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Chapter 207: Ungrateful

 Chapter 207: Ungrateful

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Everybody started to work after the decision was made. Even if a family needed to move, they had so much to pack. A legion with hundreds of people would have much more to do. In addition, they had captured many treasures from the war. When everything added up, they just had so much stuff. Feller was the busiest among them. He was in charge of logistics, so he had to run around to categorize stuff into important, useful, and not important for right now. He did not want to designate his authority to gnomes and dwarves. Dwarves could be trustworthy, but gnomes were cheap and liked to steal things if the opportunity presented itself.

"Can you be in charge when I am gone? Black Eleven and his crew are good with fighting, but they cannot look at issues from different angles. I hope you can help them if something happens. I am just worried they will make trouble," Anfey said slowly.

"Can I really give them commands? Are they going to listen to me?" Alice looked cold.

"Of course", Anfey said.

Alice went quiet. She did not want to argue with Anfey. Anfey seemed confident, but she knew well that they would not listen to her because of who she was. To be more frank, she did not believe what Anfey said. She was not totally sold on it.

"We also have some hired mercenaries. They could die for the money. I was worried that they would make mistakes. Can you watch them?" Anfey was in thought for a while. "I will leave you some gold coins. If something happens, you can use gold coins to ask those mercenaries to work for you."

"Are you leaving those gold coins to me?" Alice asked.

"No, Linfu will hold the gold coins. Whenever you need them, you can ask Linfu. I will introduce you to him in a little bit," Anfey said.

"I see." Alice smiled.

Anfey looked a little awkward. There was saying that one should trust a person in a high position. Anfey wanted Alice to work for him but did not give her any real authority or resources. He could not cover the fact that he did not trust her. He knew there was more to it when Alice said "I see." Anfey felt he had to be careful with Alice. If Alice decided to use all the gold coins Anfey left her to hire those mercenaries, no one would know what would happen. There were good odds there could be internal conflicts in Moramatch.

"If there is anything you cannot handle, retreat to the underground city. Do not fight with them. Wait for us to come back," Anfey said.

"You look like you really care about me," Alice said.

"Of course, I care about you. I care about everyone in our legion." Anfey looked serious, as if he was giving a speech at a press conference. He tried not to say anything that could make Alice have second thoughts.

"Thank you. You are so kind. It was a loss for the church that you could not join the Church of Light," Alice said.

"I am flattered," Anfey answered, a bit awkwardly.

"I heard you have wiped out a Griffin Aerial Unit," Alice said.

"Where did you hear about that?" Anfey asked.

"Everybody seemed happy for the past few days and they gathered and talked. I overheard their conversations." Alice looked off into the distance. "I also heard you are going to receive a Medal of Mars and an estate from Yolanthe. Is it true?"

"Yes", Anfey said.

"Violet City is a beautiful and elegant city. It looks like King Yolanthe likes you a lot," Alice said.

"Hehehe, I have to say I am lucky," Anfey said.

"Many things have nothing to do with luck. You were so brave to take your crew to attack Griffin Aerial Unit. It has proved that you were certain you could win that battle. Everyone knows that how dangerous it can be to attack a Griffin Aerial Unit unprepared. It is nothing different than committing suicide."

"In fact, a Griffin Aerial Unit is not as powerful as you think. It may be because you have lived in Shansa Empire for a long time and heard too many legends about them," Anfey said.

"Really?" Alice shook her head with a smile. "Ok, I am not going to bother you more. Someone is going to get mad at me."

Anfey followed Alice's eyes and saw Niya dragging Suzanna over. Suzanna was telling her something with a smile.

Alice had left when Anfey turned around. She walked around to avoid meeting Niya and Suzanna. Obviously, she did not want to have any conflict with them. In the legion, Alice was not in an advantageous position. If she had conflicts with Niya, no one would be on her side, no matter whether they were arguing or got into a physical fight.

"Anfey, I did not know you are this kind of person," Niya said, staring at Anfey angrily with her hands on her hips.

"What is wrong with me?" Anfey did not know if he should laugh or cry.

"Ok, Niya, Anfey only had something to tell her." Suzanna tried to take Niya away.

"Don't pull me, Suzanna. You are too weak. Don't worry. I got you. No one can do anything to you." Niya beat her chest loudly. She totally forgot how powerful Suzanna was on the battlefield, while she hid in the safest place.

"There are so many people in the legion. Why do you have to talk to that bitch? Tell me, Anfey," Niya said.

