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Chapter 195: Hunting

 Chapter 195: Hunting

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People usually would develop a habit of giving orders when they were in high positions long enough. Even if it was not very obvious. There were always traces to show. Without close observation, Anfey could tell who was in lead.

Sometimes experience could help him make the right judgements, but those judgements could not be explained in words. If Anfey were asked to talk about the reasons why he believed that a particular person was in charge, he probably could not explain. He just knew it.

A legion like this one would pay attention to their surroundings to look for traces and be ready for their leader's orders when they were on assignment. Maybe when they waited for their next order, it would sent out a message that Anfey could catch with his instinct.

A wind blade arrow formed in Anfey's hand. Anfey slowly pulled his bowstring. This wind blade arrow looked terrifying. It was three yards long, and the end of arrow was about 12 inches wide. The whole arrow had a great flow and looked very powerful. It was not hard for Anfey to make an arrow like this since he gotten the ability to turn elements into real objects.

Anfey was far less powerful than top level leaders in terms of comprehensive power. However, he could be a genius in some ways.

Anfey was very wise. He never thought he was a genius. Maybe things could be just handed to other people without any cost, but not to Anfey. If Anfey had tried to follow the traditional way to practice magic and combat power, it would have taken him a long time to catch up with those top level leaders. Anfey could not wait so long and did not have time to wait. He knew he had to figure out a different way.

The difference between him and the most powerful leaders could not be made up by practicing hard. Time was the key. Saul was a highly powerful leader, but he still spent a long time practicing magic every day. So did Ernest. How long had it been since they started to learn magic and combat power? They had probably started before Anfey was born.

It seemed like it would take a very long time to catch up with most powerful leaders on the same path. Therefore, from the very beginning, Anfey did not want to follow the traditional way to learn magic and combat power. He was not sure whether he had chosen the correct route. Fortunately, he acquired something else-martial arts.

As the gigantic arrow shot out, it flew over two hundred yards with great momentum in the blink of an eye and hit a soldier in the chest. With a huge sound, that soldier's upper body was shattered into pieces. The body pieces were flying everywhere. There was a soldier five or six yards behind him who got hurt as well. His lower body below his waist had gone. He screamed in pain, with only half a bloody body left.

The rest of the soldiers were shocked but did not panic. They quickly hid themselves and quietly waited as they held their breath.

Anfey jumped off the tree. Their hiding places were like a joke for Anfey since he could clearly see everything within a radius of ten miles. With this ability, hunting and counterattack was a game for Anfey.

Another arrow formed in Anfey's hand. This time the arrow was quite small, even smaller and narrower than a regular arrow. Anfey let his fingers go and the arrow quietly shot out. A soldier leaning against an ancient tree heard some sound behind him. The arrow went in from the back of his head and came out from his forehead before he even knew what happened.

This shot was even more terrifying than before. The rest of the soldiers lowered their bodies even more. They almost curled themselves into balls. Unfortunately, they made a big mistake. If they kept moving at high speed, it would have been hard for Anfey to shoot them. Anfey did not find his targets with vision. Instead, he did it with his instincts. It took some time to aim at a target. Those soldiers who stayed right where they were turned themselves into targets.

A soldier took out a magic scroll and released a magic signal. At the same time, the other mercenary group with seven mercenaries and over a dozen of people from Shansa Empire had walked to where Anfey and Suzanna departed. They stayed there and talked about something. Obviously, the traces on the ground leading to two different directions had confused them. They did not know which direction they should follow.

Within Anfey's observation range, Anfey saw the soldiers from Shansa Empire had sent out signals to ask others to surround the area. The soldiers and mercenary group with the seven mercenaries stood together and turned around to point at where Anfey was. The mercenary who showed interest in the fish soup squad down and did some studying. He firmly shook his head and pointed in the direction Suzanna and Riska had taken.

Anfey had changed his position and jumped into the tree. A soldier from Shansa Empire laid in a pit. No one could see him from the ground level, but Anfey could tell his location since he had half his head out from Anfey's angle. It was enough for Anfey to get him with half of his head sticking out.

