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Chapter 191: Treasure

 Chapter 191: Treasure

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"Ah..." Suzanna suddenly screamed and struggled to get away from Anfey's grasp. She backed off to the end of the cave. She stared at Anfey as she signaled to him that Riska was in sight. Obviously, she was telling Anfey that he should not behave this way when Riska was still there.

This illusion seemed even more real than the real world. Anfey smiled bitterly at Riska. The tree cave was dark, but Anfey still could clearly see Riska's eyelashes fluttering, which meant Riska had been awakened by Suzanna's scream. Riska murmured something. He seemed to tell Anfey and Suzanna that he was still dreaming and hinted to them that he would not bother them and they should continue what they were doing.

Anfey used to have strong willpower, but now he started to panic. He was not afraid of strong enemies, danger or death, but he did not want to sink even more into this illusion. Pain, sadness, bitterness, reluctance to give up, helplessness and other negative feelings accumulated in him and exploded into a long scream. Anfey's scream echoed in the dark.

Riska could not pretend anymore. He suddenly sat up. Suzanna saw Anfey constantly screaming as he looked out of the cave. His screaming sounded sad. Suzanna ran to Anfey and hugged him without concern for the presence of Riska. She asked in a worried tone: "Anfey, what happened? Anfey, what is wrong?"

Anfey suddenly turned around, staring at Suzanna. He held Suzanna towards him tight and kissed her little lips. Anfey was mature and had good self-control. When he knew he could escape from the illusion, he was at the edge of losing his self-control. He had to do something to vent it out. Knowing Suzanna was just an illusion, he still wanted to do it.

Riska was startled. He hurried out of the cave and released levitation to fly onto the tree.

Suzanna struggled hard at the beginning. As Anfey kissed her more, she struggled less and less. Her body was getting weaker and weaker, and fell into Anfey's arm at the end.

Without knowing how much time had passed, Anfey held Suzanna less tight. Suzanna was aroused in Anfey's arm. It took her a while to realize what happened. She caressed Anfey's chest and asked in a low voice, "Anfey, did you recall some unhappy moments? I actually had a lot of those unhappy moments. Don't think about it. We both do not think about them. I will be here for you, and you will be here for me in the future. We are going to live a happy life together."

"Hahaha, my girl." Anfey was flirty and lifted Suzanna's chin, and then his smile froze on his face.

Anfey suddenly pushed Suzanna away. He looked around and then closed his eyes and opened them wide open again. It was gone. The illusion had gone. He now could only see things with the vision of a normal person's eyes. For those insects, birds, magic beasts, or even trees outside in the forest, they were all gone. Of course, Suzanna was still the same Suzanna.

Illusion finally disappeared! Anfey almost wanted to cheer out loud. He returned to his normal status after the illusion was gone. Anfey took a deep breath and tried to control his emotions. He looked at Suzanna for a long time and smiled. "You are my lucky star."

"What lucky star?" Suzanna got even more confused.

Riska faked a few coughs and walked in. "I just went to use the restroom. How come you guys all woke up?" It looked like Riska tried hard to prove he had not seen anything, but his excuses sounded too obvious.

"Riska, why did you run before?" Anfey smiled. He clearly had seen Riska running away. As he finished his comment, he shocked himself. No! He saw Riska running away in his illusion. Now the illusion had gone. Riska and Suzanna came back. When the illusion disappeared, he was still holding Suzanna. What on earth just happened? Was the illusion continuing? Had the illusion never happened?

Anfey was experienced, but very inexperienced in terms of practice. Anfey could borrow the experiences from his ancestors on Stamina Refining stage and Qi Refining stage. He had to stumble through on Spirit Refining stage and Inner Alchemy stage. This illusion had totally confused Anfey.

"Anfey" Suzanna called to Anfey when she saw Anfey lost in thought.

"What did I do?" Anfey asked in a worried tone.

"I did not see anything. I saw nothing." Riska waved his hands hard.

