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Chapter 215: On Show

 Chapter 215: On Show

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"It did not work!" Anfey disappointedly waved away gas series elements, which had gathered a moment ago. He walked to the window and looked out.

"Don't worry. You are just a junior mage right now. You still do not have a mage license issued by magic union yet," Suzanna smiled.

"The problem is I do not know where it went wrong." Anfey rubbed his head as he talked. They were at a hotel at the time that was only 30 yards away from Anfey's new garrison residence construction. Anfey wanted to release Eyes of Sky to see what was going on inside the garrison residence, but he still failed after a couple of tries. Anfey knew the procedures for releasing Eyes of Sky very well and carbon copied from Christian. He could communicate with different elements well with telephathy. Anfey believed there was no reason to fail. He needed to go back and ask Christian.

"Anfey, should I go and check on it?" Suzanna asked.

"Never mind." Anfey shook his head and walked to his bed. He picked up an old-fashion book and started to read. He was going to be a big landlord soon. He needed to understand the scale of his authority and anything forbidden by the laws and regulations. The book in Anfey's hand was the legal statute of the empire. Anfey would not get to know unspoken rules from the legal statute of the empire, but it was better than nothing.

Suzanna held herself on the elbows with hands on her cheeks, quietly watching Anfey. She never dreamed to be a master swordswoman when she was little. Her mother asked her to carry the extra weight on her shoulders without consulting her if she wanted. Her father should have been a mature man that Suzanna could rely on, but he was barely around her. She only remembered seeing her father three times. The last time she saw him he was covered in blood. Before she met Anfey, she had been living an intense life. She practiced days and nights, took the horrible tests, which made her feel like she was in hell. She was constantly chased and in danger. She lived a nightmare. Suzanna thought her life would be like this forever. Anfey made her feel a warmth that she had never felt before. She would never ever forget that warm feeling.

Is this so called happiness? The corners of Suzanna's mouth curled up. She was always happy when she was around Anfey. Anfey was not super powerful and could not give her a peaceful life or take care of her troubles, but it did not stop her from feeling the way she felt about Anfey.

Anfey skimmed the legal statutes and flipped the pages fast. He only wanted to get the main idea when he read. He believed the deeper understanding of the book came through thinking, not literally from the book.

As time slowly went by, Suzanna and Anfey were in totally different thinking tracks, but they still got along well. They felt at peace and warm with each other. Suddenly, a magic signal in a distance ruined it.

Anfey was shocked for a second and tossed the book on the bed. He stood up and rushed out of the room ahead of Suzanna. It was the magic signal from Black Eleven.

Anfey worried it would cause a scene to run with combat power. Luckily, a wagon was parked at the hotel. He took two horses out. He used them as his new transportation. He ran towards the magic signal as fast as he could. A tense battlefield came into Anfey's sight.

Black Eleven and Urter stood in the front with over a dozen patrols from the police department on one side, while Shamash lead a group of personal soldiers on the other side. There were already seven or eight people hurt in total from both sides. The conflict was obviously there, but it seemed that both sides had some concerns that prevented them from killing each other. The conflicts between two parties with weapons usually caused fatality. Right now those hurt people at least still could curse standing up.

Anfey pushed patrols to the sides to make a path and walked to Black Eleven. He whispered, "What happened?"

Urter heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Anfey. He smiled bitterly at Anfey but did not say anything. Black Eleven stepped back a little bit and said quietly, "We were here to buy Dimensional rings in this magic store. Shamash and his people picked a fight with us."

"That is him." Shamash had recognized Anfey and yelled loudly, "Look at that guy. He killed people in Garden Hotel. Our mayor saw it but did not catch the killer. He is even with the killer now. Does nit ot it prove where those gold coins were from?"

Anfey glanced at Shamash. "What gold coins is he talking about?"

"He saw our gold coins when we were paying for the Dimensional rings," Urter said, smiling bitterly.

"Urter, you do not deserve our trust." Shamash raised his voice even more. Shamash's personal soldiers were more powerful than a patrol. However, this was a conflict instead of a war. He dared not to fight with what the patrol represented, a government. Now he saw the killer at the scene and believe the opportunity had come his way. He tried to stir up the civilian onlookers.

Shamash and his personal soldiers yelled and cursed, but the civilian onlookers still looked cold and indifferent. In terms of their reputation, Urter had a lot better reputation than Shamash, since Shamash kept his hands in the pockets everyday. No one would believe what Shamash said.

"This guy is really annoying." Urter did provoke Shamash on purpose for the very first conflict so he would like to forgive Shamash for what he did. But now Shamash acted like a crazy dog. He was so annoyed by him.

