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Chapter 173: Resurrected Beasts

 Chapter 173: Resurrected Beasts

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"We are leaving now," Ozzic said with a forced smile. He turned around and walked out. Commanders of the other mercenary groups followed him. The situation overpowered them. The super magic beast's presence did not allow them to "stay" anymore. If there were any conflict, a behemoth could kill them all. The behemoth would not even have to kill them with weapons. When a behemoth ran through the crowd, it could slash a path. Many ants could eat an elephant, but the key would be the large number of ants. Without several hundred thousand people, they could not hope to win the fight.

"Orsie, thank you for speaking up for us. If you would like, your mercenary group can stay in Moramatch," Anfey said slowly. He had a good impression of Orsie. He had spoken up for Anfey in that difficult situation, which meant he had moral lines that no one could cross. He would not do anything against his will. He was upright and direct. Anfey liked to collaborate with these kinds of people because he felt relaxed around them, and none of them had malicious intent.

"Thank you, but I would like to be with my friends," Orsie said casually.

Anfey was shocked by his answer for a second. He did not say anything to Orsie. It looked like Orsie did not buy Anfey's nice offer, but thinking at a deeper level, it was easy to tell Orsie would not easily bend with the wind. He would not go along with the crowd. He spoke up for Anfey out of morality and justice. The reason he chose to stay with Ozzic was also out of a sense of morality and justice, since he had been invited there by Ozzic.

Seeing Ozzic and his followers leaving, the short-tempered Sante landed from the air. He nervously looked at the behemoth making threatening gestures. He grabbed Hagan's collar, "Is this behemoth your magic beast? Damn! Why did you not tell us until now?"

This was really happening between true friends. Even though Hagan had a scary behemoth, Sante still dared to grab Hagan's collar. If Hagan had several gigantic dragons, Sante still might have grabbed his collar. If he had been a middle-aged man and had grown very sophisticated, he probably could have controlled his emotions, but Sante was still very young. He had a firm belief that friendship would not change because their social status had changed.

"Let it go, let it go," Hagan yelled as he struggled to get away from Sante. "Are you a f*#king mage or sword? I cannot breathe."

"Tell me right now why you have a behemoth," Sante raised his voice.

"Sante, let him go," Anfey said quietly. "You are not the only one wanting badly to know it. We are all waiting to ask him."

Christian, Zubin and Blavi landed from the air. Anfey, Suzanna and the others had crowded Hagan into the center. They looked quite different from each other though. They all knew how powerful a super magic beast could be. With such help in the legion, they all wanted to know the real story behind it.

Suddenly, the behemoth stopped screaming and threatening them. The gigantic body had turned into millions of grains of powder and blown away in the wind. The behemoth disappeared, which made everyone think something had gone wrong with their eyes or they just had a weird dream.

"What happened?" Christian asked in surprise. "Hagan, tell us please."

"Do you remember the magic beast bones in the werewolve's chamber? They are behemoth's." Hagan gave Sante a dirty look as he rubbed his neck. "It was actually really easy. I made some resurrecting potion. With behemoth bones, I can make a behemoth."

"It does make sense." Anfey looked at the ancient tree, which had been broken by the behemoth. The behemoth also had destroyed houses. "The behemoth was alive. He was not an illusion."

"Of course, it was a real behemoth." Hagan laughed. "Unfortunately, the behemoth made with resurrecting potion could only live for a very short period of time. If they could live forever, hahaha..."

"If they could live forever, every alchemist would be invincible. You wish." The corners of Suzanna's mouth curled into a frown. She still held onto the grudge over being suppressed by the behemoth's power before.

"This is what made our alchemists feel bad about our alchemy," Hagan sighed. "When I learned to make resurrecting potion for the first time, I thought it was the trashiest of all the potions. Not useful at all."

"Why would you say so?" Christian asked.

"For example, if we had found the bones of a unicorn and made a real unicorn with the resurrecting potion, his speed and attacking power would be less than one tenth of the real unicorn's. He would barely be a match for a few magic wolves. His existence is short, so he could be disappeared before even the battle ended", Hagan said as he shook his head. "I just realized now that our ancestors would not study any unpractical stuff. Senior magic beasts could represent the power of resurrecting potion. If we can collect more super magic beasts' bones, think about; as long as we have enough bones, I can even make a giant dragon aerial unit. Even if it could only last for a short time, it still could beat the ass off any opponent."

