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Chapter 211: A Masterpiece of a Sword

 Chapter 211: A Masterpiece of a Sword

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"Everyone in Maho Empire has heard about your achievements, your honorable master. I do not know what you exactly would like to know," Urter said.

"Hmmm, important stuff, anything you think is important," Anfey said.

"Important?" Urter gave it some serious thought. "Master, the priority for Violet City right now is to rebuild the city. The budget is very tight. I could not do anything without funding."

"That is not right," Apa said in surprise. "The empire has allocated money to the fallen cities. How could the budget be so tight?"

"Master Apa, Violet City is a special case. Some of the allocation was already spent. The rest of the funds could not be touched," Urter said.

"What did you do with the money? Urter, you did not pocket the money, did you?" Apa asked in a joking tone.

"I do not have guts to do that, Master Apa." Urter glanced at Anfey out of the corner of his eye. He hesitated for a second and said, "I spent the money on Earl's Court. The Earl's Court project just started; and we might need to put more into it later on. I wouldn't dare divert the money to do anything else."

Apa was silent after hearing what Urter told him. Earl's Court was built for Anfey. Usually the royal families with estates had to build their houses with their own money, but Anfey's case was a little special. Anfey had not been in the Violet City. Urter asked permission from Yolanthe to build Earl's Court for Anfey, so he did not do anything wrong. It was also wrong to say he used his power to kiss his boss's ass.

Anfey was shocked for a second but did not say anything. If he was asked about the structure of the human body, how much weight bones, joints, and tendons could take, the flexibility of blood vessels, nerve distribution and other things, he would have a very deep understanding of them and explain in every possible detail. However, when it came to managing a city, he had so many things to learn. It seemed a little inappropriate to build his own house with the budget for the city. It also seemed to be a problem for Anfey to figure out a reason or way to criticize Urter or finish the conversation smoothly. He felt he would be laughed at if he were not careful.

Urter felt it was not appropriate to talk about it and looked regretful that he had brought it up. He lowered his head and was quiet.

After a short silence, suddenly it sounded loud outside of the wagon. Everyone could clearly hear a person yelling crazily, "Where is Urter? Where is that a*#hole mayor?"

After hearing a female attendant begging him in panic, the person's voice sounded closer to them. The door of the room was kicked open. A young man in his early twenties in fancy clothes, followed by his bodyguards, came into the room.

"Master Shamash, what are you doing?" Urter stood up with anger.

"What am I doing? You took my people yesterday. Why don't you ask yourself what you did?" That young man pointed at Urter with a horsewhip. The horsewhip almost touched Urter's nose. The young man got even madder. "You are f*#king nobody to me. When the Shansa Empire's soldiers took over Violet City, what were you doing? You hid in a beggar's house. How can you claim you are our mayor?"

The bodyguards behind the young man laughed out loud. The face of a person in mage uniform changed when he saw the little unicorn watching everyone.

"Master Shamash, we can talk in my office later if you want. Right now I have guests. Can you leave now?" Urter took a deep breath and said slowly.

"Guests? I know your master has come to support you. F*#k off. Let me see who your bastard master is?" The young man pushed on Urter's chest and Urter stumbled back. The young man walked to the table like he was the owner of the hotel. He looked condescending and looked over Anfey and his crew.

Anfey and his crew wore different looks on their faces. Apa smiled without saying anything; Black Eleven looked cold; Anfey lazily sat to the side with his eyes only slightly open; Suzanna quietly watched Anfey. These four people all had stories. Even though they had different personal networks, none of them thought the young man was a match for them. Obviously, they did not even bother to respond to him.

The guy in the mage uniform stepped forward and pulled the young man aside. He whispered something to the young man. The young man suddenly turned around, yelling, "Is that a unicorn?"

That mage obviously did not expect the young man to act so inappropriately. The mage looked a little awkward. He nodded and whispered, "Yes, it is a unicorn."

"Nice, very nice." The young man looked at the little guy greedily. He walked back to the table and looked at Anfey, as he was the owner of the hotel. "I represent the Sacred Magic Academy and come to take this little unicorn. Of course, I will reimburse you with a reasonable price. Name a price."

Rookies usually dared to do anything since they did not realize the risks ahead of them. Any person with some experience could immediately tell that the owner of the unicorn would not be a nobody, but that young man wanted to take possession of the unicorn.

"Never mind the price. You can take the unicorn if you want," Anfey said casually.