Suzanna stuck her tongue out at Anfey with a helpless look. In fact she did not think it was a big deal when Anfey talked to Alice in private. Niya dragged her here. She was worried Niya was going to yell and cause a scene. She had to follow her. She was also concerned Anfey would get mad at Niya and hurt their relationship. She was in such a dilemma.

"Niya, everyone is going back to Maho Empire. We could not leave Moramatch here without anyone taking care of it. I talked to her to see if she could help," Anfey explained.

"Why don't you find someone else for it? Why did it have to be her?" Niya did not believe Anfey. Niya was very possessive, perhaps because she had been spoiled since she was little. When she was dating the second prince Granden, she would get super mad if Granden chatted and laughed with other girls. Now that Niya saw Anfey talking and laughing with Alice, she felt bad for Suzanna. She could not stand any playboy.

"Who else do you want me to talk with then?" Anfey asked.

"Christian, Riska, Blavi, they are more capable than that bitch. Why do you have to ask her to do it?" Niya said.

"Niya, everyone wants to go home. Do you want Christian to stay when we all go back to Maho Empire?" Anfey asked.

"Uh..." Niya was confused and did not know how to respond to Anfey.

"Since you are so against it. Ok, I will apologize to Suzanna. I am not going to talk to that bitch." Anfey pulled Suzanna closer. "But, someone has to be in charge here. Niya, if you are against Alice being in charge, why don't you be in charge?" Anfey said.

"Me?" Niya immediately panicked. "I ...but I was never in charge of anything."

"You can learn. No one is born to know how to manage things," Anfey said.

"No, I cannot." Knowing she could go home soon, Niya was so happy that she was even singing in her dream. After Anfey asked her to stay, she looked so disappointed, dark in the sky over Moramatch. She felt bad for Suzanna but now she felt bad for herself.

"Niya." Anfey's voice became very quiet, and he looked very serious. "Think about it, we had you stay in a safe place whenever there was a dangerous situation since we left Sacred City. We had you eat first at dinner. We never asked you to be on watch. Look over there, everyone is busy, but you can walk around. Ask yourself, what have you done for everyone. Nothing. Now it is the time for you to do something for everyone. Can you do it for us?" Anfey asked.

Niya was torn. On the one hand, she wanted to go home so badly, but on the other hand she believed what Anfey said to her was right. She was not a little kid anymore. She could not act like a loser all the time. She needed to prove she could be valuable. What Anfey asked her to do was not too much anyway. He neither asked her to fight with a vicious magic beast, nor asked her to do any impossible mission. He only asked her to stay.

Niya frowned, her eyes got moist and she started sniffling. After awhile, she finally agreed. "Ok, I will stay."

"Are you sure you want to stay?" Anfey actually was a little shocked by Niya's answer.

"Yes, Anfey, can you tell me what I should do?" Niya said with a trembling voice. She wanted to cry, but she could not cry here. Niya planned to go to the back of the hill to cry her eyes out when she was alone.

"Hahaha... Niya, I was joking with you." Anfey suddenly laughed. "If I do not allow you to go back, professor probably will kill me."

"You...Anfey! You asshole!" Niya stared wide-eyed. She jumped as she screamed. She kicked at Anfey.

The kick without combat power could be ignored. Anfey only wanted Niya to feel better. He even backed up few steps and made painful faces.

Suddenly, a white figure passed by as fast as lightening. Niya screamed and stepped back. She held her thigh with a painful face. Anfey faked his painful face, but not Niya.

The little guy stood between Anfey and NIya. The innocent blue eyes now looked cold. The fur behind his neck was blown by the wind. He looked like he was ready to fight.

Anfey did not fool Niya and Suzanna. Niya had wanted to add another kick. The little guy actually got fooled.

"You, ungrateful little unicorn. You are the same as Anfey." Niya was so angry that her fingers started to shake when she saw the little unicorn attack her. She was mad that the little unicorn did not remember the time she took care of him.

"Let's go back." Suzanna hurried off, bending down and patting lightly on little unicorn's hind quarters. She walked back to Niya and tried to comfort her.

"Impulse is the devil." Anfey held the little unicorn in his arms and pointed at his nose a few times. He walked over to Niya. The little unicorn did not look feisty anymore. He lifted his head and looked around. He seemed to understand what happened. He closed his eyes and fell asleep. Interesting to know that not only humans knew how to fake sleep to avoid any awkwardness.