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Chapter 217: Hope

 Chapter 217: Hope

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"Why are you trying to kill me?" Anfey asked coldly. The feeling of joy only stayed with Anfey for a very short time. Joy never dominated Anfey long because being calm was his instinct. Anfey did not forget what he should say at this moment. He actually did not talk to Shamash, but to the civilians who were looking on.

"I..." Shamash was scared and forgot how to argue. He even forgot to beg for his life.

"You do not have to explain." Anfey turned away. He waved his flaming sword, which created a track of heat. Shamash was only a senior swordsman. He was so scared that he did not make any response before he got hit by the flaming sword.

Onlookers leaned their heads back to follow Shamash's head being thrown high in the sky. The body twitched before falling on the ground. Those watching screamed in surprise. No matter what kind of reputation Shamash had, he was a well-known person in Violet City. However, he was killed like he was just a little chicken. Not only the surviving personal soldiers' jaws dropped, onlookers stared wide-eyed.

"Stop, stop." A loud voice arose in the distance. "Master asked Master Shamash to go back now. Don't make any trouble." The clip-clop of hooves sounded closer to them.

The onlookers made a path for a group of horses. A boy around seven years old stepped back as others moved to the side. Maybe he had no guardian to take care of him, or his parents forgot to take him with them as they made the path. That boy just stood there, looking at the dead body. The little boy did not know how to cover his emotions. He looked scared and curious and totally forgot that a group of horses were coming his way.

The people on the horses were only concerned about rushing forward. As people made a path for them, it became too late for them to stop in time. Everyone watched as a horse was ready to step on the little boy.

A flaming fireball shot out and hit the fore legs of the horse. The fireball flew so fast that it left a trace of red shadow.

Fire elements shoot out everywhere. Anfey had to move two steps back to steady himself. The rider and the horse rolled back like a rolling windmill. They rolled over for about a dozen yard. On watchers were startled by what they saw again.

Anfey felt sharp pain in his arms after the flaming shield disappeared. The flaming shield had turned into a real object before it disappeared. Others might have seen that Anfey literally crashed into the running horse. Actually it did not happen as they thought they had seen. Anfey was not that stupid. His flaming shield hit right below the horse's neck. He pushed the flaming shield diagonally upwards. Anfey did take some hit but not all of the hit, otherwise he would not have knocked the horse so far.

The rider struggled to come to his senses and slowly stand up. Blood oozed from his nose and mouth. Obviously, his organs were damaged after taking the indirect but intense blow. He stared at Anfey, shocked and scared. He was unable to hide his emotions.

Surviving personal soldiers looked at each other, but dared not to help. They could only choose to be quiet.

"Master Shamash." The horse rider stumbled forward. He did not forget his duty. "Master Shamash! Are you guys dumb? Where is master Shamash?"

The personal soldiers could not help looking at the dead body without a head. The rider's response was quick. At first, he was shocked and had eyes open wide to check the clothes on the dead body. He suddenly turned around to look at Anfey. "You killed master Shamash?"

Top powers were usually not constrained by regular laws. The power among them had to be balanced by other even more powerful powers. Seeing their master being killed and his crew scared to speaking for him, he immediately suspected Anfey.

"So?" Anfey looked combative. He challenged the rider.

That rider was so mad that he suddenly puked up some blood. His body shook a little and then he fell on the ground with a huge thud. His wound had gotten worse, but other personal soldiers dared not to come over to help him. They stayed where they were without doing anything.

"Hurry up and go home. Playing on the street is dangerous." Anfey turned to be gentle and also caressed the little boy's head.

"Uh..." The little boy looked at Anfey with bright eyes. He may not even have realized what had just happened.

Onlookers seemed to feel perplexed. Anfey had looked like a crazy killer a moment ago and killed the well-known Shamash and his personal soldiers in the blink of an eye. Now, however, he looked like a sweet brother to that little boy. No one would think Anfey faked it since he did save that little boy from the horse.

"Master, are you ok?" Urter ran over with excitement on his face. He had heard about what Anfey had done before. He wanted to believe there was a savior for the people who were suffering. This world seemed to need a hero after the war. Seeing Anfey's fighting ability, he would totally believe he was their hero.