"Are you saying the behemoth you made has less than one tenth the battle power of a real behemoth?" Anfey asked.

"Yes," Hagan said.

"I see now," Christian suddenly realized something.

"What did you get?" Anfey asked.

"Behemoths' screaming is extremely powerful. The sound waves from their screaming

could knock anyone down within one hundred yards. That behemoth's screaming only made those mercenaries scared, but without any real attacking effects," Christian said.

When Christian spoke, everyone seemed to realize it as well. Hagan laughed. "Do you

realize there is no way I could get control of a real behemoth?"

"Hagan, what contributes to keep resurrected magic beasts for a long time?" Anfey


"The purity of the resurrecting potion and my telephathy," Hagan responded.

"How many bones are left? How many beasts can you make?" Anfey asked.

"There were some bones missing. I used some for experiments. I think I could make two magic beasts out of the leftover bones," Hagan said.

"Does that mean you can make two magic beasts when we need them?" Anfey asked.

The presence of the super magic beast could change their disadvantaged position in battle. Anfey needed to get a precise answer.

"No, my resurrecting potion is gone. I do not have ingredients to make more," Hagan said.

"Black Eleven, you will be in charge of getting any ingredient Hagan needs. You need to get them for Hagan as fast as possible," Anfey said.

"No problem," Black Eleven said with a nod.

"Hui Wei. Where is Hui Wei?" Hagan suddenly called for Hui Wei.

"Here, what's up?" Hui Wei took his time walking out after he heard Hui Wei's calling.

"Hui Wei, you have been interested in ancient relics. You must know where the dragon tombs are," Hagan said urgently. "I suggest our mercenary group's mission is digging as many of the dragon tombs as possible: Titan Cemetery, Demon Cave, Bliss Land and as many others as possible. As long as we have enough bones, we would have the power to do anything." Hagan's eyes brightened. As the only alchemist in the legion, Hagan received considerable attention in the legion. He had won everyone's admiration today after he was able to recreate the behemoth. Admiration and high attention were totally different. Hagan felt he could do so much and had so much hope. The hopes he had were like symphonies, getting more exciting one after another. He even daydreamed to remake thousands of super magic beasts to win everywhere on Pan Continent.

"Alright, Hagan, you are not the only alchemist in this world. What you have thought of, I believe, other alchemists have thought of as well. The reason we have not come across any superpower alchemists was the number of super magic beasts were far less than alchemists. It was really lucky of you to be able to find the behemoth's bones," Christian said slowly.

Christian's talk was like a double whammy. Hagan's face suddenly turned pale. He grabbed Hui Wei even harder. "Hui Wei, you say something. You must know, right?"

"Are you crazy? I don't know about it. Even if I knew, I would let everyone die for it." Hui Wei shook his head.

"Don't do this to me, Hui Wei. Help me, please." Hagan had a hard time letting it go.

"Dragon tombs? There are spirit dragons in each dragon tomb to protect it. How are we going to beat spirit dragons?" Hui Wei pushed Hagan away. "Titan cemetery has countless stone people and robotics. There are also as many gargoyles as flies. They could bury you there like nothing. The Flaming Demons in Demon Cave are vicious as well. They could turn us into powder in a blink of eyes. Hagan, you need calm down."

Hui Wei talked very reasonably. Hagan was very disappointed and had his head down. He became quiet.

"Hagan, why don't you think about what you can do to improve the battle power of resurrected magic beasts instead of thinking of collecting more super magic beast bones," Christian said with a smile.

"Huh?" Hagan lifted his head. "Christian, what do you mean by that?"

"You just said that the purity of the potion and your telepathy contribute to the power of recreated magic beasts. If you improved the purity of the potion and your telepathy, you might recreate a magic beast that would not disappear forever. You would have magic beast pets, and not just one," Christian said.

"Stop playing with me." Hagan became disappointed. "The master alchemists in the legend could not even do that, not to mention me," Hagan said.

"How many of those master alchemists in the legend could collect a large amount of super magic beasts bones?" Christian asked.

Hagan blinked. Christian's advice was a lot subtler than Hui Wei's. The master alchemists in the Sacred Battle could not collect a large amount of super magic beasts. Neither could any alchemist do it in their time.

"Ok, everyone go to sleep." Anfey waved his hand with a bitter smile. "Hagan, everyone was thinking for you. Your ideas were not practical. You need to calm down a little bit."