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Chapter 229: Amazing Fighting Skills

 Chapter 229: Amazing Fighting Skills

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Anfey slowly walked up with sincere and sweet smiles. His eyes looked calm and clear. Whenever Anfey was in danger, he would not lose himself in panic. The tenser the situation got, the calmer Anfey would become. He knew he had to save himself, because no one would suddenly come to help him. Enemies would not go easy on him either.

"Did you say I came to your house to kill you last night?" Anfey asked in a low voice.

Marquis Djoser spit on the floor with hatred. He answered Anfey with this gesture of contempt.

"Do you mind telling us what happened last night in detail?" Anfey kept his sincere and sweet smile on his face.

"There is nothing more I can tell you." Marquis Djoser looked sad and resentful. "I am not here to cause you trouble. I know what I am doing now does not go in line with the laws in the empire. Anfey, I only want to ask you one thing. Who gave you the right to kill people?"

"You say I killed your people, but I say I did not. What is the point of this argument? If you could describe what happened last night in detail, everyone here could be our witness. I think they could give us a fair judgement."

Marquis Djoser's mouth twitched. The more a person talked, the higher the chance he could get caught lying. Marquis Djoser understood that too. Since Anfey had given his reasons to retell what happened, he could not refuse to talk about it any more. Refusing to tell what happened the previous day could make others doubt him and put him at a disadvantage. Marquis Djoser looked at his supporters out of the corner of his eye.

"Yesterday Marquis Djoser, Snefuru and other few people were still talking in the study after we all went to sleep." A supporter answered for Marquis Djoser. He looked like he was trying to recall what happened yesterday. "We suddenly heard Marquis Djoser calling for help and screams from others. We immediately grabbed the weapons to run to the study. There was blood everywhere in the study, everywhere. Master Snefuru and other companions laid on the ground in blood. A few people were trying to protect Marquis Djoser."

"What happened after that?" Anfey asked.

"After that? You ran away like a criminal. There was nothing after that," the supporter answered in anger.

"Which floor was the study on?" Anfey asked calmly. He tried to hold in any curse words. Urter told Anfey before that Marquis Djoser's four-story house sat on a large piece of land. It was famous around Violet City.

"Third floor," the supporter said.

"Which floor was your room on?" Anfey asked.

"First floor," the supporter answered.

"Ok. Did you say I was scared away by you? I got it," Anfey said casually. He gathered his internal forces in the blink of an eye, and the force was covering his whole body. He had rarely fought with full force after he restarted practicing his internal force. There were two reasons for that. First of all, he did not want to act like he was so different than others. Second, he wanted to be more familiar with the magic and combat skills in this world and incorporate them into his own combat skills. Well, skills were acquired through practice. Now it was his time to fight and see.

"What do you mean?" the supporter asked loudly.

"You guys, be careful!" Anfey did not look any different. Only his eyes got brighter. "Let's start." Anfey suddenly ran out as fast as a flying arrow. He did not even need acceleration to reach that speed.

Marquis Djoser trusted the person most who had answered for him. He was also the marquis's most powerful and loyal follower. He was still trying to think about the answers he gave about the locations of the study and his dorm. He worried there was some loophole in his story. They did not get a chance to talk about this question. He did not have time to think before he gave his answers either. It would make people doubt him if it took him too long to answer such a simple question.

In the blink of an eye, Anfey was within three yards of that follower. The guy had a pretty quick response. The light radiant from combat power had covered his whole body. He pushed Marquis Djoser behind him with his left hand as he pulled the sword out with his right hand. He swung down at Anfey's head. Actually he looked down upon Anfey's impulsive acts. There was no unarmed combat in this world. Combat power could counter the strikes in most cases. If this were unarmed combat, they would not know who would win without hundreds of strikes. If both parties had swords, the fight could end very soon. Anfey could not beat mages with bare hands since the mage's shield was not just for decoration. The marquis's supporter thought it was nothing different than committing suicide to run like Anfey. A Magic-Combat-Twin discipliner? He hoped Anfey could fight him with his flaming swords. The dead bodies on the ground were killed by a Magic-Combat-Twin discipliner. It would only help them to prove Anfey was the killer.

As the sword was about to hit Anfey's head, Anfey suddenly slid away. His move was swift and elegant. Miorich and Suzanna stood in the back, watching him with eyes bright. They paid more attention to how Anfey fought.

