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Chapter 185: Fight for Life

 Chapter 185: Fight for Life

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"Did you say those necromancers lost the battle?" Suzanna asked.

"Well, maybe not." Riska faked a smile, and then his smile froze on his face. "No, that is not right."

"What is not right?" Anfey was shocked by Riska's comments.

"If that mage released the magic from middle unit, how could the location of the wall be so far away? It was several miles away. Could he be the Archmage Dardanibry?" Riska asked.

"Is that the Archmage who has a nickname of playing with space?" Suzanna was shocked as well.

"Who is Dardanibry?" Anfey asked.

"He is th

e Chief Palace Mage in Shansa Empire, just like our professor. He is a space series archmage." Riska had a bitter smile.

Anfey went quiet for a second and sighed. "Hurry up and release the Eyes of Sky. We need to check it. I feel those necromancers would not lose that easily."

The situation on the battlefield had changed a lot when Riska released the Eyes of Sky again. Zombies actually could not crawl over the wall, but black worms had crawled all over the walls, although it was difficult for them to tell when this had happened. Anfey and his team tried to see the sizes of the black worms from the Eyes of Sky, but they could only see worms emerging from the wall like receding tides.

Those worms did not seem to be affected too much by the Great Gravity. They still could move very fast. There were more worms coming out of zombies' eyes, mouths and even their wounds. They moved forward with momentum more terrifying than a flood.

The howling wind was heard from a distance. A visible green hurricane swept through the whole battlefield. That visible green hurricane actually had been called out by mages. That hurricane picked up and carried many leaves, branches and grass with it. Looking from the Eyes of Sky, the hurricane appeared green.

All the flags were either pulled out from the ground or broken into halves and wrapped into the hurricane. Some soldiers were picked up and wrapped into the hurricane, screaming. They only flashed in the air and then completely disappeared. Everything had two sides to it. So did magic. No matter how well the magic was done, some unlucky soldiers on the mages' side were accidentally hurt by it.

The hurricane smashed hard into the wall. Countless worms created waves of worms just like ocean waves. Some waves of worms were as high as dozens of yards, but they were black.

The weird worms were not scared of Great Gravity, but could not take the hit from the hurricane. In the blink of an eye, walls that were miles long became as clean as if they had just been created by the mages.

Those worms were tough. They were brought to a height of dozens yards in the sky, fell to the ground, or smashed into each other, but they immediately rushed towards the walls as the wind got less strong.

"Annunciata, you have fallen even further." A huge sound amplified by Amplification magic was heard in the distance. "Flesheaters should not be at this level of space. They are the magic pets of evil spirits."

"Falling has always made me happy, hasn't it?" A gentle voice rose. "Dardanibry, you surprised me. You should not be here, should you?"

"I only show up where I am needed," a voice rose to reply in a neither arrogant nor obsequious tone.

"I did not expect you to be here today. I have prepared this for a long time for today. Dardanibry, you do not have a chance. Forget about it and leave now," Annunciata said.

"You are not only failing, but also stupid. I was not concerned about your threat. I am a Space series archmage," Dardanibry said.

"You have no idea what I want to do," the girl with a gentle voice sighed. "You will pay for underestimating me."

"You have no idea what I want to do," Dardanibry said slowly, "Don't underestimate me. I will pull your thighbone off and stick it into your ass if your rotten body still has an ass."

Dardanibry was polite at the beginning of the conversation. He was able to keep his voice calm in speaking with an evil necromancer. Anfey respected the manner of a powerful man, but Anfey totally changed his idea after his last few statements. He and Suzanna gave each other a look. Within the range of Eyes of Sky, Anfey could tell the mages around Dardanibry were not enthusiastic, but they started to laugh really hard. Dardanibry not only cursed the opponent, but also made those mages feel good about themselves. It allowed them to feel proud of what they were doing and disdain for their opponent.

"How many times do you think you can perform a spell of a hurricane? I hope you can keep your rudeness to the end. I will treat you very 'well'." The voice was still very gentle. She did not care whether she could win the argument with Dardanibry at all.

