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Chapter 187: God Blessed

 Chapter 187: God Blessed

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There were still some rocks and dirt falling from the sky after the explosions. The area that had been attacked by magic already had a big hole, and all the zombies had gone. No matter how powerful the zombies were, they would not survive such an attack. Those zombies lucky enough to be outside the light dome were torn into pieces by the shock waves.

The soldiers from Shansa Empire could not see how deep the holes were. Anfey could not see it clearly either. As the magic explosions were about to happen, Anfey felt something wrong by instinct. He grabbed Suzanna and Riska and jumped off the tree. They hid behind a little dirt mound. They were not in the mood to continue to watch what was going on through the Eyes of the Sky. Luckily, they were far enough away; otherwise they would have gotten hurt as badly as those zombies if they had been two or three hundred yards closer.

Anfey got hit the most among three of them. Suzanna protected herself with combat power, while Riska released a protection shield. Anfey did not have any way to block the rocks and dirt falling from the sky. Anfey stood up when the explosions were over. He looked like he was made from dirt. He immediately performed Qi to shake off the dirt on him. He bent over to get the dirt out of his hair, but he could not get all the dirt off him.

"Annunciata, you lost!" Dardanibry's voice rose. It was a victory claim, but he sounded like he was tired.

The female necromancer did not respond to him with an argument, but with magic. A terrifying magic surge swept the forest. The magic surge got stronger and stronger. After a moment, the surge suddenly disappeared. Hundreds of black balls flew up from the forest. They flew towards the battlefield like flocks of birds.

Those black balls did not attack right away. They only hovered over the hole with a radius of 50 yards. Black fog arose from the big hole. The amount of fog was getting larger and larger. The black fog seemed like it got instructions from somewhere. It gathered to create a black light pillar more than ten yards high.

The soldiers from Shansa Empire were amazed by what they saw. No one dared to walk out of the magic dome. They knew there was no point for them to be part of this battle anymore.

The black pillar continued to condense and turned into a egg-shaped object. Only the shape was not so irregular. The shell of the egg was constantly moving. It looked like there was something inside the egg, trying to crawl out. It was a battle, comparable to a checker game. There was no time to think what was the next step was for the battle. A few meteorites fell from the sky and hit the egg-shaped object. The egg-shaped object suddenly gave out a bright light.

The hit did not break the eggshell. After the bright light disappeared, that weird egg still floated in the air.

Before the mages could attack again, the eggshell shattered like glass. It turned into countless black lights. A person showed up in front of everyone. Because of the distance, most people could not see the person's face clearly, but the long hair flowing in the wind indicated it might be a woman or female monster.

"Annunciata, why don't you give up?" Dardanibry's voice rose again.

"Are you talking to me?" The voice was low compared with the voice before. The talking was not from the forest. Instead, it sounded like the person with long hair was talking.

"You..." Dardanibry's voice trembled. Later everyone knew what made his voice tremble. "The spell of Great Disassembly?"

Dardanibry only knew a few forbidden death magic spells, but he had never seen any of them. When he saw Annunciata came out from the eggshell, he knew the answer: she had used the spell of Great Disassembly.

"Powerful attack! Who was that person? How did she appear?" Anfey asked in surprise. Riska released the Eyes of Sky, but could not see anything in front of him.

"I do not know. It seemed to be a woman," Riska said in a low voice.

"Ok, I asked for nothing." Anfey helplessly shook his head. "What is Great Disassembly? Is it forbidden magic?"

"Oh, right. Riska, can I practice Death magic?" Anfey was not scared of death and was interested in everything.

"No." Riska rolled his eyes.

Annunciata's voice arose. "Dardanibry, you ruined everything I did for the past decades. Do you know how would I respond to you?" Annunciata had always sounded sweet, but her voice suddenly became very high pitched. Obviously, she could not control her anger anymore.

"Do you want to use advanced Great Disassembly?" Dardanibry asked.

Annunciata answered his question with silence. The magic surges around her body started to get stronger and stronger.

"No wonder you dare to do this. The reason you dared to get out of your cave is your body, oh, no, your bones are about to collapse." Dardanibry knew he had guessed right. He sounded happy about it. If Annunciata could move one more level, it would take a lot to destroy her. Of course, he knew Annunciata was a lot more powerful with Great Disassembly. He had to be ready to face Annunciata's anger, but he would never regret today's battle.

