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Chapter 179: Sniper

 Chapter 179: Sniper

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Anfey and his team did not have to follow those necromancers long this time. The necromancers only travelled twenty miles.They stopped at a grassland with bright sunlight over them. They looked like they were busy doing something, which made Anfey and his team feel uneasy.

Without the magic kekkai, Riska could easily see what was going on on the grassland with the Eyes of Sky. Zombies were buried underground one after another, while the necromancers were searching for something under the sunlight they hated.

"Those zombies look like battle zombies," Riska said in a low voice.

"It would be great if I knew spells of Light." Anfey searched in his head for everything he knew about spells of Light. It had been a long time since he had used spells of Light. He did not pay too much attention to it when he first learned it. He had forgotten most of it.

"Without being baptized, no one could perform spells of Light; otherwise everyone could be a priest." Riska laughed quietly.

"That is asking too much," Anfey said.

"Churches have the most complicated rules. Only people with a lot of patience can be priests. You must have never seen priests before. I am telling you, a lot of them act like girls, not men," Riska said.

"That is called humble and polite." Suzanna was not too happy with Riska's description of priests. "Are those men who only know how to yell others called men?"

"Hmm, Suzanna, I did not know you were so fond of priests," Riska said.

"I am not fond of them. They are at least better than rude guys," Suzanna said.

"Anfey is rude." Riska grinned. Anfey was more than rude if counting what happened at their professor's home. He pulled out his sword and killed people without even saying anything.

"Who said Anfey is rude?" Suzanna got even madder. If it had not been for the fact that necromancers were still not far from them and Riska was still in charge of Eyes of Sky, she really wanted to teach Riska a lesson.

"Stop, look at those necromancers. Why are they hiding? Are they ambushing anyone?" Anfey asked.

Suzanna and Riska stopped their argument about Anfey's personality. They looked at the Eyes of Sky at the same time. No doubt, those necromancers hid one after another.

"What is wrong with them? Who would come here?" Riska asked with a confusing look.

"Look over there!" Anfey pointed with his finger.

A gigantic butterfly flew passed the forest in the distance and flutter in their direction. There were over twenty mages flying behind the butterfly. Anfey and his team heard yelling in the distance, but could not tell what exactly they were yelling about.

The gigantic butterfly's wings were sky blue with white flowery designs. The butterfly looked holy. He was not moving at a fast speed. He looked like he was hurt, since he wobbled up and down in the air. The most amazing part about the butterfly was he was covered in rainbow lights. The butterfly looked like a butterfly angel to Anfey.

The butterfly flew to the grassland in a very short time and suddenly fell on the ground. He did not even have strength to wave his wings. This told everyone that he was dying.

Those mages in the sky did not land on the grass right away. Instead, they formed a circle in the air, and kept the butterfly in the center from a distance. They slowly landed on the grass.

The yelling sounded like it was getting closer to Anfey and his team. People rushed onto the grassland one after another. The one in the very front had already reached the gigantic butterfly, while others behind him were still running. There were around five or six hundred people, maybe even more.

"Anfey, look, that was the flag of Dragon Rider mercenary group," Suzanna expressed urgently but quietly.

"You are right." Anfey saw that flag as well.

"They are with Ozzic," Riska gloated. "They are not good people. Anfey, are we helping them?"

"Ozzic is not a nice person, but he is a human. We can reason with him, or even threaten him when it is needed, but nothing would work with zombies. Either we die or we kill zombies." Anfey slowly took out his bow from his Dimensional ring.

Mercenaries had formed a circle at a distance and slowly approached the butterfly in the formation of a circle. Anfey already could not see the butterfly from his angle. Anfey tapped Suzanna and said, "Riska, you stay here to cover us when it's needed." Anfey held his right hand out and a wind blade appeared and started to spin around his right hand.

In terms of personal growth, Anfey grew the fastest because he was not only smart, but liked to think and was good at finding solutions for their problems. He had down time as an assassin in the other world. He never stopped thinking since he came to this magic world.

