tried to tease her and asked her to comment on the government officials, Niya just laughed and ran away, or just avoided answering the questions by talking about who had treated her well and what they had gotten her for her birthdays. Some people might be innocent, but they were only stubborn in the areas they were familiar with. If there was something big happening, they would choose to be quiet or avoid the issue. Some people were naive but thought they were mature. They were cautious about little things, but gave their opinions impulsively on big issues, trying to manipulate others to prove their maturity. Niya belonged to the previous sort. After the hard lesson she got at Lagan City, Niya had never interfered with Anfey's decisions. She maintained the same perspective in life.

No matter whether the conversation was about building the lab or magic academy, Niya had no knowledge in those areas. She never had any intention to talk to Anfey about it. She chose to brush Hagan aside.

"Are you an alchemist?" Miorich's voice came from behind.

"Yes, General Miorich." Hagan was shocked for a second before he turned around.

"Do you want to build a lab? Anfey did not agree?" Miorich slowly walked up. There were fewer and fewer people wanting to be alchemists. Only powers were appreciated in this world. Being powerful was the best way to survive in this world, while alchemists only helped others to be powerful. Alchemists were respected, but almost everyone wanted to be a mage. The requirements to be alchemists and mages were almost the same. Anyone who was qualified to be an alchemist could be a qualified mage as well. It was hard to make people switch to alchemy, since no one just wanted to help others become powerful.

"Yes, General Miorich. Can you talk to him and convince him to build a lab?" Hagan said with a sad face. Hagan was asking anyone available, without considering if they could help or not, but it was not his fault. He just dreamed of having his own lab.

"Join me! Whatever Anfey could provide you, I can as well. I also can give you what he could not give you," Miorich said with a smile.

"Uncle Miorich, what are you doing?" Niya pouted and looked at Miorich in anger. Not only Miorich understood the importance of alchemists, Niya did too. Niya and others had been talking about building a few steel puppet warriors the previous day to protect the garrison residence. Without Hagon, they could not do it.

"Sorry, I cannot join you." Hagan was shocked for a second before he firmly shook his head.

"Why not?" Miorich asked.

"I do not like to be constrained with rules," Hagan said.

"I can provide you absolute freedom," Miorich said.

"Sorry, I still cannot join you," Hagan said.

Miorich smiled. He did not quite understand the young man in front of him. Hagan had just complained about Anfey, but turned out to be his fan the next second. Miorich could tell Hagan's determination not to join him from his look and attitudes.

"Where is Anfey?" Miorich asked quietly.

"It would not change anything, even if you talk to Anfey." Hagan got worried. "I am not his slave. Even if Anfey agrees with you, I will not join you. I have the right to choose who I am going to join."

"Hehe, you misunderstood me." Miorich waved his hand. "I would not force you to join me if you do not want to. I am just looking for Anfey for something else."

Hagan heaved a sigh. His thoughts returned to his lab and he forgot Miorich was still there. He looked Niya and asked, "Niya, when are you going to talk to Anfey?"

Niya had changed her opinion of Hagan. What a good man! She hesitated and said, "Don't worry. I will talk to Anfey soon."

"Awesome!" Hagan was so happy to hear it. Only Niya in the whole legion could make Anfey change his mind. Now Niya agreed to talk to Anfey, which made Hagan think he was half way to convincing Anfey to agree to build him a lab.

Anfey went upstairs. Black Eleven had been waiting for Anfey where they had previously agreed. Anfey looked tired and slowly took a seat. Black Eleven passed him something like a scroll book.

Anfey flipped a few pages and fell into thought. He continued to read. As he was half way through the book, someone was knocking on the door. Anfey was shocked for a second and said, "Come in please."

Miorich pushed the door open and walked in. He glanced at Black Eleven first and laid his eyes on Anfey. He scanned Anfey up and down. It looked like he did not know Anfey.

Anfey had already stood up. "Uncle Miorich, what is wrong?"

"Is Heart of Nature with you?" Miorich asked.

"Heart of Nature? I don't have it." Anfey was really confused about what Heart of Nature was.

"Didn't Arch-druid Bruzuryano give you the Heart of Nature?" Miorich looked shocked and in disbelief.

"Bruzuryano? Uncle Miorich, are you talking about this?" Anfey took the tree leaf from his shirt.

Miorich slowly walked up to Anfey and held the tree leaf with both of his hands. He looked perplexed and seemed to be recalling something. There was some hatred, some sadness in his eyes. After a long time, Miorich took his hands back. "Anfey, is Bruzuryano doing well?"

"He is doing good." Anfey could tell there was something wrong with Miorich. He tried to ask, "Uncle Miorich, are you a good friend of Bruzuryano?"

"Something like that." Miorich smiled. "Why are you asking? Are you curious about it?"

"Kind of." Anfey smiled like a silly boy out of habit.

Anfey had earned Saul and Ernest's trust with this kinds of smile. Back then, no one knew about Anfey, so he left impressions with his facial expressions. But by now, Anfey had achieved so much, so who would fall for his smiles? Miorich heaved a slight sigh. "Go back and ask your master. He would tell you if he is in good mood."

Anfey smiled bitterly. He had not thought about how to talk to Saul when he got back. He definitely had no interest in the stories among Saul and other top powers.

"You have to protect the Heart of Nature well before you see Bruzuryano again. Do you understand?" Miorich said.

"Is this the Heart of Nature? Uncle Miorich, what can the Heart of Nature do?" Even if Anfey did not get to know the stories of those top powers, it would be helpful to get to know the functions of the Heart of Nature.

"We could not communicate with the Heart of Nature, but Bruzuryano can." Miorich smiled. "I can tell you though that the Heart of Nature could protect you from any magic if you are under an attack of Anti-Magic. Of course, it could only protect the areas the leaf covers."

"This leaf is only this big. What could it cover?" Anfey put the leaf on his body to see.

"It depends on which part of your body is more important to you." There was a playful smile on Miorich's face. "Anfey, have you seen the statue of the Goddess of Nature?"

"No," Anfey said.

"You should check it out when you get a chance. All the statues of the Goddess of Nature have the Heart of Nature on them. You will understand the function of the leaf," Miorich said.

Black Eleven, standing by them, almost laughed out loud after being shocked for a second. He obviously had seen a statue of the Goddess of Nature before.

"Since I know you have the Heart of Nature, I think others know about it as well," Miorich said, shaking his head slightly. "You guys go get some rest first. Let me set things up."