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Chapter 227: Panic

 Chapter 227: Panic

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Sneferu's hands were shaking, and his steps were heavy. He slowly walked into a civilian's house. The civilian's house looked normal from the outside, but highly secured inside. Over a dozen swordsmen and four mages stood in formation in the living room to protect the old man sitting in the middle of the sofa.

"Sneferu, you are back." That old man stood up with a smile. He was not tall and a little chubby. He wore a gold-colored gown. Royal families in different countries liked to pick a color to be their family color to show their royal family identity. It was interesting to see they all chose the shiny gold color. Regular people could not wear this kind of gown. They got serious punishment for that. The punishment could be as serious as the death penalty.

"Master, I..." Sneferu faltered. He had patted himself on the chest to show his commitment to invite General Miorich over. No one would think Miorich did not want to talk to him after he just retired from Miorich's bodyguard squad a few days ago. What a world. Sneferu was angry and resentful about it. He was also sentimental about the world.

"Haha. General Miorich just came to Violet City and must feel tired. It made sense if he did not want to come to socialize. Sneferu, don't make it too personal." Sneferu smiled, but his smiles were forced.

Marquis Djoser had been to Sacred City when he was young. He never went back there again because he felt depressed over there. In terms of nobility titles, those government officials' titles were a lot lower than his. The two prime ministers were only earls. Only a few people had the same title as he did, but he had to forget about his title and please people with smiles. That was because he had no power or influence in the Sacred City. Marquis Djoser went back to his hometown after his inheritance ceremony was over. He would rather be the head in a small place than at the bottom in a big city. No one would show any disrespect to him on this piece of land.

Obviously, he ran into the same problem this time. Miorich did not show any respect to him. If only Miorich had disrespected him, he could take it. He was not stupid. Miorich commanded a military of over one hundred thousand soldiers. He knew a marquis title could not compare with a general with the highest military power to constrain others. However, he could not take the challenge from a young man. Anfey had killed his son on the street the first time he came to Violet City. Anfey had proclaimed the cruel and bloody war against him. He had to make powerful strikes to counter Anfey.

"Master, I am going to see General Miorich tomorrow again. Don't worry. I'll handle it," Sneferu said slowly.

Miorich knew his followers well. He had said it clearly, but Sneferu did not seem to get it.

"Don't worry." Marquis Djoser waved his hand with a smile. "Oh, right, Sneferu, did you invite your companions over. I just sent people out to check. Miorich's bodyguard squad was still standing there on the street. They have travelled dozens of miles. They must be exhausted. I will ask my people to help them so they could take turns resting."

Snefuru's face looked even worse when Marquis Djoser mentioned the bodyguard squad. The bodyguard squad had looked excited to see him when he showed up in front of them. They all surrounded him and joked and laughed with him. They looked weird after he was kicked out by Miorich. No one from the bodyguard squad led him out. They looked indifferent to him as well.

"Never mind, never mind." Marquis Djoser knew his previous plan had failed when he saw Snefuru's face. "Senefuru, you go upstairs to get some rest. I will call you when I need you."

"Yes, Master." Snefuru felt he had lost face and did not want to stay any longer. He turned half around and walked out from the side door.

Seeing Snerufu walking away, Marquis Djoser suddenly said, "Did you just say Anfey's sword skill was very special?"

"Yes, master. I have collected information about Anfey, but no one could give a definite answer as to how powerful Anfey is because whoever has fought with Anfey has died," the swordsman said in a low voice. "Anfey's sword skill looked dreamy and not practical, but he could kill his opponent in a very short time. He is a Magic-Combat-Twin discipliner. Magic-Combat-Twin discipliners usually can master only one element, but he can control several elements. His practices have been kept secret. Evil Mist is interested in him as well. They have sent two people to catch Anfey, but both of them got killed by him. They sent a very powerful one to catch him for the third time, but Anfey has left with Saul's students before Evil Mist people reached Sacred City."

"Anfey also has a little unicorn. A maid in the Garden Hotel said Master Shamash wanted to take the little unicorn away in the name of the magic academy after he saw the little unicorn," a mage said.

"Shut up!" Marquis Djoser said coldly. He only wanted to know how he could take revenge on Anfey right now instead of getting to know what happened the other day. For Marquis Djoser, it was not important who started the fight and whose fault was it at this point.

