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Chapter 201: Aroused

 Chapter 201: Aroused

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Sun jumped off the horizon and painted a golden sky. Suzanna quietly looked off into the distance, squinting. Anfey sat behind Suzanna and held her in his arms.

Suzanna tossed and turned the whole night and could not fall asleep. Later that night, she decided to get up and watch the stars with Anfey. She could not forget about that mercenary group with seven mercenaries. They had chased her for over half a year. How could she forget about them?

From Gruce Principality to Ellisen Empire, from Ellisen Empire to Maho Empire, that mercenary group had closely chased after her breath by breath. To protect Shally, she had to experience many dangerous moments and finally hid in the magic beast forest.

Suzanna felt like she had a gigantic stone on her chest, and she could not breath as she recalled her past. That time was like hell to her. She took Shally with her and fought against the whole world. She did not have anyone to trust, to help her, not even the man who had grown up with her. On the face of it, he had looked like an attractive gentlemen, but he had stabbed her in the back.

Suzanna could not help touching her right side as she thought of him. That guy led her into a trap that the mercenary group set up. They ran to her like seven starving wolves from the dark and surrounded her. Suzanna had been shot in the right ribs by that elf. She still had the scar to show for it.

Anfey gently held Suzanna's hair and gave it a hard sniff with his eyes closed. He thought the nice smell from women were from cosmetics, but Suzanna never used any. Niya used to recommend some fragrance powder to her, but Suzanna did not wear it. Where was the nice smell on her from? Anfey thought this question was worth pondering a little more.

Suzanna quietly turned her body half way and stared at Anfey's face as he was thinking about the biological problem of how Suzanna could give off a nice smell without the help of cosmetics. Suzanna used to think she would neither believe anything and anyone nor have attachment to anything after experiencing so many lies, traps, and murders. She only wanted to raise Shally and take back what belonged to Shally. However, Anfey had come into her life. They quickly built a relationship and were bound for good or ill.

The first time Suzanna saw Anfey, she wanted to kill him so badly, especially when he hung her on the tree. She had wanted to rip Anfey apart. She thought she would get raped, but Anfey left without any reluctance and had no intention of staying around. The experiences that Suzanna had had shaped her own way of thinking. No man would let an easily caught lamb go, but she met one.

Was she not attractive? What did those men with greedy eyes mean then? Suzanna was confident about her appearance. Anfey had a bitter smile on his face to try to cover that fact he felt bad about Suzanna. Back then Suzanna subconsciously felt Anfey should be a trustworthy man as she watched him walking quickly away. Of course, Suzanna still thought Anfey was a bad guy, only with some moral standards.

As time went by, Suzanna learned more about Anfey and started to trust him more. Anfey had one big difference with the guy she grew up with. That guy liked to make beautiful promises and describe their happy life in the future. However, nice things were only created with his lips. Anfey rarely promised anything, but he did things for her.

Just as this time: even though Anfey told her all kinds of excuses for fighting hard with seven mercenaries, Suzanna knew it was because Anfey had noticed the hatred Suzanna felt towards them. Anfey used some excuses to attack the mercenary group for her. If it had been Susanna's childhood friend, he would have said he did everything for Suzanna, even the real reason could have had nothing to do with her. He could do that without any shame. Anfey took revenge for her, but argued that it had nothing to do with her. There was a big difference in how they acted.

Suzanna suddenly thought Anfey as a hero. Suzanna would love to be with Anfey forever.

At that moment, Anfey was still thinking about the biological question of how Suzanna smelled nice without using fragrance power. The nice smell should be created by perspiration and skin oil. Diving deeper on this question, it seemed that some animals attracted the opposite sex by secreting hormones. Maybe human beings inherit this ability as well. Anfey suddenly realized he had not had sex for a long time.

Suzanna got upset after she saw Anfey zoned out as he played with her hair. This man rarely expressed himself. He never told her how much he liked her or where they were in their relationship. Women always wanted to know though.

Suzanna bit her lips and swung her hair at Anfey's face on purpose. Anfey was shocked, but it made Suzanna laugh.

"Are you feeling better?" Anfey asked with a smile.