Thinking provided Anfey the opportunity to make progress, while every step forward in turn helped him acquire new experience. He would start a brand new thinking process again from the experiences he gained. If he continued this cycle, his growth would be unbelievably amazing.

Compared with the powerful people in this world, Anfey had the advantage of having magic freestyle. His controlling skills for basic magic were a lot better than regular mages. In Christian's eyes, wind blades were just wind blades, but Anfey did not think so.

A two-meter long gigantic arrow made by a wind blade appeared in Anfey's hand. Anfey slowly drew the bowstring back. He used to use real arrows, but not anymore. Anfey had invented a lot of new things with the wind blades after he discovered that wind blades could be used for jumping. He did well in the experiments. This kind of arrow could be shot a lot farther than he could even see with his naked eye, but the accuracy was not guaranteed.

Intense magic surges appeared above the grassland. A sticky fog-like substance sprayed up from the grass and created a gigantic spider web in the air. The gigantic spider web covered the whole grassland. Wrinkled zombies crawled out from underground. They rushed into the crowd where blood had spilled. The necromancers showed up from everywhere as well. A necromancer in front raised his staff high. His mouth was moving. Obviously, he was chanting.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, a sliver of white light appeared in the sky, which was not easily seen. Everywhere the light passed, the leaves turned to powder. The end part of that light carried a gust, blowing the grass and shaking the trees. The stomach of the necromancer in the front suddenly exploded with blood. His head and his chest flew upwards while this legs and hips slowly and sluggishly fell to the ground. His torso totally disappeared. The light hit hard on the ground with the effects of the exploding small magic array of chaos. Gravel and dirt flew everywhere. The dirt splashed on some necromancers and they screamed in pain. Zombies did not seem to feel any pain, while the necromancers still could feel the pain even when they was losing their body.

Ozzic and his people were surrounded by the spider web, which blocked their view to the outside. Almost half of the necromancers were still able to see, but they were not sure what hit their leader's head. They stood frozen to the ground because of what they had seen.

Anfey already loaded the bow again with a giant arrow made of wind blades. He shoot it out. The white light passed in the air. A necromancer suddenly got shortened. His feet were still on the ground, but his head was gone. The blood flowed out from his neck like a human blood fountain.

Necromancers finally found where the attack was from this time. Two necromancers released bone shields and rushed towards Anfey from the left and right sides. Necromancers were scared by Anfey's attacking ability. They even had over ten zombies help them. They could not spare any effort to deal with the mercenaries they caught.

"Suzanna, be careful." Anfey nodded at Suzanna. He waved in the air. Another two-meter long gigantic arrow appeared in his hand.

Suzanna smiled and rushed forward as fast as a meteor. The thick combat power radiated white lights. Whenever there was a battle, Anfey subconsciously had her in the front, but Suzanna never complained about it. Some girls liked to be protected by their men, while others liked to fight alongside their men. Suzanna looked girlish, but she was one of the latter girls.

Anfey did not shoot the arrow out immediately. He did not shoot the arrow until a zombie lined up with a necromancer. What surprised Anfey was the arrow did not pierce through the zombie to hit the necromancer behind the zombie. The arrow only hit the zombie in the air. That zombie could struggled to stand up after rolling on the ground few times. Anfey was not sure what kind of wound the arrow made on the zombie. He only knew that battle power of the zombie was far better than he had estimated.

However, Anfey had endless wind blades. His magic could allow him to continue shooting for a long time. This time Anfey was not greedy. He learned, so he only targeted a necromancer. As the bowstring made a sound, the bone shield released by the necromancer had collapsed already. His body fell on the ground like a broken branch, his upper body folded over the lower body.

Another necromancer noticed that bone shields did not work against the arrows. He immediately realized he was in danger. He turned around and ran for his life.

If the bone shields released by the mages could not protect them from Anfey's shooting, then archers were a deadly nemesis for mages. The necromancer who had already run pretty far broke into two parts, just as his leader had. Anfey killed them with one simple move by let loose his fingers on the bowstring. There was only a cloud of blood mist left in the air.