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Chapter 231: Mysterious Power

 Chapter 231: Mysterious Power

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After checking every dead body on the ground, Urter slowly walked back to Anfey. "Master, the wounds on each body were the same. They must have been killed by the same person. Hmm...Marquis Djoser!" Urter turned to look at Marquis Djoser. "If you do not have anything urgent, I would like you to go to the police station with me. I know you are not in the best mood right now and probably need to get some rest. I hope you can understand this is our procedure. I need to keep records."

Marquis Djoser lowered his head and went quietly. Without knowing how long had passed, he lifted up his head again. He did not look as sullen as before. He even had an apologetic smile on his face. "Master Anfey, I am so sorry. I am getting old and my eyes are not as good as they used to be. Yesterday when that assassin came in, he knocked out the only candlestick in the study. I... I will ask punishment from the king myself. It was my fault for this whole misunderstanding."

No matter whether his excuses were reasonable, Marquis Djoser did apologize in front of everyone. Anfey and Urter looked at each other without saying anything. Miorich had more right than they did to pass judgement in this situation.

Unexpectedly, Miorich was really direct. In other words, Marquis Djoser was not important enough for Miorich to hide his true feelings toward him. Miorich walked up to Snefuru's body. He looked at it for a little while and sighed. He waved his hand. Two knights hurried over and lifted Snefuru's stretcher.

"Take Snefuru to the camp. I will host a funeral for him." Miorich glanced at Marquis Djoser and snorted at him. He turned around to walk to the garrison residence. He did not know if Anfey had killed those people, but he knew Marquis Djoser killed Snefuru. Snefuru had followed Miorich for the past twenty years. He was neither a capable person, nor very flexible and smart. He had been a lower level official, but they did build a strong bond between them. Miorich wanted to kill Marquis Djoser right then and there. How could he show forgiveness to the marquis?

Marquis Djoser did not seem to hear Miorich's snort. He still had a smile on his face. He turned around and slowly walked to the gate of the garrison residence. His movement looked a little stiff.

"Stop! Do you want to leave like this?" Niya yelled. Niya would argue with people when she did not have any reason to argue. It was easy to imagine how she would act when Anfey was set up by others. She did not think Marquis Djoser was important. She was rude to Marquis Djoser and also showed disdain toward him.

Marquis Djoser paused for a second and then continued to walk to the gate. His followers carried the wounded ones out of the garrison residence. They followed after Marquis Djoser and left dead bodies on the floor.

"You, stop!" Niya was getting really mad. She jumped off the steps and was about to run after Marquis Djoser.

"Niya!" Anfey and Christian yelled at the same time.

"Huh?" Niya said.

"It's okay, Niya." Anfey shook his head.

Suzanna also jumped off the steps. She grabbed Niya's hand and said quietly, "Go back, Niya. He is a marquis of the empire. Don't' make troubles."

"What about the marquis? A marquis could set others up?" Niya was not happy about Marquis Djoser.

"Have you seen Anfey being taken advantage of before?" Suzanna smiled.

"Right, he has a devious side to him." Niya looked like she just realized it.

Niya was mad. The patrolmen came in and glanced at Urter for instructions. Urter had asked Marquis Djoser to go to the police station, but Marquis Djoser was walking out now. Obviously, he did not take Urter seriously. It made the patrolmen angry.

Urter shook his head slightly. He was only giving Marquis Djoser a hard time before. If Marquis Djoser did not want to cooperate with him, he could not do anything to him unless there were secret orders from Sacred City.

"Let's go back." Anfey stared at Marquis Djoser's back. He knew this was not over yet. According to his previous way of taking care of business, he would not have allowed Marquis Djoser to go back to his residence.. Unfortunately, he would have to adjust his rules as situations changed. He could not do anything to Marquis Djoser in public.

Miorich walked into the living room and looked like he was deep in thought. He paced back and forth and looked at Anfey like he had something to say. However, he did not say anything.

Riska and others had gone back to their dorms to pack up. The captain and two assistant captains from the bodyguard squad looked guilty. They timidly walked in.