"Go to hell!" Annunciata yelled in anger. She started to chant with her head down.

The mages from Shansa Empire immediately release magic, trying to attack Annunciata before her spells could be completed. Annunciata's spells were finished a lot quicker than they expected. A gigantic person's shadow suddenly appeared in the sky. It stood right in front of Annunciata. All the attacks were blocked by that shadow.

"The Fallen Angel?" Dardanibry yelled in surprise.

The gigantic shadow was more than ten yards tall. The two black wings on its back moved like light fog. The shadow held her right hand in front of the chest with a sword. Her left hand was down, with a shield six or seven yards in length and width on her arm. Meteorites and lightning hitting on her did not cause any damage.

The fallen angel had slammed her sword down on the magic dome. The gigantic sword and magic dome collided and made a huge clashing sound. That older magic made a low pitched noise in pain. The magic dome broke, and so did the fallen angel.

Dardanibry heaved a sigh of relief. It was fine as long as it was not Fallen Angel's magic. But his smiles disappeared right away.

Gigantic bone spears appeared in Annunciata's hands. Those gigantic spears flew towards the soldiers. Regular bone spears should disappear after hitting the target, but the bone spears from Annunciata were really unusual. They were moving around like fish swimming in the ocean. They moved everywhere, thrusting to the left, right, up and down. Everyone who got stabbed by the bone spears had a big bloody hole in their bodies. Those bone spears did not stop or disappear. They quickly moved on to their next targets.

One bone spear should not have too much power, but dozens of them moving around in the crowd looked terrifying. A few powerful swordsmen from Shansa Empire had successfully broken some bone spears. However, for every bone spear they broke, five more were released by Annunciata. Bone spears moved everywhere in the crowd, which did not allow swordsmen to push soldiers away from the spear with combat power. Swordsmen could not chase after the bone spears either. They had to stand there and wait for the spears to come their way.

Fear Kekkai, Weak Kekkai, Older Kekkai and other spells were performed on the battlefield one after another. Spells could not turn soldiers into lambs waiting to be slaughtered as Great Gravity. However, when the effects of all spells were added together, it made soldiers lose over half of their combat power. Especially, fear Kekkai had put the whole military array in chaos.

The over six thousand archers finally got the chance to showcase their talent. With mages in the center of their formation, dispel magic had taken the cursing effects off them. At the instruction of the commander, they uniformly pulled their bowstrings, and aimed at Annunciata in the sky. Countless arrows shot towards Annunciata. It looked like a flock of birds departing together.

A gigantic bone shield appeared in front of Annunciata. The bone shield easily blocked the arrows. The effects of the magic domes and shields totally depended on the mage's magic power and telephathy. Annunciata used to not be able to protect herself with just a magic shield, but she could now that her magic power was at its peak.

Dardanibry started to worry. He knew necromancers could get very powerful in a very short time with Great Dissemble, but he did not know Annunciata could be this powerful. Cursing, Magic shield, bone spears and other magic were performed one after another without any break. Even Dardanibry could not do it. Only legendary archmages could release their magic like this.

The soldiers who got hurt by bone spears suddenly started to move. There was rotten power in Annunciata's bone spears. Therefore, every soldier she killed would become a zombie.

Around forty zombies on the other side of the battlefield rushed into the battlefield from the forest. They howled as they ran. Judging from their speed, they had advanced to become battle zombies.

Dardanibry took a deep breath, smiling bitterly at his own Dimension ring. In the blink of an eye, there were hundreds more zombies. There would be more zombies coming. Dardanibry could not waste any more time. Everyone carried some responsibilities that they could not shake off. If Dardanibry wanted to leave, Annunciata could not stop him, even though her power had increased dramatically. Dardanibry could not leave thousands of soldiers behind. Where could he go without them?

"God bless..." A clear and elegant voice suddenly came. The voice was not loud, but everyone on the battlefield could hear it clearly. That voice sounded so soothing. The soldiers from Shansa Empire stopped panicking. Zombies looked up to look at her.

Dardanibry was shocked for a second when he heard this familiar voice. He looked so exhilarated. Dardanibry was rude, but he could always keep calm when something big happened. He rarely lost control of himself.

Annunciata screamed in the sky in the way girls might react when they saw snakes, rats and roaches. She backed off as she screamed. Obviously, she knew the newcomer and had lost many battles to her; otherwise she would not have backed off when her power had increased dramatically.