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Chapter 203: Very Sick

 Chapter 203: Very Sick

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After turning the corner in the tunnel, Blavi and few others waited in the underground city. The important people in the legion were all there, no one was missing. Niya stood in the front with a smile. Black Eleven was with them with crutches. He looked like he could not move easily.

"Anfey, are we good? Can we go out now?" Niya yelled when Anfey was still seven or eight yards away. Niya cared the most whether she could go out. It was torture for her to hide in the dark underground. She dreamed of running out and sunbathing.

"What are you rushing for? Just wait for another two days." Anfey laid his eyes on Black Eleven. "How is your wound?"

"I am fine." Black Eleven smiled and patted his chest hard to show he was doing well.

"Huh, I have not finished yet," Niya hurriedly interrupted. "Anfey, did you bring us any gifts?"

"Gifts..." Anfey thought a little bit and took out an item from his Dimensional ring and passed it to Niya.

"What is it? Smells great!" Niya looked at the little stone in curiosity. This stone gave out a nice fragrance to make people feel good. It smelled like thousands of flowers.

Anfey scanned the room and laid his eyes on a stranger. He was shocked to see a stranger, "This is..."

"This is my companion. He brought you two good news. We will talk about it later," Black Eleven said in a secretive manner.

"Hello," The stranger nodded at Anfey with a smile.

"Hello," Anfey responded.

"It is not fair. Why did only Niya get a gift, but we do not get any gift?" Hagan yelled.

"Oh, right, I got a short bow from an elf, but I could not pull the bowstring apart. What do you think?" Anfey turned his hand and there was a green short bow in his hand.

Hagan's attention was totally drawn to it. He took over the short bow and looked at it for awhile. "This is a contract bow. Only its owner can use it. Of course, you can not pull it apart."

"Can you take the contract off the bow?" Anfey asked.

"I cannot tell you now. Let me do some research on it. Can I have it for now?" Hagan looked up. "Do you have anything else good?"

"I have a gigantic shield." Anfey took out a gigantic shield from his Dimensional ring and tossed it on the floor. "I have other some small things. They are with Riska."

"Huh? What is this made of?" Hagan squatted and knocked on the shield in curiosity to see its texture.

Anfey scanned the other side of the crowd and saw a lonely figure in the corner. She looked helpless and cold. She did not fit in with this happy crowd. He was unsure whether she had abandoned the world or the world had abandoned her.

Anfey felt bad for her. The figure was very similar to one side of Anfey that he hid so well in himself. Anfey used to feel as lonely and isolated by the world as she did. He heaved a slight sigh and walked slowly to her. "Hey, you came too."

"Yes," Alice said casually.

"This is your gift." Anfey took out another piece of the stone that could give out nice fragrance.

"Thank you," Alice said.

"You are welcome." Anfey blinked. He felt he had nothing else to say. Actually he did not have anything to talk about with this princess from Shansa Empire. "Ok, I need to go over there first."

"Sure," Alice said.

As Anfey was about to leave, Niya came over and asked, "Anfey, what did you say to that bitch?"

"Nothing, I just greeted her." Anfey was actually explaining to Suzanna standing behind Niya.

"How did you greet her?" Niya seemed ready to asked about every detail.

"Ok, Niya, let's talk over there. Let these guys catch up," Suzanna said, smiling at Anfey. She tried to grab Niya away. "Niya, where is Shally? Why is she not here?"

"She had a headache last night and did not sleep at all. She is sleeping soundly now, so I did not wake her up," Niya said.

"Is Shally sick?" Suzanna's face suddenly changed. "Come on, take me to see her."

"She is ok now." Niya smiled. "Look at you. Your face has changed. Stop acting like a kid."

Anfey did not know if he should laugh or cry when he heard what Niya said. He thought to himself, "In the whole legion, Niya is the one acting like a kid the most. Birds of a feather flock together. You hang out all the time with little Shally. How dare you pretend to be the mature one?"

"Huh, right." Niya suddenly yelled, "Anfey, go look at the little guy. The little guy is so sick."

"Little guy?" Anfey did not realize who the little guy was immediately.

"Yes, Hui Wei said unicorns could not live in the underground too long. They could die from it. You should take a look at the little guy now," Niya yelled.

