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Chapter 167: Life and Dream

 Chapter 167: Life and Dream

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Anfey stood at the edge of the ledge, took a look what was down below, and then jumped off. No wonder Christian was disappointed. Anfey immediately smelled something rotten in the chamber after he landed safely. There were not many objects in the chamber. They were everywhere on the ground and looked very old and torn. Nothing really caught Anfey's attention. Two boxes at the corner were open. Anfey went over to take a look. There was a suit of armor in one box and a few pamphlets in the other.

"Not much dirt here. It looked like someone came to this chamber not long ago," Anfey said quietly.

"Not much dirt? The dirt was this thick when I came down here." Christian landed next to Anfey and held his thumb out side ways. "I cleaned here with Wind magic. This is the dirt left after my cleaning."

"What's in it? Books?" Anfey reached his hand out and tried to touch the books.

"Don't touch. You will break them if you touch them," Christian yelled immediately. "I just ruined a book."

Anfey just noticed a broken book in the corner of the box. Obviously it had been ruined by Christian. He turned to look at the other box. "This armor does not seem to be something nice. No magic surges at all."

"I told you that you would be disappointed." Christian smiled.

"Maybe not. We are not professionals. Don't forget. We have a tomb raider. We will make a fair judgement with his opinions."

"Tomb raider? What is that?" Christian asked in surprise.

"Haha...Ask Hui Wei to see me. He loves to do research on historical remains," Anfey said.

"Is this considered historical remains?" Christian could not help shaking his head. "Hui Wei seems to like research on paleolithic remnants."

"It does not matter. He would know more than us anyway." Anfey smiled.

With a huge stomping sound, Suzanna jumped off and landed in the chamber. She was not like Anfey, who neither landed with much noise nor stirred much dirt on the ground. Anfey used Light Merit, which allowed practitioners to move lightly without leaving footprints or climb walls. The cloud of dirt Suzanna created rose in the shape of a mushroom. Suzanna loved to be clean and tidy, so she immediately covered her mouth and closed her eyes.

Anfey was not the only one paying attention to the details. Christian did not realize anything special when Anfey jumped off until he saw what a scene Suzanna created. With the comparison of the landing scenes, Christian looked as if he was thinking of something. He quietly glanced at Anfey.

"Sante, ask those gnomes to find Hui Wei for me," Anfey asked loudly.

"Got it," Sante answered from above.

"The living conditions of the natives of Moramatch were not great. I never expected anything incredible, but there must be something that could surprise us, since werewolves treated it as such an important place." Anfey was not willing to give up hope. He looked around and saw something tied up in the corner of the wall. He walked over. "What is this?"

"I just checked. It seems to be the bones of magic beasts," Christian said.

"Any magic crystal?" Anfey asked.

"Crystals would grow bigger if they were inside magic beasts. After the crystals were taken out of their bodies, the elements in the crystals would gradually dissociate. No matter how great the crystals were, they could be stored for no more than 500 years. That was the reason," Christian said. He even made a joke about it at the end. "You don't think I pocketed it, do you?"

"You did make me think of that possibility," Anfey said with a smile. "You took possession of crystals by yourself. How about sharing with the three of us. We are good friends and brothers. We cannot just watch you falling into the evil abyss."

"Am I not counted as a person? Four of us should share them," Sante yelled from above.

"I really should not have come here," Christian said, shaking his head.

"You already came." Anfey thought about a classic line in a Kufu novel. He pulled a bone out of the pile and looked at it carefully. "It does not make sense. How could this chamber have nothing valuable, unless werewolves had moved them to somewhere else? Then why are they keeping this place secret?"

"They probably did not move anything to other places. There was so much dirt when I came down. You could tell nobody had come here for hundreds of years. All werewolves are scared of this place. That werewolf was only willing to tell me the location of this place. He refused to come down with me. He told me this was a punishment room, where the messengers of God of the Beasts punished betrayers. It would bring werewolves misfortune if they come here," Christian said.

"Do you think he told you the truth?" Anfey smiled. "Even if he did not lie, he was probably tricked by Katuru. Misfortune? He was afraid other werewolves might discover his secrets. Hmmm, what did you just say? Are you sure no one has not come in for hundreds of years?"