"Yes," Suzanna nodded. Thinking about the old times had made her depressed, but she always felt better if she had Anfey with her. It had nothing to do with how powerful he was. She only wanted to have someone she could rely on.

"We have been sitting here half of the night. My butt started to hurt. Let's go take some rest. We need travel tomorrow," Anfey said.

"No." Suzanna suddenly acted like a little kid. She leaned back and threw herself in Anfey's arms again.

Anfey held her in his arms and suddenly remembered that he had not figured out the question he had before. An assassin without self-control was a failure. Anfey never had any problem with self-control. The princess from Shansa Empire was a beautiful girl, the best of the best, but Anfey was never aroused by her even when she flirted with him. It had been a habit for Anfey to always have self-control. He had fought the attraction from that princess by instinct.

Anfey liked Suzanna because she won his trust with her bravery and performance on the battlefield. There was a big difference between flirting with Suzanna and that princess. Anfey started to feel aroused having Suzanna in his arms. Suzanna seemed to feel the same way. She was getting more clingy and breathed a little heavier.

"Anfey!" Riska yelled. He sounded like someone striking a broken gong.

In fact, Riska's low and coarse voice usually sounded pretty manly, but this time it sounded very shrill to Anfey and Suzanna. It really sounded similar to striking a broken gong.

"We are up here. What are you yelling about?" Anfey yelled harshly.

Suzanna quietly left Anfey's arms. Everyone knew there were dating, but it was not appropriate to let others see them being too intimate.

"Huh?" Riska was shocked for a second. He was not so sure why Anfey was so upset. He instinctively looked around to try to think of something to talk about. "Anfey, Suzanna disappeared."

"You disappeared!" Suzanna did not sound too happy either.

Riska suddenly realized his mistake. He cleared his throat a few times and broke a random branch from a tree. He aimlessly doodled on the ground. One was his bro and leader and the other was Anfey's future wife. He had to take it, even though they were not too nice to him.

"Anfey, why have you not asked about my past?" Suzanna asked quietly as she tied up her hair.

"I am waiting for you to tell me." Anfey moved closer to Suzanna and grabbed her soft hand.

"I won't tell you if you don't ask." Suzanna was not too happy with his answer and rolled her eyes at Anfey. However, she did not take her hand from Anfey's and just let him hold her.

Anfey smiled without arguing. He held Suzanna's small waist with the other hand. He never wanted to tell others about his background and history, so he never bothered to ask anyone's either.

"Anfey," Suzanna murmured as she put her head on Anfey's shoulder.

"Yes," Anfey said.

"What do you wish for most?" Suzanna asked.

"A safe and happy life. Marry a girl named Suzanna." Anfey did not like to express himself, but he still knew how to flirt.

"I hate you." Suzanna slightly pushed Anfey away.

"I am still going to marry you even though you hate me." Anfey nodded vigorously.

Suzanna sighed and said quietly, "It would not be easy for us to live a safe and happy life."

"Why do you say that?" Anfey asked.

"Think about yourself." Suzanna smiled. "You have pissed off Master swordsman Philip and Shansa Empire's royal families. You even caught the princess of Shansa Empire. We have too many enemies."

"Indeed, many enemies," Anfey said proudly, "but they are nothing to me."

"Seriously?" Suzanna looked at Anfey. She never remembered Anfey having this kind of look.

"Yes. Philip is just a coward. I sent him a challenge letter. He would not even take my challenge," Anfey said.

"Challenge letter? When did you sent him the challenge letter? How come I never heard of it?" This was huge. Suzanna looked nervous.

"A long time ago," Anfey said.

"What did you write in that challenge letter?" Suzanna got even more nervous when she saw Anfey's serious look. Challenge letters were not casually sent out or accepted. Once the challenge letter was sent and accepted by both parties, nothing would get in the way of the fight proposed in the challenge letter. They had to come to the fight even if one of them was about to die from sickness. They would leave themselves a bad name for a long time if they did not come to the fight. Even they were too sick to walk, they had to crawl to the fight arena to fulfil their promise, otherwise they would disobey the holy rules of the challenge letter.

"I have challenged Philip to a fight in Blackwater City in twenty years. It was a deal between us," Anfey said.

"You..." Suzanna did not know whether she should cry or laugh. She realized Anfey was just kidding with her.