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Chapter 197: Hero

 Chapter 197: Hero

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Both assassins and martial arts masters made their careers in fighting, but there was a big difference between them. One went to extremes, the other one was neutral. Assassins were more like the character Yaojin Cheng in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. He ran away after trying to fight, but realized he was no a match for his opponent. If martial arts masters at the same level fought in a match, they might have to fight for a long time to see who would win. However, no assassin would fight for that long.

Martial arts masters cared about how long they could hold on in a fight, while assassins had to perform to their fullest potential whenever they were on an assignment. Assassins would do everything he could when he got on an assignment. It was not that assassins did not want to hold on long in a fight, they simply could not.

Both parties seemed to get hurt in this fight. That elf was hurt. So was Anfey. However, they looked totally different.

That elf rubbed her eyes as she backed off. She looked hurt and scared. At least at this moment, she only wanted to protect herself. She could not restore her fighting momentum. Anfey fell to the ground and looked up with a strong desire to kill his opponent. At the same time, Anfey had forgotten his wounds and pain. There was nothing but his goal left in the world. There were two other mercenaries with combat power rushing towards them. He jumped up and rushed forward as fast as lightning.

With a yell from behind, a white sword radiant came out from the forest and chased after Anfey.

The elf saw that her people had come. She plucked her courage to swing her sword, thrusting at Anfey in the air.

Even when Anfey was attacked from the front and the back, he still looked cool. His knife simply blocked her sword, and he turned the knife around to press on the top part of the sword. He jumped up, did a backflip, and elegantly landed behind the elf.

Now it was the elf's turn to be attacked from both sides. Seeing the sword radiant coming at her, she used all her combat power to counter the sword radiant. Suddenly, she felt her neck was hurt. At the same time, Anfey jabbed at her back. The white sword radiant hit her as she stumbled. As blood gushed from her, Anfey jumped into the forest. He disappeared in the blink of an eye.

"Get him!" Those two mercenaries had hurt the elf by accident, but they did not stop to check their companion's body. They did not have time to blame themselves or regret their mistakes. They ran towards the direction where Anfey had run.

After chasing him for a few hundred yards, a dangerous knife reflection flashed from the grass. When the mercenary in the back noticed something, the knife had already cut his ankle. He fell forward as he screamed in pain.

Anfey jumped out of the grass and stomped on the other ankle of that mercenary. This was a standard Feijiao kick. Anfey's leg skills were good. When the mercenary got hurt, he started to panic. His combat power got less intense. When Anfey kicked his ankle in the vicious attack, Anfey only felt some pain, but the mercenary's ankle had broken.

Anfey flung himself up off his back. He flipped backward using the mercenary as a vault. He dodged the sword light, moved a few times, and came to a tree dozens of yards away. He slowly pulled his bowstring back, looking at those two mercenaries coldly.

Actually a fight was not only about how powerful they were. It was also about how smart they could be. Seeing his opponents not coming after him, Anfey knew his judgement was right. He had killed their companions twice, but they had not panicked. It was not that they did not care. Instead, they were very wise and practical. Without checking on their companions' wounds, they knew their companions could not survive the attacks.

Therefore, they chose to protect themselves and tried to figure out a way to kill their enemy. This mercenary group with seven mercenaries worked very well together. They were already good on their own. If they could work so well together, they must have experienced thick and thin together. They may not have to commit to live or die together, but they must trust each other. Trust was the prerequisite to sustain the combat power of a mercenary group. Anfey did not choose to kill his opponent this time, but only to hurt him for a reason. If they could not leave their companion behind, or were not willing to leave that wounded mercenary behind, then they all would die.

Anfey thought about many plans as he tried to hurt that mercenary, but the combat power of the mercenary was not even as good as the elf. Anfey easily beat him.

The wounded mercenary sat up with an unbearable pain. His one angle was broken, while the other one was almost cut off by Anfey. Even if he could survive today, he would be disabled from then on. He not only looked like he was in terrible pain, but also desperate and confused.

The other mercenary also looked confused. He did not go after Anfey, but he could not leave on his own either, and he did not want to stay where he was. The combat power was strong sometimes but weak at other times. It showed he was not calm.

