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Chapter 183: Large-Scale Response

 Chapter 183: Large-Scale Response

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During the next few days, Anfey and his team wandered in the forest. Necromancers now knew of their existence. The forest was big and thick, and Anfey was always cautious and alert, which made it hard to locate where Anfey and his team were in the forest.

When necromancers gathered as a group, Anfey would keep a distance away from them. Once a necromancer set out on his own, he would very likely experience a surprise attack by Anfey. After this happened a couple of times, necromancers chose to leave Anfey alone and allow him to wonder in the forest. They stopped bothering him.

"A new day! I would like to praise this world," Riska said loudly as he looked at the reddish sunrise in the distance. He sounded like a bard who was sentimental about life and had so much understanding of the world.

"Ok, come down. You do not look like a poet." Suzanna smiled as she walked toward Anfey. "Anfey, here you are."

Anfey took the bread from Suzanna and started to eat it bite by bite.

"I do not look like a poet?" Riska did not like Suzanna's comment. He turned around and asked, "Who looks like a poet? Anfey?"

"Of course." Suzanna felt Riska's question was stupid. Of course, she believed Anfey looked like a poet. In Suzanna's eyes, Anfey was a treasure with so many different sides. He was assertive when he was on mission. His assertiveness was tough and manly to Suzanna. When he was in thought, Anfey's eyes sparkled with wisdom that only philosophers have. Anfey's sweetness and gentleness made her melt when he was with her. Anfey was just perfect in Suzanna's eyes. Up to this point, Anfey had never let her down or made her sad.

"Nah, he does not look like a poet. He looks like a country bumpkin," Riska murmured. It was the kind of impression Anfely left everyone when he walked into Saul's house for the first time. Back then, Anfey did not know anything about magic. He smiled to everyone and asked all kinds of questions. He liked to give compliments about things he had never seen before. He looked like a fool to everyone.

"Who are you talking about? I think you are a country bumpkin!" Anfey laughed. He did not mind what Riska's comments, but Suzanna did.

"Me, I am talking about myself." Riska immediately corrected his mistake after seeing Suzanna's mad face. He released levitation magic and landed in front of Suzanna. He held his right hand out. "Where is my share?"

"You do not have a share. Go read your poem," Suzanna said.

"Don't do this to me. I am hungry." Riska put on a smile to please Suzanna.

Suzanna rolled her eyes at Riska. She took out a piece of bread from the bag and tossed it at him. After catching the bread, Riska was about to take a seat on a nearby branch, and then noticed Suzanna and Anfey sitting close to each other. He sighed and stood up, "I am not going out with the two of you if there is another assignment."

"What do you mean?" Suzanna did not know where that comment came from.

Steel had to go through high heat to be made. Capacity was built by practicing hard. Shamelessness was developed by doing a lot of shameless things. When Anfey started to date Suzanna, Suzanna felt fast heartbeats and blushed if Anfey sat next to her. As time went by and they had been together for a while, Suzanna got used to sitting next to Anfey. Sometimes if Anfey did not go find her, she would go find Anfey, just like what happened today.

"Look at you. You are together all the time," Riska sighed. "Don't you think you should consider others' feelings. For example, consider a single, talented, junior magister's feelings?"

"You..." Suzanna blushed. She nudged Anfey to ask Anfey to argue with Riska since she was not good at it.

"Your feelings? Sure, it's my bad." Anfey smiled.

"Great if you understand it," Riska said proudly, "I am very forgiving. I can forgive you. No problem."

"After we go back to Moramatch, I definitely will make it up to you. Riska, what kind of girl do you want?"

"What kind?" Riska was a rookie at dating. He felt a little embarrassed talking about what kind of girl he liked. "I do not have specific criteria for a girl, as long as she treats me well."

"Be more specific, Riska. Don't you like smaller girls?" Riska was a head shorter than Anfey. That was why Anfey asked that question, since most men did not like their girlfriends to be taller than themselves.

"Yeah," Riska said.

"Do you like blond or dark-haired girls?" Anfey asked.

"Either is fine," Riska said.

"Do you like shy or aggressive girls?" Anfey asked.

"Of course the former kind of girls," Riska answered.