"Yes, that werewolf said this is Katuru's secret chamber. I do not think it was right though. I think this is the room where Katuru protected his ancestor's relics," Christian said.

"Does it mean these underground tunnels have been here for a long time?" Anfey asked.

"How could it be short?" Christian smiled. "If you start to walk and go through every city in the underground tunnels now, you would not come out until morning. Dwarves are hardworking, but they would not build such a huge project, even in a few decades."

"I do not know how much dwarves can do. If you say so about them, at least I feel relieved." Anfey smiled. "If these were built by a werewolf a long time ago, it should not pose too much of a threat to us. Oh, right, Christian, do you know the history of Moramatch?"

"What do you want to know about?" Christian asked.

"For example, who were the first natives of Moramatch?" Anfey asked.

"I do not have the answers, if you ask me these kind of questions. Why don't you ask Black Eleven to investigate for you?" Christian suggested.

"You are right. I should have not asked someone who privately took public possessions and fell into the evil abyss," Anfey said and smiled.

"You, stop! Why don't you search me now? You think it is a joke. Others may not treat it as a joke." Christian could not help rolling his eyes.

"Suzanna, can I search anyone's Dimensional ring?" Anfey turned to Suzanna.

"No," Suzanna answered without any hesitation.

Anfey shrugged, which implied there was no point in searching Christian, since he could easily hide stuff in his Dimensional ring.

"Anfey, I did not make you mad today, did I?" Christian smiled bitterly. Only they could play such jokes to each other. If it were anyone who did not have so much trust, they would surely think Anfey was implying something. Christian did not think that way.

"I think people in the past are so weird. Why did they try to leave something for the people in the future? Do they think this stuff could be passed to their offspring?" Anfey switched the topic with a smile. "We have found two places like this since we left Sacred City. Are we that lucky, or were people in the past too stupid?"

"People's lives are confined, but not their dreams," Christian said slowly.

"Christian, what do you mean? I did not get it. Limited and unlimited has nothing to do with the stuff here, right?" Sante asked from above.

Anfey was shocked for a second and said with a smile, "Christian meant that people's lives are limited, but many people want to do something special with their limited life. If a person didn't complete what he set out to do, or had not even gotten started when his life had already reached the end, then he might want to try to keep his work for the people behind him. He would have no chance to know whether people behind him could complete what he did not finish, or interfere in their work."

After his talk, Anfey went quiet. Although he kept searching through items in the chamber, he looked very troubled. Sante had been slow on things, but he kept thinking about Christian's saying, "There was no young man who did not want to do something big." Christian's thought was short, but it had a such profound meaning, especially when they were in an ancient chamber. They would have so much to think about and consider regarding Christian's saying.

Without knowing how much time had passed, they heard Hui Wei's voice from above. "Anfey, did you want to see me?"

"Anfey I heard you found the werewolves' secret chamber?" Hagan's voice came down as well. They got along very well, to the point they were always together, just like the steelyard would not exist without the weight and vice versa. They specialized in two different areas and had different personalities, but they had a lot in common to talk about.

"You guys are coming at the right time. Hurry up. Take a look if there is anything valuable," Anfey said.

Hui Wei and Hagan came down to the chamber one after the other. They paid attention to different things. Hui Wei was looking at the wall and roof decorations and the texture and colors of the bricks. He believed that everything created by intelligent beings bore different cultures backgrounds. People could talk, so could a piece of paper, a pen, a sword and other objects. These objects could tell you where they were from, how long they had been there, and much other information. The reason the tense relationship between Hui Wei and Anfey got better was that Anfey would listen to what Hui Wei said. When he talked to humans, they rarely could understand him. Sometimes they even thought he was crazy. Only Anfey would listen to him carefully. He could tell from Anfey's look that Anfey really understood what he said.

Hagan paid attention to the objects on the ground. He saw the box with armor in it first. He carefully cleaned a spot on the armor with his hand and dropped an unknown chemical on it. He disappointedly shook his head after a long stare.

"This armor is not useful, is it?" Anfey asked.

"A long time ago, this would have been a magic suit of armor, but it was seriously damaged. It did not get any repair. After a long time, it has become a pile of steel," Hagan said, shaking his head.