Anfey started to gather elements and aimed at that soldier. As the element arrow hit him, his whole forehead was cut off by his element arrow. Yellow, white and red fluid came out of his head.

Others in the same unit start to panic. Almost at the same time, they all released their magic signals. One magic signal meant they found the trace of their enemy. Several magic signals released together meant they needed help.

Anfey slowly pulled his bowstring again. He saw two black dots out of the corner of his eye. He was shocked and hid himself in the leaves.

A male and female mage flew in the air towards him. Maybe because they were high up, Anfey did not see them. They could have changed this whole hunting game. They flew straight towards Anfey. Their location in the sky was obvious. Anfey found them first, but they had not seen Anfey yet. Anfey quietly waited there. As the two mages observed their surroundings, he immediately shot his arrow. Because he was not sure about their combat power, Anfey aimed at that female mage first. Anfey reasoned that women's powers usually were not as good as men's. Female mages were not as passionate about their power as men either. They rarely devoted themselves to practice. It was easy to make this kind of judgement since most of the more powerful people on Pan Continent were male.

That female mage released a magic dome shining with yellow lights. The magic dome was shattered. The moment she felt she was attacked, she switched her position. Anfey's shot did not kill her. It only got her leg. That female mage fell from the sky with a scream.

Anfey ran out as fast as a flying arrow. He ran towards the falling female mage.

"Be careful!" the male mage screamed. A lightning bolt shot at Anfey.

As the male mage released the lightning magic, a wind blade showed up underneath Anfey's feet. With the wind blades, Anfey was able change the position of his body and flew toward the female mage.

The female mage was covered in blood. Her body was like a rotten piece of wood falling. She rolled down and was submerged into the forest without a sound.

"Ah..." The male mage stared, his eyes wide. He released two big fire balls that chased after Anfey.

A flaming shield appeared on Anfey's back and countered the attacks of the two fire balls. He jumped up, and his body created a parabola in the air. He threw himself into the forest.

Big fire balls, heat waves, and freezing stars hit where Anfey had fallen. However, Anfey managed to hide in another place. He was watching the magic show as he took off his mercenary uniform. He turned it over and put it back on. His clothes had been light grey before. After he turned the inside out, they became strange clothes in yellow, black and green. In his previous world, most people knew it as camouflage coat.

The magic show continued. Anfey quietly followed behind the male mage. Anfey loaded a wind blade arrow. Unexpectedly, that male mage suddenly turned around. That electric arc just swept through Anfey.

Anfey felt numb and felt there was no strength left in him. He did not practice ancient martial arts for nothing. Anfey screamed in a low pitch. The moment the big fire ball swallowed him, he regained his body control.

With a huge sound, the big fire ball exploded on the ground. Anfey had run over a dozen of yards away and hid behind an ancient tree.

What had just happened? Anfey could not help frowning. He was in thought for a while, and it suddenly struck him. He had shot the wind blade arrow. When wind blades turned into real objects, they did not have magic surges. That was why the opponents did not notice him. When he shot the wind blade arrow again, the male mage noticed magic surges and attacked Anfey beforehand.

Anfey felt better after he noticed what had just happened. Anfey took out two arrows from his Dimensional ring and loaded one on the bow and had the other one between the little finger and ring finger. He watched the Shansa Empire soldiers trying to surround him. He slowly walked below the male mage. He looked up but he could not see that male mage's face, only two big feet.

Slowly and quietly he pulled the bowstring. As the arrow shot out, the male mage's magic shield suddenly shattered. When Anfey just had a smile on his face, the male mage had bright red light on him and countered Anfey's shooting. The opponent released two magic shields at the same time.

Anfey rushed forward as the big fire ball exploded two yards behind him. He could even feel the heat waves. Anfey yelled in a low pitch. He slightly bent his legs and kneeled on the ground. He slid forward with the momentum. His upper body leaned back, almost touching the ground. He had already pulled the bowstring and taken another shot.

The second attack was too fast: the male mage did not have time to release a new magic shield. The arrow went in through his groin and came out from his chest. He could even feel the arrow tearing his body apart. Later his sensation had gone. Everything turned into endless darkness.