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Chapter 199: Hatred

 Chapter 199: Hatred

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Anfey had killed five opponents since the fighting began. Although every fight did not last long, Anfey had used all his strength and telepathy without holding anything back. He already felt a little tired.

Anfey hid in the forest, watching the last two mercenaries as he caught his breath. He knew he had to keep his combat power at its peak.

The elf was still screaming in anger. He looked like he was in so much pain that anyone who saw him would sincerely feel bad for him. Anfey looked calm. He neither felt bad for the elf's pain, nor proud of what he had achieved. No emotion showed on his face.

Anfey never thought killing was enjoyable. He did not feel there was a reason to be proud that he killed anyone. He had killed many people, but he had done that either out of self-defense or as part of his job. The targets in his work had to have some reason to be killed. This was Anfey's policy. Anfey was doing a job with high risk and high pay, but his annual income was not that great.

Feeling bad for others was pointless. If it Suzanna, Riska and Anfey had been surrounded by those mercenaries and the soldiers from Shansa Empire, what would have happened to them? Anfey was an arch-criminal and would be taken away by Shansa Empire or tortured to death. He also could be sentenced to death on the plaza through a public hearing, which would help the upper classes in Shansa Empire to save their pride. Suzanna was young and beautiful. It was very possible she could have become a sex slave for guys in royal families, or even raped by a few mercenaries or soldiers from Shansa Empire. Losers did not have the right to talk. What point would there have been in screaming in pain or struggling if Anfey had to see Suzanna being raped by others? Would winning others' sympathy work?

This world seemed so complicated, but was actually pretty simple. Since they were already on the battlefield, there would only be two possibilities. Either they would die, or Anfey would die. There was no third option.

Those two mercenaries slowly calmed themselves down and checked their companions' wounds. They turned in Anfey's direction and walked towards him. The mercenary in the front took a gigantic shield from his Dimensional ring.

They must have guessed what weapon Anfey used. Anfey thought for a while and had a bitter smile on his face, because he saw Suzanna running in the distance, but it was still in the range he could see. Suzanna kept making some hand gestures about the sky. He could not see the sky, but probably Riska was back as well.

If this had happened when they had just left Sacred City, with someone not following Anfey's orders and doing anything on their own, Anfey would have been exceedingly angry. However, it was different situation now. Maybe he stayed here too long, and Suzanna and Riska were worried. It also could be that the explosion of the combat power and surges of chaotic elements had travelled far, allowing Suzana to realize what Anfey was up to. They disobeyed Anfey's order and came back for him. Anfey had a warm feeling when he saw Suzanna biting her lip and looking worried.

Anfey's target had walked close, so he let his hand go. An element arrow shot out like a meteor. The targeted mercenary immediately raised the shield and blocked the element arrow.

This shot was just a test. Anfey put away the bow. He was about to jump to the side, suddenly seeing the elf holding a green short bow in his hand. The elf aimed at Anfey. Anfey felt all his hair stand up. He immediately gathered his telepathy to a state of Samadhi. His body was fully against the trunk, and he dove straight down.

Woosh, woosh, woosh . . . The arrows made sounds as they flew. The elf's hands were so fast that people would get confused how he did it. In a very short time, he shot out five arrows. He did not only do it fast but also very elegantly.

As Anfey dove to the ground, he had used a martial art called Extremely Heavy Fall. Even though he fell very quickly, the last arrow almost hit him in the heart. Luckily, there was some distance between Anfey and the elf. In addition, Anfey responded very quickly. He blocked the arrow with the knife at the last moment. If the distance had been less than twenty yards between them, Anfey did not know what would have happened.

Anfey dared not to stay any longer. He rolled into the grass after he landed on the ground. He had performed everything he could. He crawled rapidly. It was not really crawling. Regular people crawled with their whole body. Anfey had his hands open like eagle claws, legs held tight together with an angle away from the ground, his chest hung in the air. He looked like a scorpion. With unbelievably strong arms and fingers, Anfey crawled as fast as regular people could run.

After crawling over a little dirt bump, Anfey finally could take a breath. He carefully stood up and ran even farther. At that moment, keeping a distance from the elf was his priority. The two mercenaries had come under the tree. They looked at each other confused when they saw the prints left on the ground. People's footprints would not look like this. It looked more like a weird magic beast's claws.