"What exactly happened?" Anfey asked as he stared at Hui Wei.

"Anfey, just as people cannot live without water and food, unicorns cannot live without moonlight and sunlight. If the little unicorn could not get any sunlight, he would die," Hui Wei said slowly.

"I have planned to ask Christian to take the little guy outside, and I will take over tomorrow during the day. You told us not to go out when you left, but we could not wait and see the little guy dying in front of us. Now you finally came back: You decide whether we can take the little unicorn out," Blavi said.

"Where is the little guy?" Anfey asked with a worryied tone.

Anfey felt worried. It might be because he took the Tear of Stars. The little unicorn was not just a magic beast for Anfey. The little unicorn was more like Anfey's kid. How could he not get worried when he heard the little guy was about to die. He wanted to blame Christian for not being flexible, but he kept his mouth shut. He did give the order to stay in the underground, and Christian just strictly followed it.

"Let's go. I will show you the way." Niya trotted ahead before Anfey could say anything. Everyone had different power abilities, but they were all part of the legion family to Anfey. However, Niya felt that she only had two friends, Shally and the little guy. Besides Anfey, she felt the worst about the little guy.

As they walked to the end of the tunnel, Niya rushed to open a stone chamber door. Anfey rushed in and saw the little guy lying on his stomach on some dry grass on the floor. The stone chamber was very bright. Christian took almost all the everlasting lights to this stone chamber. However, everlasting lights did not seem to work for the little guy. When the little guy saw Anfey, he moaned loudly and he tried to stand up. However, he was so weak that he could not hold himself.

"Uh!" Niya had tears in her eyes. She rushed over and held the little guy in her arms.

"Christian, can you open the door. Let's go out now," Anfey said in a worrying tone.

"Ok." Christian immediately turned around and walked out of the stone chamber.

Suddenly, without knowing what substance had caused the little guy to struggle, he jerked hard in Niya's arms. He had been so weak, but now he even bit Niya's hand.

"What are you doing? Are you going to eat me?" Niya screamed in surprise. Her imagination was great.

Hui Wei, standing at the door, suddenly thought of something. As Niya pulled her hand out, he saw something shining. That was the gift Anfey gave her, and she had not had time to put it away and held it in her hand. Did the little unicorn want that little stone?

"Niya, give the gift Anfey gave you to the little guy," Hui Wei said urgently.

"What?" Niya was shocked for a second and opened her palm. The little guy bit the stone immediately. He leaned his head back and swallowed the stone.

"Do not eat it. You will have stomachache." Niya got worried.

"He will be fine." Hui Wei had a smile on his face. "Anfey, did you get those stones from a gigantic butterfly?"

"How did you know?" Riska stared, wide-eyed.

"This is the power of knowledge." Hui Wei had a confident smile on his face and stuck his chest out.

"Stop it." Anfey slapped Hui Wei hard on his back. Hui Wei's confidence seemed to be patted away. "Tell me, what happened?" Anfey asked.

"How many stones do you have?" Hui Wei asked with a bitter smile.

"Many," Anfey said.

"Take them all out and give the little guy a good meal, and then take him to get some sun. Stay overnight there. Tomorrow at this time, the little guy should be fine," Hui Wei said.

"Really?" Anfey asked.

"Of course. Why would I joke about it?" Hui Wei said.

Anfey took all the stones out without any hesitation. This little guy did not have much energy, but he ate quickly. He had dozens of stones in a few bites.

"Hui Wei, tell us what happened," Riska asked.

"You guys saw an Angel Butterfly. This kind of butterfly was not very useful, but there were very few of them. Do you know the perfume Dream Elf? It was made from this kind of stone," Hui Wei said.

"Huh, I thought I smelled something like this before. I could not think what it was right away," Niya said.

"Hui Wei, is the little guy really going to be fine?" Anfey, wanting to confirm it, asked as he caressed the little guy's head.

"Yes, but he needs moonlight and sunlight as well." Hui Wei nodded.

The little guy gave a quiet moan. He took his front legs off Niya's arms and held them towards Anfey. This looked too much like a human being. The little guy looked like a little kid wanting a hug. Anfey held out his hands and took the little guy from Niya. Niya did not look like she wanted the little guy to leave her arms.