Anfey gave it some thought. "Oh, you like this kind of girl. She has black hair and big eyes. She is small and shy. She would just peek at men and dare not look at men in the eye. She would smile with her mouth covered when she feels happy. She is timid and scared to death if she were attacked by aggressive magic beasts or faced with other threats. That would give you a chance to be her hero. She is very obedient. Once she likes you, she would follow exactly what you say. Even when you asked her to kneel down to serve you, she would not hesitate for a second."

"Yeah." Riska felt something weird about Anfey's words, but did not take it seriously.

"Trust me. I can find you one in our legion," Anfey said, smiling.

"Who are you talking about? Do I know her?" Riska felt even more weird since there were only a few girls in the legion. He could not think of any girl who fit Anfey's description.

"Don't you trust me? Don't worry. I will pick a girl from gnomes when we get back," Anfey said.

"Gnomes?" Riska almost fell from the tree.

"You look so excited. Are you that happy?" Anfey asked.

"Ok, ok, Anfey, I am begging you to shut your mouth." Riska helplessly waved his hand. He just realized Anfey was playing with him. No wonder Anfey stressed out small girls. Gnomes were indeed the smallest in terms of their body type.

"You don't like gnomes? Dwarves fit into your criteria as well," Anfey said.

"F*^k those dwarves!" Riska stood up. "Let me take a walk over there. If you like dwarves, you can keep them as long as Suzanna does not mind."

"Wait a second," Anfey said.

"I cannot wait." Riska released his levitation magic as he shook his head. When he turned around to look at Anfely, he was shocked. Anfey's smiles had gone, and he had put on a serious look.

"Anfey, what happened?" Suzanna noticed the look on Anfey as well.

"Not much. Today those necromancers should take large-scale action," Anfey said slowly. Not long ago, he sensed an evil spirit from the Evil Abyss screaming and struggling. Obviously, the evil spirit he sent out had been found by a necromancer. That necromancer must have the ability to attack an evil spirit and at least have the ability to kill a low level evil spirit from the Evil Abyss.

"How do you know?" Riska asked in surprise.

"Let's get ready for it." Anfey did not respond to Riska.

It had been a clear day, but suddenly it was getting dark. The dark clouds were in all kinds of weird shapes. They looked like pieces of lead floating in the sky. They were getting bigger and bigger and connected together at the end. The clouds covered the whole sky. Looking from the ground, the sky looked like it had turned into a gigantic turtle shell hovering in the sky.

This kind of darkness was not as pitch dark as late night, but made people feel worried. Even the wind slowed down in the forest. It seemed that the wind even took on a lot of pressure.

Riska saw groups of zombies walking out of Kekkai and stepping into the forest. The Kekkai behind the zombies used to give Riska headaches, and now was disappearing at a speed that could be noticed by the naked eye.

Riska hurried to switch the angels Eyes of Sky to the areas he wanted to watch the most but could not see. The thick dark fog had moved away and showed the real scene behind it. Riska was confused since he did not see anything but bones everywhere.

"They have finished it," Riska murmured. "No matter what it was that the necromancers wanted to do, they have finished."

"Not exactly." Anfey shook his head. "Necromancers sent out all the zombies. They must want to do something big. Maybe this is what they really wanted to do the whole time."

"Anfey, did you notice we still could not sense the Breath of Death even though those zombies had left Kekkai?" Suzanna said in a worrying tone.

Anfey and Riska looked at each other. They could see the shock in each other's eyes. Necromancers were powerful, and their potential had no limit, but they did have a fatal flaw. Once they used the death magic, they would be hanging a plate on their neck, saying "Come to kill me." The more death organisms necromancers would call out, the more powerful they would get. Of course, they expose themselves in a shorter time.

If that senior necromancer could hide his magic surges when he called out the death organism, it meant death magic had reached a milestone in their magic. People usually would not feel terrified if their enemies were not easy to beat, since there were one person in their legion who definitely could beat them. However, it was terrifying to have an invisible enemy.

"What do those necromancers want to do?" Riska sounded like he was asking himself. He looked confused.

"I don't know what made them take such a large-scale action." Anfey shook his head. "I have no other way but secretly following them."

"Riska, I feel..." Anfey hesitated for a second. "Those zombies seem different."

"I have noticed that as well." Riska nodded. "When those death organisms reach a certain number, necromancers would add contract incantation to death organisms to better control them. It is nothing. It is only used to prove the ability of that senior necromancer."