In the study of the garrison residence, the talk between Miorich and Anfey had approached the end. Miorich looked relaxed, but he suddenly talked about the birthplace of Anfey again. "Anfey, you have become so powerful with the memory left in you when you were young. Our king thinks that anonymous old man might be the only top power to go to Sacred State."

"Really? Sacred State?" Niya opened her eyes wide. She thought her father was the most powerful person in the world. She did not believe anything to be real in the legends. She even thought the barns were made up and they never existed. She was startled to suddenly hear that there was a person in this world who had been to Sacred State.

Suzanna and Christian were startled as well. They looked at Anfey and then Miorich, waiting to know the answer.

"Well, I do not know about that, but I do know he is very powerful," Anfey smiled.

"More than powerful!" Miorich let out a slight sigh. "Ernest told Master Saul that he has learned a lot from you. It is unbelievable to hear that a master swordsman had learned from a person with another kind of sword skill."

"Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to learn more from him," Anfey said.

"I was curious how Yagor could take you away from a person who has been to Sacred State." Miorich asked.

"I was really unlucky. He was in the state of Samadhi, and did not know what happened around him," Anfey said.

"Samadhi?" Miorich asked nervously. The face of Miorich changed. As a Gold Knight, he really hoped to learn more about Sacred State, anything could give him some inspiration.

"Is it the way you practice everyday?" Niya asked.

"Yes," Anfey said.

"Niya, how did Anfey practice?" Miorich urged.

"Anfey sat in a weird way and he could sit for a whole day without moving." Niya stood up and looked for an area to try to show it to Miorich. "People in Anfey's legion were curious about Anfey's practice and tried it on their own. They could only sit for a little while before their legs were getting sore, stiff and painful. They had to give it up."

Niya walked next to a desk and took a seat cross-legged. She gritted her teeth. Her bones were already stiff at her age. Without training, it would definitely hurt to sit with legs crossed.

"What benefits do you get from this practice?" Miorich's eyes brightened. He wanted to give a try right now, but he felt awkward to do it in front of these young people. He had to go back to his own room to try it.

"Enough, enough," Niya complained. She used her hands to remove one leg off the other leg. Luckily, she did not wear a dress today.

"I do not know what benefits I could get. I am just used to this practice since I was little," Anfey said bitterly.

"Anfey could sit like this for a long time. The longest record is two days. He could immediately walk after it. My God," Niya spoke in exaggeration. Some people could not stay in that position for very long, even if they tried hard. They gritted their teeth to try staying longer in that position. They wobbled after they gave up that position. Niya thought it was a miracle that Anfey could walk after he finished his practice.

"It is nothing. That old man could sit for a month without food, drink or talk. I was too young back then. I even thought he died."

Miorich looked startled this time. He was most surprised by the fact that an old man could live without food or drink for a month. "Is he a human?" He thought to himself.

"Anfey, why did he stay in that village?" Miorich asked.

"He said he wanted to challenge Tao," Anfey said.

"What is Tao?" Miorich asked.

"I do not know. It seemed to be the next level he was going to advance to," Anfey said.

Miorich almost went crazy. Sacred State was far out of his reach, while that old man wanted to advance to the next level. What would he be? God?

"Ok, let's talk about something else." Miorich lifelessly waved his hand. He laid his eyes on Christian, "Christian, can we..."

"Let's talk here." Christian woke up from the shock. He glanced at Anfey and smiled, "This guy has guessed who I am."

"You? Who are you? Why does it sound so secretive?" Niya was about to go crazy. Suddenly many secrets came at once, and she did not seem to be able to handle it.

"Why did you disobey the king's orders several times? Christian, it is not doing you any good to do that. I think you understand that too." After Anfey got into big trouble, in order to ensure Christian and Niya's safety, Yolanthe had sent Steger, the dean of the magic academy, to see them. Of course, Miorich moved away so he did not ask these questions in front of Anfey.

"It was too boring to study magic. I liked the adventurous life I had with Anfey," Christian said casually. Christian actually did not tell the truth. Anfey was grateful for what Saul had done for him. He had to take everyone to run away to protect the students and family of Saul. Christian had stayed at Saul's house for about ten years. He built relationships with Saul and his peers. He had an even stronger sense of responsibility than Anfey. He was afraid Steger would take him away for his own safety. He would never forgive himself if that happened. Therefore, he refused to see Steger and chose to be with his peers in that difficult time.

Miorich went quiet for a while. "Young people usually have their own opinions. It does not matter what I tell you. Ok. We should go out now." Miorich slowly stood up.