A two-yard-long gigantic element arrow formed in Anfey's hand. Anfey aimed it at the wounded mercenary. The other mercenary's face changed, and he stepped in front of the wounded mercenary. Everyone had his own moral standards. So did that mercenary. He could never watch his companion just waiting to die.

The arrow carried strong wind with it and made the branches and leaves dance crazily as it flew through the air. The mercenary screamed and gathered all the combat power he could in order to counter the arrow. Under similar conditions, this kind of attack would not pose any threat to a senior swordsman. He definitely could keep his combat power and choose to simply dodge it. Unfortunately, he had to counter it immediately.

With a huge sound, the element arrow had turned into countless elements and disappeared in mid-air. That mercenary was forced to back off a few steps. He stepped right on the other mercenary's wounded ankle. It was unbearable for normal people to take any more pressure on the wound, but the mercenary grinded his teeth hard without any moaning. He only held his body with his hands on the ground and moved back a little to give the other mercenary some more room.

The second element arrow was loaded quickly again. It did not take much effort for Anfey to gather elements or pull the bowstring apart. Looking at the mercenary standing there, he was already out of breath.

Anfey had mastered all kinds of series elements. He did not use fire or water elements, because those elements did not go well with archery. The combination of arrow and wind blade would add more effects to it. To be more specific, Anfey's wind blade arrow had more power than flame meteors. Even Suzanna had to dodge if she were hit by flame meteors. A fool would continue to fight without dodging Anfey's attack. At that moment, Anfey was ready to turn that intermediate-level swordsman into a fool with his evil plan. Actually, the mercenary was turning himself into a fool.

When the arrow shoot out, the mercenary still lunged to counter it. He broke the element arrow again. This time he steadied his body without moving at all. Obviously, he knew he had stepped on his companion the previous time. Unfortunately, only moving back could reduce the power of the blow. What he did was not wise. That mercenary's face turned pale. He looked helpless and hopeless.

"What a man!" Anfey gave him compliments as he gathered a bigger and wider wind blade arrow.


"Why are you attacking us?" That mercenary yelled in anger.

Three people in the distance ran fast towards them from three different directions. They were still far away, so it would take them some time to reach Anfey and the others. Obviously, that mercenary was trying to buy some time.

"When you took those gold coins, you should know you would die for it," Anfey said calmly. He shoot out an arrow right away.

That mercenary went up and broke it.

This was not a battle anymore. Instead, it was more like a skill test. The mercenary held his body stable again with his back straight.

"Hero." Anfey gave him a genuine compliment, but he did not stop what he was doing. A wind blade arrow five yards long formed in his hand. He loaded the bow with that long arrow. That long arrow looked ridiculous with such a small bow.

The mercenary's face had changed. He surely knew the bigger the element arrow was, the more powerful it became. However, he did not have any other choice.

"Don't worry about me. Kill him," the wounded mercenary yelled.

The other mercenary did not seem to hear it. He held the sword in front of his forehead, and the combat power on his body radiated white lights. After a huge noise, elements clashed everywhere. The mercenary was thrown over a dozen of yards away. He rolled on the ground but quickly stood up. He slowly walked up to where Anfey was. He still looked tough, but the combat power looked less white.

Anfey looked at his hand. Wind blades formed on his palm. This time it took longer to gather. Without knowing how many wind blades he had collected, the shape of the arrow did not change. At the end, there was a 30-inch-long arrow in Anfey's hand. It had turned from light white into something greenish. It gave out a metal smell. It looked cold and threatening.

The mercenary on the other side looked at Anfey with an easier look. He thought he had gone through the tough time. As long as he could hold for a while, his companions would come. He would kill Anfey in the most crude way in the world. Thinking of this made him grin.

This arrow did not look as scary as before. The mercenary swung his sword radiant hard. Unexpectedly, Anfey did not strike with element sword, but sword radiant. The greenish arrow flashed and thrust into that mercenary's body. The sword radiant turned into small strings and rose. That mercenary's body was torn into pieces in the blink of an eye.

The wounded mercenary was hurt by the leftover sword radiant and crashed hard onto an ancient tree. He opened his eyes to see what had happened, but he saw his chest splash a cloud of blood mist.