"Hand over that killer to me," Shamash yelled in high pitch. "Hand over the killer to me."

"Hand him over!" Shamash's personal soldiers yelled after him. A few of them even inched in towards Anfey with weapons in their hands.

"How dare you!" Urter stepped out in front of Anfey. "Put down your weapons! Do you know who he is? How dare you to be so rude to him? He is Violet City..."

"Urter, come back!" Anfey interrupted him.

Urter was shocked for a second and looked at Anfey, confused. He slowly stepped back behind Anfey.

"Suzanna, stay there and don't move until I tell you to," Anfey said.

"Yes," Suzanna said.

Anfey slowly walked to those few personal soldiers with weapons. Anfey took everything in when he tried to figure out an issue and make it complicated, but sometimes he liked to simplify problems as well, depending on different situations. Now he had become the owner of Violet City. If he bore something with unreasonable anger or was unable to accept challenges when others challenged his authority, it would make sophisticated people suspect him. "People, who could take a lot in life or plan far and in details, must be sophisticated." This always made sense. If Anfey went to extremes to solve this problem, those old men probably would just laugh at him if they heard about what happened later. They might critique him by saying, "Anfey is too young and acts too much on impulse. He needs more practice." They would put their guard down toward Anfey.

There was a saying that "It is a tactic to let others' guards down." In fact, there were skills involved in reporting to supervisors as well. There was a general in Qin Dynasty. He was about to lead his military unit to travel far to the border to fight with the invaders. He was worried that the king would suspect him of getting too powerful. He knew this battle would last a long time. Officials being far from the central government had the potential to control the military and overthrow the king. Before he went on the journey, he asked for a large amount of money, jewelry and land on purpose. He wanted the king from Qin to believe he cared about money over other things. The king from Qin agreed to all his requests and gave him the support he wanted for a long time during the war. This general was one of only a few officials who did not get set up, tortured by the king even after the war ended.

The key strategy to report to kings was to let kings know one's weakness or expose one's weakness on purpose in order to let the king's guards down. Kings were afraid of people too perfect. For kings, it was important to take control and balance the power. The problem was the rein, the power to control and balance. What if there was a person who could not be controlled? Simple. Just destroy him. If that person could not be destroyed, then kings would wait for the opportunity to present itself. There was no trust at all.

Those few personal soldiers did not expect Anfey would step out himself. They could not help looking back at Shamash. Shamash gave them a look and yelled, "Catch that killer."

Those personal soldiers understood what Shamash meant. They rushed towards Anfey. Their swords, covered with combat power, were pointing at parts of Anfey, where they definitely could cause fatal damage if they got him. This was not to catch Anfey. They wanted to kill him. It looked like Shamash wanted to teach Anfey a lesson. However, targeting Anfey was a huge mistake.

Urter's face immediately turned pale, but Suzanna and Black Eleven's faces did not change at all. They knew about Anfey's fighting ability. Apa heard a lot of stories about Anfey from Black Eleven. There was a junior swordsman among those few personal soldiers, but they believed Anfey would be fine.

Anfey did not dodge until the sword radiant was close to him. His moves looked slower than usual for some reason. A sword radiant swept above his arm and another sword radiant brushed over his shoulder. Suzanna screamed in surprise.

Suddenly Anfey accelerated and ran back to Black Eleven's side. He looked at Suzanna and Black Eleven's shocked face and smiled. He pointed at the blood on his shoulder and asked, "Urter, is this enough for the evidence?"

Urter suddenly realized what had happened and raised his voice, "Shamash, how dare you try to kill Master Anfey? Do you want to fight against our government? You guys, catch the people who tried to kill Master Anfey."

Urter said it loudly. It was enough. Those patrols definitely did not have the ability to catch those personal soldiers. They would be lucky if they did not get killed by them. Anfey waved his hands and countless little fire balls appeared around him. The little fire balls turned into a gigantic flaming shield and a gigantic flaming sword. Anfey ran towards those few personal soldiers.

Suzanna pulled her sword out in anger, but she was stopped by Urter. "Madam, don't go out now."

"What?" Suzanna was shocked.

"Master is pretty powerful, isn't he?" Urter asked immediately

"Of course, he has no problem taking care of these trash." Black Eleven answered for Suzanna.

"If master could handle it himself, we had better just stay here. It will be good for the master." Urter smiled at them.

"Urter is right," Apa responded. Before he came here, King Yolanthe had told him a lot of things. There was another reason to give Anfey the fuedal realm in Violet City besides setting things up for their plans on the Country of Mercenaries. King Yolanthe wanted to set Anfey as an example of a hero to give people hope that the empire could and would protect them. Right now it was a show for the hero.