Suzanna ran to the back of the cave with a low pitched scream. She was a girl. She was too shy to describe what had happened, especially when Riska was there. She was not even brave enough to listen to anyone describing what happened. Suzanna was brave on the battlefield, but she was like a coward this time, and a coward in blush.

"Tell me, what did I do?" Anfey asked with a serious tone.

"Ah..." Riska waved his fingers. "I don't know." He dared not say it. Neither could he. He worried that he would be bullied for that reason later on.

"I am not joking. Tell me. It is very important." Anfey heaved a sigh of relief.

"You do not know what you did?" Riska asked.

"I know, but I need someone to prove what I thought." Anfey glanced at Suzanna as he talked.

"You were talking with Suzanna," Riska said.

"What did I say?" Anfey asked.

"You did not say much. You just screamed. It sounded horrible," Riska said.

"What happened afterwards?" Anfey asked.

"Then Suzanna rushed over to ask you what happened," Riska said.

"And what happened?" Anfey asked.

Suzanna cuddled into a ball. She even closed her eyes. She really did not understand why Anfey had to ask about these things. She felt so embarrassed and was very angry with Anfey.

"And then you held Suzanna, then..." Riska blushed. He had his lips cursed. He would rather use actions to hint to Anfey than telling him in words.

"Was I strange in any way?" Anfey asked.

"Strange?" Riska looked at Anfey and sighed, "Anfey, be honest, you were strange in many ways."

"I did not mean being strange emotionally, but in other ways. What do you think?" Anfey asked.

Riska looked at Anfey for a while and said, "Anfey, the leaf on your chest was giving out light, but there is no light now. Is it strange?"

"Leaf?" Anfey looked down at his own chest. The leaf had turned back to normal. Anfey had a good memory. He did remember the leaf gave out light, just as Riska said. In other words, maybe, the secrets of the illusion were in that leaf.

Anfey calmed himself and slowly closed his eyes. To a Qi practitioner, he might not be able to be in Samadhi as he wanted. Anfey was an ancient martial arts practitioner. Boxing was dangerous. He could die at any time, which did not give practitioners any time to get into the stage of Samadhi. Anfey was good at this. He could immediately get into that stage even when he was under attack.

Suddenly everything became quiet in Anfey's mind. The illusion came back again. At the beginning, everything seemed blurry and started to become clear. Insects, magic beasts, and forests which had disappeared previously came back to Anfey.

"Ah? It got bright. It got bright again," Riska yelled.

With Riska's screaming, Anfey lost his calm. He was scared before, but happy this time.

"Riska, you go outside," Anfey yelled.

"To do what?" Riska asked.

"Whatever you want to do outside," Anfey said.

"Anfey, what happened?" Riska felt Anfey was really strange tonight.

"Listen to me. Go outside. You will know immediately," Anfey said.

Riska heaved a slight sigh. He helplessly walked out of the tree cave. He hesitated for a second and started to shake his butt.

"Are you shaking your butt?" Anfey asked.

"Ah?" Riska was surprised. He looked into the cave, seeing Anfey still standing there with eyes closed. Anfey did not seem to peek. He thought a little bit and walked behind the tree and shook his butt harder.

"You are still shaking your butt," Anfey said.

"Did you see?" Riska was even more surprised. He quietly turned around to lightly slap his butt with his hands.

"You are slapping your own butt. Riska, can you do anything more appropriate?" Anfey sounded happy.

"No way." Riska decided to be serious this time. "Anfey, let's guess fingers. Can you see how many fingers I am holding up?"





"Still none."

They did not have to continue this game anymore. Riska had run back to the tree cave. "Anfey, how did you do it? Tell me. Do you have control over the Eyes of Sky? No, that could not be it. I did not sense any magic surge."

"It helped me," Anfey caressed the leaf with the lights and smiled.

"This leaf?" Riska asked.

"Yes. I just did an experiment. I could see anywhere as long as there is vegetation, but I could not see very far, only dozens of yards."

"Dozens of yards is not far? Anfey, what kind of vegetation?" Riska asked.

"Like trees and grass." Anfey heaved a long sigh. "Can anyone tell me what this leaf's name is? It must be a treasure. It must have a name."