Every military unit had their own characteristics. These characteristics were decided by their generals. Miorich was not as strict as Baery. He did not pay too much attention to details. He had made a big mistake in not controlling the subordinate knights. Those three captains prepared for the worst as they walked into the living room.

"You guys need to leave now," Miorich said peacefully.

"General?" Those three captains did not believe what they heard.

The three captains looked at each other excitedly as they received amnesty. They bowed and retreated from the living room.

"Uncle Miorich, it should not be this easy," Anfey reminded Miorich in a low voice. "The Marquis Djoser and his companions should not have the ability to stir up the bodyguard squad."

"I know." Miorich nodded. "That is why I am putting this issue away for right now."

"I got it." Anfey smiled. He knew Miorich was pretending to let this issue go, but he actually would secretly continue the case later. He would secretly figure out who was helping Marquis Djoser within the bodyguard squad.

Miorich looked cold. Anfey's vision was more short-term than Miorich's. Miorich's thinking was a lot more sophisticated. His bodyguards were the best of the best. They were trained to be future generals. They had been tested on their loyalty and fighting ability. They had passed those tests, otherwise they would not have been qualified to join the bodyguard squad. What happened today posed threats to Miorich. Marquis Djoser was a fallen marquis. How could he have the influence to control a bodyguard squad? There must be someone behind the marquis.

There was a difference in perspective between Anfey and Miorich. Anfey thought he had made an enemy of Marquis Djoser. He also thought Marquis Djoser wanted to target him to take revenge. Miorich had more sophisticated ideas.

"Anfey, did you use the fighting skills that old man in your village taught you?" Miorich suddenly switched the topic.

"Yes," Anfey said.

"He might be the most powerful swordsman in this world. Unfortunately, I could not see his skills in person," Miorich said.

"He used to say, "No matter how good you think you are, there is always someone out there that is better," Anfey said.

"What do you mean?" Miorich said.

"He thought only a fool would think he was the best. He believe when a person reached a certain level, he usually could see many more powerful people. It was similar to the endless sky and endless sword skills," Anfey said.

"Sword skills?" Miorich was in thought for a while and then smiled smile. "Anfey, can you come and help train the knights in my Palace Guards?"

"Uncle Miorich, my sword skills are not very good for soldiers to practice." Anfey shook his head with a smile. "Of course, I will do it for you if you think it definitely would help those soldiers."

"Why do you think it would not help them?" Miorich asked.

"The victory in a war mainly depends on which party was braver. Sword skills are not like that." In fact, Panshan spears were used for the soldiers to fight in war. However, no matter whether it was from his family rules or from his own point of view, he would not teach others Panshan spear skills. Anfey could only play stupid right now.

Miorich gave it a little bit of thought and sighed. "It is unfortunate that would not work. Anfey. why did he not teach you combat power?"

"Maybe because I was too young back then," Anfey said.

"Has anyone taught you combat power?" Miorich asked in surprise.

Anfey tried to recall, but he shook his head. "No, no one taught me."

"Did Ernest teach you combat power?" Miorich asked.

"I think Anfey does not have to learn combat power," Suzanna suddenly said.

"Why not?" Miorich turned to look at Suzanna.

"Because there is a mysterious power inside Anfey," Suzanna said.

"How do you know?" Christian asked.

"I..." Suzanna blushed. She just felt that way, but could not give specific reasons. She had hung out with Anfey for so long. She could clearly feel Anfey was different than regular swordsmen. When swordsmen attacked their enemies or protected themselves, they had to perform combat power. No matter what Anfey was doing, even eating or sleeping, he was in an abnormal state. No matter how powerful a swordsman was, he could not use combat power all day and night.

"What is that call? Samadhi? Anfey, did you get that mysterious power by doing Samadhi?" Miorich asked.

"Yes," Anfey said.

"You have so many mysteries," Miorich said bitterly. He had sat the whole previous night as Niya had shown him how to do Samadhi. He did not feel anything. He wanted to ask Anfey about it but also felt awkward doing so. He had such a strong desire for power that he could not control his curiosity about Anfey's power. He was in such a dilemma.

Anfey shrugged and smiled without saying anything. He planned to play stupid.