From a hundred yards away, Anfey carefully took out a blasting arrow from his Dimensional ring. He laid half of his body on the floor and pulled the bowstring. Calculating all the information about the locations, Anfey shot it at a very precise angle. As Anfey let the bowstring go, the blasting arrow shot into the grass as fast as a poison snake. It flew out about a hundred yards and then came out of grass and flew at that elf's lower leg.

A gigantic shield fell hard on the ground. The blasting arrow clanged into the gigantic shield and created a shining light. The elf flew out from the light and shot a few arrows at Anfey.

Anfey held himself on the ground and slid into the grass. Suzanna and others had told Anfey before that elves were natural archers. Now he could tell they had been right. For two skilled archers, there would not be that much difference in accuracy. However, their shooting speeds were quite different. Anfey calculated that the elf could shoot six or seven arrows for every two arrows he shot.

Anfey was in thought for a while and turned around to run towards the direction of Suzanna. Anfey had developed a habit of relying on Suzanna to be his "fighter". Since Suzanna had come back for him, he would definitely look for help from her. Dealing with those two on his own was too dangerous.

The mercenary with the gigantic shield yelled in anger. He gathered his combat power and rushed in the direction the elf pointed for him. His momentum was unbelievable. With the gigantic shield in front of him, he felt he could run like a tank.

Anfey ran in the forest as swiftly as a swallow. Once in awhile he would turn around and shoot an arrow to try to slow his opponent down. As the elf was ready to pull the green short bow, Anfey either dodged behind ancient trees or dove into the grass. He never let the elf locate him.

With the help of the leaf, Anfey knew Suzanna had sensed the combat power surges and had turned her direction and run towards him. Anfey led those two mercenaries around. He needed to provide Suzanna an opportunity to strike.

As Suzanna got closer to Anfey, Anfey could see with the leaf that Suzanna yelled and covered her body with white shiny combat powers in the blink of an eye. She ran straight towards Anfey. The bushes and branches had turned into powder under the surges of combat powers. Anfey was shocked for a second and could not help sighing. "My silly girl, why could she not just quietly thrust her sword from behind and surprise him? Wouldn't that be much easier than making such a scene?"

Unfortunately, personality often decides how people act. Suzanna was a tough swordswoman. She was not afraid of challenges. She only got braver with more challenges. She liked to face top level powers face to face. Anfey was not feisty. He liked to find an unusual route to win. He would fight if he could. He would run away if he did not think he was a match for the opponent. He believed he would have a chance to win as long as he was patient enough.

Those two mercenaries sensed a very intense combat power approaching them. They were not sure whether it was their friend or enemy. They immediately stopped and waited to see.

Anfey stopped as well. The next moment, Suzanna rushed out of the forest. She looked surprised and happy when she saw Anfey. She looked quickly at Anfey to make sure he was not hurt, and then she heaved a sigh of relief. She slowly walked out of the forest and walked towards Anfey. She stood in front of Anfey.

When they were not in danger, she liked to stand behind Anfey. However, she would immediately stand in front of Anfey whenever there was danger. Suzanna developed this habit just as Anfey developed a habit to rely on Suzanna. Suzanna knew Anfey had progressed with an unbelievable speed, but she still could not change her habit. She seemed to be showing some maternal instinct towards Anfey.

The two mercenaries walked up to them with caution. This was their only chance to retreat. However, they did not want to leave and could not leave. It did not matter to them whether they were doing a right or wrong thing. The key was they wanted to get revenge.

Suzanna recognized the two mercenaries. Her face changed and her eyes were full of hatred. She had not caused any trouble before. She did not want to put Anfey and Riska in a dangerous situation. Since the trouble had come itself, she had no concerns now. All she needed to do was to fight them.

"Anfey, be careful. They have seven people," Suzanna said in a low voice.

"Only two left. The other five are gone," Anfey answered with a smile.

"Gone?" Suzanna asked.

"I killed them," Anfey said.

"You killed five of them?" Suzanna could not help looking back at Anfey even when they were facing tough enemies. She knew this mercenary group was very powerful. She never thought Anfey could kill five of them unless, Anfey was as good as a master swordsmen.

"You know I am telling you the truth. Look at their eyes." Anfey smiled.

Those two mercenaries had slowly walked twenty yards. They laid their eyes on Anfey. Their hatred towards Anfey was even more than Suzanna.

"Come on!" the elf said calmly. Right now, cursing and shouting with words seemed not to be enough. He only wanted to see blood, no matter whether it was from himself or his enemy.