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Chapter 212: Future

 Chapter 212: Future

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Urter's body shook with pain, and his forehead was covered in a thin layer of sweat. His wounded hand could barely move, and the hand that was applying pressure was shaking. What was even more surprising was that Urter could still control himself. If it was a common man, he would be screaming in agony. "Why?" he asked through clenched teeth.

"Do you really want me to tell you why?" Anfey asked, frowning.

Urter took a deep breath and stared at the wound on his hand.

"You showed up as soon as we did. Then that Shamash guy showed up almost as soon as you did. Don't you think it's a little suspicious?" Anfey asked. "Also, tell me. What did you mean by 'dog owner'?" Even though he wasn't sure how Urter did it, Anfey was certain that there was a grudge between Urter and Shamash. Urter was trying to show Shamash that he had support from Anfey; or else Shamash would not have said what he said when he came into the room.

Urter smiled and shook his head. The blood from his wound had already spread across the table, but he made no move to remove the dagger.

"Truthfully speaking, I hate being used. Take this as a warning. Next time it won't be your hand," Anfey said. He stood up slowly and ripped the dagger out of Urter's hand. "Come, let's go," he said. He did not want to talk to the man anymore. He disliked being lied to and used.

Urter's body tensed, and his breath became ragged. Anfey did not look at the man, and began walking out of the room. "Wait," Urter called just as Anfey reached the door. "I have something I need to tell you."

"Is there the need for that?"


Anfey frowned and hesitated. He turned and walked back to the table, "what do you want to tell me?"

"Shamash is the sixth son of Marquis Djoser. After the Shansa soldiers occupied Violet City, the Marquis led skirmishes against the soldiers and paid dearly. Five of his sons were killed. Shamash is the only one left."

"Why should I care?" Anfey asked, smiling.

"Why shouldn't you?" Urter asked.

Anfey frowned. He had never met anyone who act so calmly after their plan had been foiled. Urter looked like he was telling the truth, and had important reasons to do so.

Anfey sat back down and looked at Urter. "Tell me then. Why should I care?"

"If you know anything about the history of Maho Empire, you should know that Marquis Djoser's ancestor was one of the ten men that helped found the nation. The family has the badge to prove it, and it had hereditary powers. The family has been going downhill since then. However, it still had significant influence here and in the Sacred City."

Anfey frowned. What Urter was saying sounded like useless babble, but no one would say useless things when his blood was dripping onto a table. Anfey listened carefully.

"The Marquis only had a few dozen soldiers, and there were over seven thousand Shansa soldiers camping here after the city fell. The Marquis, logically, could not do much, though he did sacrifice five sons. Do you think His Majesty should honor him?"

"Of course."

"There are a dozen counts in this city, and only one marquis," Urter said, staring at Anfey. "Marquis Djoser had sacrificed almost everything, and the only things he got were some coins and some land. Violet City went to you, my lord, a count. Which means that, unless the Marquis hides in his land and refuses to leave, he would have to answer you."

"You're saying he is jealous?"

"It's not only the Marquis. The counts are jealous as well," Urter said. He tried to smile, but his muscle twitched. "Jealousy is enough to twist a man's mind, my lord. You are not in a very good situation right now."

Anfey frowned. He knew that Urter was right. His future was unclear at best.

"Do you know how large Marquis Djoser's land is, my lord?" Urter asked. "Only sixty acres. Not even a third of the city."

"You are trying to start a fight between me and Shamash because of this?" Anfey asked, smiling.

"I only hope you can be more cautious, my lord," Urter said slowly. "Don't be fooled by half-hearted kindness, my lord. I've only been here for three years, but I already know this city very well."

"Why are you helping me, then?"

"Because I am the sheriff, and I can never stand on neutral ground. Whenever something happens, I am the first to go down," Urter said, shrugging. "I just want to pick the more capable side."

"You think I'm more capable?"

"Like I've just said, my lord: I know these people. The only thing the Marquis has is his reputation. He is far from capable, just like his sons. His sons were killed not because they were fearless but because they were lustful cowards."

Anfey lifted a brow. "Why is that?" he asked.

"They've long been eyeing a young girl from the outskirts of the city, but couldn't do much during the peaceful years for fear of punishment. After the Shansa soldiers arrived, they took the poor girl among the chaos. The girl's lover was enraged and joined the Shansa army. With someone who knew the city, none of the Marquis's sons escaped. I don't know how Marquis Djoser reported what had happened, but I know that he did not report honestly." Urter paused. He glanced at his hand and continued, "I've heard about what you did, my lord. I know you are much more capable than the Marquis will ever be. I know now that you are someone who does not hesitate."

Even though he had already admitted everything, Urter was still shaking, partially due to fear. He had encountered very few men that were as brutal as Anfey. If he was aiming for his heart, Urter was sure he would be dead by now. Perhaps that was why he was able to kill Philip's grandson. He was less like a politician and more like a killer.

"Why didn't you just tell me?"

"Would you have believed me, my lord?"

Anfey fell quiet. After he realized that Urter was trying to create a grudge between him and Shamash, he picked intimidation, which had always worked for him. Now, however, he realized how naive he had been. If he was older, he would not have chosen such a way to deal with the situation. In the end, intimidation would change nothing. His enemies would remain his enemies, but he could destroy potential friendships. By intimidating his enemies, he could warn them to be more careful. This was a terrible way to approach a situation like this.

"I have to be honest with you now, Anfey," Apa suddenly said. "I've known Urter for years now. We trained together once, but because of a strange condition he could not use magic or combat power. They let him go in the end, and he became the sheriff of Violet City," Apa said. He knew both sides in the fight, and because of that he was in a very awkward situation. He knew he had to lessen the tension. "Urter, why didn't you just tell me? I can always talk to them for you."

"Did it get your bones?" Black Eleven asked, pushing himself up. He found some healing potion and began working on Urter's wound.

"Well, I know how to work with you now, Lord Anfey," Urter said with a forced smile. "Everyone thinks they owe me a favor, which is a good thing for me in the long run."

Anfey did not say anything. He stared at Urter, observing his expressions. Urter's explanation had made sense. If he had ulterior motives, it was impressive that he was able to come up with this explanation in a short time. Anfey decided he would trust the man for now.

"Is your relationship with the Marquis always so strained?" Anfey asked.

"Very," Urter said naturally. "Which is why I wanted to help you, my lord. If it wasn't for the sudden invasion of Shansa Empire, they might have already found a way to throw me out of the city."

Anfey nodded. He trusted Urter more than he did a few minutes ago, but still not completely. He had seen too many people to completely trust anyone. Even among his team, there were only two or three people he could completely rely on.