"I am fine." Anfey shook his head with a smile. He turned to look at the surviving personal soldiers. "All of you go to the police station. Suzanna!" Suzanna slowly walked up to him. Senior swordsmen were considered top powers in Violet City. When Suzanna practiced combat power to try to help Anfey, she already got people's attentions. However, when Anfey has showered fire balls, they had turned their attention to him. Now Suzanna walked out and everybody noticed there was a senior swordswoman. She was also a follower of Anfey. People could not be more surprised.

The junior swordsman who ran away at the beginning of the fight gasped. He thought he was so lucky to make the decision to run. He was too wise for that. Suzanna was a senior swordswoman.

"Are you going to the police station on your own or do you need someone to escort you?" Anfey asked casually.

"Master, we can go to the police station on our own." The junior swordsman realized he should do something to make it up, so he stepped out and spoke.

Anfey looked at Urter. As a mayor, Urter definitely knew what he should do. He needed to judge the case, listing all the evidence to make sure there was no way for Shamash's family to reopen this case. Urter walked back to Iliverny and gave him some instructions quietly, and then Iliverny walked to those personal soldiers with a few officers. Since the leader of the personal soldiers had died, both parties were not combative anymore. They looked like they got along well and cooperated with each other. At least one party did. Personal soldiers put down their weapons and followed behind the officers.

"Master, your little unicorn came out. We could not control him," Urter suddenly said loudly.

"Huh?" Anfey was shocked. He turned around to check. The little unicorn was looking at the people around him.

Anfey could not help staring at Urter. The little unicorn had been forced to develop the habit that he would not come out until Susanna gave him permission. The unicorn would never come out on his own. The reason Suzanna let the unicorn out definitely had to do with Urter.

"Come here," Anfey waved at the little unicorn.

The unicorn's eyes brightened. He turned into a white light and the next second he stood beside Anfey. He looked very close to Anfey. He rubbed Anfey's lower leg. The unicorn was still small, but his speed was phenomenal. Shally used to play with the little unicorn, but now she did not even bother with him anymore. She could not catch him and lost interest in playing with him.

"My God, it is a unicorn," someone yelled in surprise.

"Couldn't be!" Some doubted how true it was.

"Are you deaf? Didn't you hear what your mayor said?" an onlooker responded.

"It has to be a unicorn! I did not even see him run over!" another onlooker said.

"A Magic-Combat-Twin discipliner with a unicorn? I have only heard about it in the legends," another person commented.

The little unicorn did not know he was the center of attention. He tried hard to look up at Anfey with his light blue eyes. Magic beasts had quite simple emotions. If Anfey was calling him, he could only see Anfey's eyes.

Anfey sighed and bent down to pick up the little unicorn. Changes always came faster than plans. He was supposed to keep this trip secret. The little unicorn should be a secret too. However, both of these were now known to the public. Human intelligence was too limited. In most cases, a wise person could not control how things would happen. That was why there was the saying about "opportunity knocking".

The crowd grew loud. Their indifference and coldness were from their disappointment. Shansa Empire had messed up their lives. Many people had died and disappeared. Yolanthe was very wise, and he provided them a comparatively decent life, but he could not protect them in dangerous situations. Now a hero was here. The power and kindness were obvious. In addition, he was going to be the owner of Violet City. What else could make them more excited. The hero in the legend could beat thousands or tens of thousands of magic beasts just by himself. The presence of a unicorn meant Anfey had the same power as the heroes in the legends. Heroes like Anfey should be able to protect them. No one knew the exact answer, but they all wanted to believe, in other words, they would like to force themselves to believe Anfey could protect them.

Anfey was a little confused and anxious. He used to hide in the dark in his past. He did not think anything good would come from being the center of the crowd. Anfey turned around and said to Urter, "Let's go buy the rings."

"Yes, master." Urter lowered his head. His eyes were smiling. He had planned everything right on the money and had gotten unexpectedly positive results. He was quite happy about it.

Anfey and Urter walked up to the magic store. The crowd immediately made a path for them. Suzanna followed behind Anfey. The legendary hero always had a powerful, beautiful and loyal female assistant. So did Anfey. It only confirmed their belief.

Anfey and Urter walked up the steps before they entered the magic store. A person suddenly stopped them at the entrance of the magic store. It was a chubby guy around forty years old. His eyes avoided looking at Anfey, and his trembling fingers also showed his timidity. However what he said sounded very harsh: "I am sorry, masters. Our store is closed today."