That supporter put more force on his wrist to change the direction of the sword and tried to slay Anfey from the side. Anfey immediately hit his wrist. The guy snorted at Anfey even more. He did not think Anfey could make any damage with that strike. Even if he just let Anfey hit him without any counter strike, it would be hard to get hurt with the protection of combat power. He thought he was going to slice Anfey in half.

Anfey was a lot less powerful than he thought. Anfey's strike could not even be described as a hit. It was more like laying a hand on his. The follower did not know that move was called "putting a hand on" in martial arts.

As there was no contact between the two hands, Anfey kicked his left leg into the follower's elbow while his hand was holding onto his opponent's wrist. Anfey did not have to use too much force to hold his opponent's wrist. It was good enough as long as the opponent's arm did not swing. That follower's arm was bent inwards. There were cracking sounds and screaming right away.

Combat power could greatly increase people's defensive power. Anfey had experienced it a long time ago when he fought hard with Suzanna under water. However, having combat power was not everything. If people could run and attack with combat power, it meant their joints were not protected by combat power. Anfey seemed to find the weak points of swordsmen.

Anfey kept moving forward. He ran to the next swordsman. That swordsman thrust his sword at Anfey's chest like a vapor. As the sword was only one yard away from Anfey, Anfey suddenly flew into the sky like a flying butterfly among the flowers. In the blink of an eye, he lined up with that swordsman, vertically. The swordsman was on the ground while Anfey was upside down in the air. The swordsman had never seen any skill like this. He immediately swung his sword up to counter Anfey. As the sword was above him, Anfey grabbed his wrist. This time, Anfey put a lot more strength on the grip.

Anfey flipped over and landed behind the swordsman. He had calculated their height difference before he made the attack. He chose to squat a little to put his back tightly against that swordsman's lower back. He pulled the swordsman's wrist hard. Everyone at the scene saw clearly that swordsman's arm swung backwards like a windmill's blade. It swung more than half circle. That swordsman started to scream loudly in pain. He sounded more like an animal howling than a human screaming.

It only took Anfey a very short time to beat the two swordsmen. It startled the onlookers. Most people thought in a certain way. If there were no other references to help them think in a different way, most people rather believed in themselves. People tried to imagine how much fighting ability they could have if they had to fight with bare hands and what would happen if they fought with weapons. It was undeniable there was a big difference in between fighting with bare hands and with weapons. Anfey was able to beat two swordsmen with bare hands in the blink of an eye. One of them was even an intermediate swordsman. Anfey would be unbelievably powerful if Anfey fought with weapons.

Only Miorich and Suzanna could tell Anfey did not attack with much power, but they were still startled by Anfey's fighting ability, because they saw some fighting skills they had never seen or imagined before. They both were masters on how to control and use powers, but they were not as good as Anfey in terms of skill. They both got to see a totally different and new area by watching Anfey fighting.

Marquis Djoser was shocked and kept stepping back. A junior swordsman would never understand how powerful Anfey could be. He thought his peers were beaten because Anfey attacked them with surprise. The swordsman had gathered his combat power and stepped out. He thrust his sword at Anfey's throat. Marquis Djoser had told them to try to kill Anfey. He thought he could make it happen and get rewards from Marquis Djoser.

Anfey moved his body sideways to dodge. He timed it perfectly. If he was a little too fast, the junior swordsman could change his moves. If he was a little too slow, he could get hurt.

At the moment they passed each other, Anfey held his right foot out and kicked backwards like a little kid playing a game. The swordsman got kicked on his right ankle. It did not seem Anfey kicked that hard, but that swordsman's right foot was kicked into the air. Almost at the same time, Anfey stepped forward with the momentum and stepped on that swordsman's left foot.

That swordsman's body continued to move forward with the momentum while his left foot was held by Anfey's foot. The swordsman fell on his face while his right foot was still moving forward. He did not know how dangerous a position he was in.

Anfey put his hands on the swordsman's shoulders and pressed down hard as he flipped from the right side of him to the left. That swordsman smashed hard onto the ground with his hip. The quality of combat power was important to swordsmen. There were no contortion skills in this world. People's bodies got stiff and muscles got tight as soon as they turned twenty. The swordsman was over forty years old. It was easy to imagine what happened to that swordsman. He rolled his eyes as he gasped. He opened his mouth and was ready to scream when Anfey held his neck as if holding his lover. He pulled backwards. That swordsman felt the back of his head touch his left leg. He could not stand the pain and passed out. He did not even have the time to scream before he passed out.