"You are such a nice person," the young man laughed aloud. He did not notice that Anfey did not talk to him in formal and respectful language. He did not notice Suzanna had put her hand on the sword shaft either. He turned around and yelled at his bodyguards, "What are you standing there for? Hurry up and get the unicorn."

Two bodyguards approached the little unicorn with their arms open. They looked like they were trying to catch a little chicken. The little unicorn felt the hostility from them. The unicorn looked around and suddenly ran away. The little unicorn ran so fast that he looked like a white light. The little guy jumped on the table and ran into Anfey's arms. Now the little unicorn became confident and growled with his head raised up.

The two bodyguards saw their opportunity and ran to Anfey. Suzanna stood up. A cloud of shiny sword radiant suddenly appeared. The bodyguard running in front coved his throat with his hands and stumbled. The blood from his throat dyed his clothes red in the blink of an eye, and he fell on the floor. The other bodyguard stopped himself when he saw what had happened to the first bodyguard. He stared at the body of the other bodyguard and stood frozen to the floor. Suzanna did not continue to attack him.

A masterpiece of a sword was always a masterpiece of sword, no matter whether it was hung in the palace for people to admire or laid in a corner forgotten for hundreds of years. Once it was out of the shaft, nothing could cover its shininess.

Suzanna was a master swordswoman. She had indulged herself in dating for the past few days and looked even more sweet and girly for that reason. People usually could tell she was in love, but once she pulled her swords out, she changed into a totally different person. Jaguar was not enough to describe her viciousness, lightening was not enough to describe her speed, with sword pointing at someone, she was ready for the fight. She looked determined to win the fight.

Besides Anfey, Black Eleven knew Suzanna the best. After hearing Anfey saying "You can," Black Eleven already foresaw this happening. He shrugged and leaned back to sit against the back of the seat. He was ready to watch a show.

Apa was shocked and stared, his eyes wide. He had showed enough respect to Suzanna, but that was mainly because of Anfey. He had seen many bloody scenes, but never expected a slight girl could become a vicious swordswoman in the blink of an eye without giving any signs. The last time he saw Suzanna, she was still watching Anfey with a lot of love, but his impression of her totally changed the next second.

The mage nervously moved back a step and chanted as he held his wand. Anfey sat reclined on the chair, but he suddenly looked up and stared at the mage's throat. If Suzanna looked brave and vicious, then Anfey looked cold as ice.

The mage felt something stuck in his throat and had goosebumps all over him. He could not suppress the scare feeling and stopped his chanting. He desperately put down his wand.

"Uh!" The young man jumped as an arrow hit him in the rear. He grabbed Urter and yelled, "They killed people. You f*#king mayor, didn't you see it? They killed people! Why don't you catch them?"

Urter looked at Suzanna with a bitter smile, and then he pushed the young man forcefully. He said coldly, "I did not see anything."

"You f*#king..." The young man crazily threw himself at Urter, but he was pulled back by the mage.

"Before I get mad, get the f*#k out of here," Anfey said

The young man struggled and tried to go after Anfey. The mage held tight onto the young man and tried very hard not to let him go as he whispered something to him. The young man finally calmed down and gave a dirty look to Anfey, yelling, "Let's go."

After the troublemaker left, the face of the female attendant outside changed when she saw the body on the floor. She hurried over to close the door.

"Is your name Urter? Take a seat," Anfey pointed at a chair.

"Thank you, master." Urter slowly took a seat. He apologized, "I am sorry. It was all because of me. I am sorry for that."

"Do you know why I was not mad before?" Anfey asked.

"Well, you are a mayor and did not want to fight with a nut." Urter tried to please Anfey with smiles.

"You are wrong." Anfey smiled. "I was not mad only because there is someone who pissed me off even more."

"Master, are you saying..." Urter was shocked.

A knife appeared in Anfey's hand. The next second, Anfey had nailed Urter's hand to the table with the knife. Urter could not help moaning in pain. Apa jumped as he saw what happened. "Anfey, what are you doing?"

Suzanna laid her eyes on Apa, but she did not say anything. Apa did not seem like he was able to take the pressure Suzanna gave him. He was not sure Suzanna would do anything to him. He slowly took a seat at the end. He looked at Black Eleven and hoped Black Eleven could help him and say something for him. However, Black Eleven looked as if he had not seen anything happen and kept quiet.