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Chapter 202: Home

 Chapter 202: Home

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"Finally!" Anfey said, looking at Moramatch in the distance.

After he attacked the Shansa army and fought with the mercenaries, he spent another two days in the forest. Shansa Empire must have realized they were not easy targets, and sending small teams would achieve nothing. The search ended and no one looked for trouble with them.

After making sure the Shansa soldiers had all left, Anfey, Suzanna, and Riska turned towards the northeast. They were all very worried about Moramatch. If Dardanibry really decided to go to Moramatch, those who were left there would be no match for an archmage. Even though the three of them would not be much help, but they had to return.

Anfey had long learned that fear solves nothing. What was coming would come no matter what. Sometimes, being fearless created opportunities. The most precious things he could have were courage and hope. Without those, he was as good as dead.

Furthermore, Anfey did not want to run forever, or else he would have stayed on the island. Choosing to leave with Saul and Ernest and becoming Saul's student meant that he had responsibilities. Sometimes he did not have a choice. Anfey just wanted to be proud and not ashamed when he met Saul again.

Anfey always imagined the worst possible outcome when he made a plan, even though he knew that it would be an unlikely outcome. The Arch Druid Bruzuryano seemed like an important person. Judging from the way he spoke, he was in good relations with Saul. Slanbrea appeared friendly as well. As long as they were around, Dardanibry would not do anything.

Killing Anfey might not be a big event, but murdering all the residents of Moramatch would make headlines. Dardanibry was a court mage and should know very well how the act could impact him and Shansa Empire.

Even though Anfey knew it was unlikely that Dardanibry would attack Moramatch, he still felt relieved when he saw the town.

Suzanna walked besides Anfey and smiled sweetly when she heard him call Moramatch home.

"Riska, go check on the tunnel entrances," Anfey said.

"Alright," Riska said, raising into the air.

"Suzanna," Anfey called quietly.


"What do you think a home should look like?" Anfey said carefully. He wanted to know if Suzanna had a particular preference. This way, he could decorate a home according to Suzanna's taste, and surprise her.

"A large, soft bed, a warm heart, a clean kitchen. That is all I want in a home," Suzanna said.

"Kitchen? You know how to cook?"

"Of course I do," Suzanna said proudly.

"I wish I could try your cooking sometimes," Anfey said, smiling. "But, Suzanna, it seems like you are missing something in your home."

"What is it?"

"Think," Anfey said.

"Really, what is it that I'm missing?"

Anfey leaned over and whispered into her ear, "me."

Suzanna blushed furiously and pushed him. "Who cares," she said nervously.

"Oh, and another thing."

"Shut up," Suzanna said, jumping away from Anfey and covering her ears with her hands. "Shut up. Don't you even dare. If you have nothing serious to say, don't say it at all."

"I am dead serious," Anfey said. He looked at Suzanna, and kept his face as sincere as possible.

"What is it this time?" Suzanna frowned and asked.

"A kid, or a few kids," Anfey said laughing. He ran down the hill. Every step he took he was stepping on a wind blade. For people who really wanted to perfect their skills, there were plenty of opportunities to practice in everyday life.

Suzanna looked at Anfey and smiled. If Anfey was still there, she would be embarrassed. Now that he wasn't watching, there was nothing to hide. Anfey was right about what she wanted in a home.

"Why aren't you chasing me?" Anfey stopped and asked. "Why are you smiling like that?"

"Why do you care?" Suzanna asked, lifting a brow.

"You looked like a fox that just ate a chicken," Anfey said. "Ah, I see. You want kids too, don't you?"

Suzanna thought that Anfey would try to run if she chased after him, and would not finish his sentence. Anfey, however, did not try to run. He just stood there and waited as Suzanna walked down to him. The two of them stared at each other, but neither moved. Some girls liked the little things, like hugs and kisses, while some were more introverted. Suzanna would usually be the latter. She would lash out only when she was too embarrassed. Now, as she was staring into Anfey's eyes, she did not know what she should do.

Anfey raised his hand to her head. "Suzanna?" he murmured. He voice was deep and gentle, and made Suzanna's heart flutter.

"What is it?" Suzanna asked.

"Your dream is also my dream. I will try my best to make it a reality."

"What..." Suzanna widened her eyes, realizing what Anfey was implying. She reached over, embarrassed, and tried to grab his arm.

Anfey jumped back to avoid her advance. He jumped onto a wind blade that propelled himself a dozen feet away from her.

"Stay exactly where you are!" Suzanna called angrily. She summoned her combat power and chased after Anfey. Perhaps it was because she trusted Anfey too much, she allowed him to trick her time and time again.

The two of them ran into the town, and reached the back of the town in no time. This spooked Riska, who was checking the markers they left there before their departure.

"Did something happen?" he asked anxiously.

"Yes," Anfey said.

"No! Riska, don't listen to him," Suzanna said, following Anfey.

"What?" Riska frowned and asked.

"Don't worry about it."

Riska sighed and shook his head. Then he turned around and returned to checking the markers.

"No one has been here, right?" Anfey asked. He had reminded Christian several times that they should leave the tunnels unless Anfey, Suzanna, and Riska returned. If the markers had disappeared, it must be that outsiders were there.

"It's perfect," Riska said, walking towards the tunnel entrance. "No one's been here since we left."

Anfey summoned his fire sword and followed Riska. The three of them quickly found the gate to the tunnels and knocked on the large metal door.

After a few moments, a quiet voice asked, "Who is it?" If the three of them weren't standing still, they would have missed it.

"It's us," Anfey called.

"You guys are back!" Anfey recognized Christian's voice. "Quickly! Open the doors. Feller, go tell everyone. They're back!"

The door opened slowly, accompanied by a cacophony of chains rattling. After Anfey, Suzanna, and Riska walked through, the door closed slowly.

About a hundred feet away, Christian appeared from one of the side tunnels. "Welcome back!" he said happily. His voice was very high, and he was walking very fast, with his arms out. Christian was normally a reserved and quiet person, and did not easily let his emotions show through. His actions now proved that he was overjoyed.

Anfey walked over with a smile and embraced Christian. He looked at Christian and said, "You are so pale. You look like a proper toy boy now."

Christian shook his head and said, "If you lived here, you would be too."

"How is everyone? Is everything alright?"

"Everyone is good. Let's go back and talk. Oh, and Black Eleven is back."

"He's back? I thought he had stayed in White Mountain City," Anfey said, surprised. Bruzuryano had told them that Black Eleven was attacked on the way to White Mountain City and suffered serious injuries. He had survived, but Anfey expected him to stay in the city until he was in better condition to travel.

"If it wasn't for the High Priest of Light, Slanbrea, he would still be in bed," Christian said. "He's worried about you guys, but he's also worried about us. So he came back after just two days of rest. Come on, everyone will be so happy that you guys are back."