"I will always leave my rudeness to you, my falling and rotten lady. Besides that, I really could not figure a way to show my 'sincere respect' for you." Dardanibry was not only good at magic but also at arguments. He did not give all his attention to arguing and cursing at his opponent. The hurricane moved higher in the sky. Suddenly the hurricane carrying countless worms smashed upwards to the dark clouds. The black hurricane looked like a black curtain from a distance.

The clouds in the sky were knocked apart by the hurricane. A hot sunlight came through the crack. With the direct sunlight, the countless worms in the hurricane turned into black smoke. The worms could not take sunlight, just like evil spirits' magic pets and zombies. Obviously, Darnanibry knew it.

The zombies started to scream when the sunlight reached the ground. The leftover worms moved in waves to avoid the sunlight. They ran in panic in every direction. Their intelligence was unexpectedly higher than zombies. They knew when to run away from the dangers.

Suddenly there was an electric blue light flashing in the sky and a half circle of light appeared, blocking the sun outside it.

"Canopy of the Death!" Dardanibry sounded surprised. He did not even have time to respond. The walls he created had already turned into dirt elements and disappeared. The barriers between zombies and soldiers had gone. Black worms moved towards them in waves.

Dardanibry gathered magic and released Earth Breaking without any hesitation. The spell of a hurricane was senior magic. It needed more magic but had a very short lifespan. Walls could not stop those worms. As an experienced archmage, he would not make mistakes on common sense.

A deep trench appeared in front of the frontier soldiers with the surges of the dirt elements. With the effects of Great Gravity, a trench a few yards high could kill anyone who fell in, while the trench created by Dardanibry did not seem to have a bottom. Without even thinking much, it was easy to guess that those soldiers had no way to survive if they fell into the trench.

A sea of worms had submerged the soldiers left on the other side of the trench. Their screaming could be heard, but they had disappeared in the sea of worms. Their screaming gradually disappeared as well, and silence fell.

The worms knew there was no way to cross the trench, so a sea of worms suddenly moved backwards. Dardanibry heaved a sigh of relief and the corners of his mouth curled up. Great Gravity was going to lose its effectiveness soon. It would be their chance to fight back.

On the other end of the battlefield, a person in weird clothes slowly walked out of the forest. The worms retreated to the foot of that person and started to pile up. The way they piled up was like a gigantic mushroom growing from the ground. It grew bigger and bigger. When every worm finished retreating, there was a black ball six yards tall in front of that person.

The zombies in the front started to lay on the ground one after another. They fought the Great Gravity to pile up together. The person in weird clothes suddenly moved. The gigantic black ball also started to roll and sped up. It rolled onto the zombies, who had piled up into a ramp to give a start for the gigantic black ball to jump. The gigantic ball rolled onto the incline and jumped over the valley. With a huge crashing sound, the gigantic black ball turned into countless black meteors and fell into the crowd.

Great Gravity started to lose its effectiveness at the same time. The mage group of Shansa Empire had reached the protection of kekkai and was ready to fight back.

By knowing the nature of their enemies, mages performed large-scale aggressive magic. Waves of heat had created an upside-down triangular area in the sea of worms. Freezing ice circles were released one after another. Over a dozen mages cooperated to release the spell of firewalls to set a barrier between the sea of worms and the soldiers. The barriers they set could block worms' attacks for a short time. Although they did not do it perfectly and left some gaps of different sizes between the firewalls, it had damaged the combat powers of Flesheaters. A few mages turned the area behind the firewalls into swamps to try to buy those soldiers some time to reorganize themselves to fight again.

Some soldiers were not killed by worms and just had some time to take a breath from the fighting when they were hit by that mages' attacks. They got stuck in the swamps and screamed for their fellow soldiers to help them. Unfortunately, their companions pretended they did not see them. They reorganized themselves under the instruction of their commander. This was the rule of battle. Winning was the priority. As long as there were enemies, no commander would waste their time on the wounded soldiers.

it was no wonder mages were called "Battlefield Sweepers." Without the protection of mages, their enemies could do whatever they wanted. A sea of worms used to be invincible for the soldiers, but could be wiped out by mages in the blink of an eye. Flesheaters had always won their battles by making up numbers. Their individual ability to fight magic was not even worth mentioning. A sea of worms could be burned to ashes by waves of heat and frozen to worm sculptures by Freezing Ice Circles.