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Chapter 165: Rewards

 Chapter 165: Rewards

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Christian did everything as they planned. Anfey stayed where he was and kept rubbing his forehead. He had not settled the troubles he made in Maho Empire, but he had to face the threat from Shansa Empire's military and Dragon Rider mercenary group with some evil thoughts. Orcs could also come back at any time, and their combat ability was unknown to Anfey and his legion. He had been starting fires, which made him a little nervous.

If it were the old Anfey, he would have chosen to do what he was good at and avoid areas he was not familiar with. He should have already led his people out of Moramatch. It was not easy to just leave Moramatch, since they were already there and had done so much to the town. They regularly watched the areas within a radius of twenty miles through Eyes of Sky.

It was not possible to be attacked by a large military. However, if there were a few scouts out there, the Eyes of Sky could not detect them. If those scouts sent out information, especially to Shansa Empire, who were just waiting to attack Anfey and his legion, they could be easily encircled. In Moramatch, at least they had underground tunnels to protect themselves. They would have nothing outside of Moramatch. Although they wiped out the Griffin Aerial Unit, it was very possible that there were still a few griffin rider survivors out there. If Anfey and his legion were seen by griffin riders outside Moramatch, they would definitely be killed. The griffin riders could locate them no matter where they were. They would not be able to escape when chased.

Anfey felt lucky that the coordinates of Shelters were not in the underground tunnels, otherwise natives would have gotten their reinforcements, since they had fought with Anfey and his legion for quite a while.

"Anfey." Suzanna's calling interrupted Anfey's thinking.

"You are back. What is it going on?" Anfey looked up.

"That Ozzic was such a liar." Suzanna walked over and sat next to Anfey on a greenish stone. She said angrily, "They set up their camp thirty miles away from here in the north. He did not even mean to go to Hengduan Valley."

"Yes." Riska also walked over to Anfey. "After they set up their camp, we watched their surroundings a little and then they started to drink and eat. They even lit up the bonfire. I do not think they meant to fight with anyone."

"Anfey, when they come back, we need to tell them we know about their lie. I have to humiliate them right in front of their faces to make me feel better," Feller implored.

"Not necessary." Anfey smiled. "It would be a free lesson for them if we humiliate them. It would allow them to act more real later on. We will pretend we know nothing about it. We will let them give us a show."

"Anfey, what do you think was their purpose?" Riska asked.

"How do I know? Either they want to do something to us, want something from us, or are waiting to see something happen," Anfey said.

"Nonsense." Black Eleven heard their conversation. He walked over as he talked.

"How about you say something that was not nonsense?" Anfey smiled.

"I think they should be waiting for something." Black Elven wiped off the stone and sat on the other side of Anfey. "When did they come?"

"At dusk. Don't you remember?" Feller answered.

"When did we have the fight with Shansa Empire's military?" Black Eleven asked.

"Noon," Feller answered.

"That is it," Black Eleven said coldly, "With common sense, by the time they came, we should have been wiped out by Shansa Empire's military. Moramatch would have been nothing but debris."

Anfey's eyebrows lifted. "It surely would be like that."

"If Moramatch did not exist anymore, then they are coming here for..." Riska was in thought for a while. "Is there something in the underground tunnels?"

"Maybe." Anfey shook his head. "Let's see what is going to happen in the next few days. We will know by then."

"Oh, Anfey, I have a good news for you." Black Eleven smiled.

"What good news?" Anfey asked.

"The king found out that we wiped out Griffin Aerial Unit, and he was really, really happy about it. Do you know you are a duke now? Christian, Suzanna and Zubin and everyone else are all granted titles of nobility. Last time, when the king gave you the title of nobility, he kept it secret. This time he put signs up everywhere. Your name is well known now."

"I have a title of nobility as well?" Feller opened his eyes wide as he pointed at himself.

"Of course. Didn't I just say that? Everyone has the title of nobility." Black Eleven smiled. "It is disappointing that we are in the Country of Mercenaries now. The king could not grant our titles in person."

Suzanna was the only one who did not look excited. Feller and Riska both looked excited and exhilarated. It was such an honor for them to receive the title of nobility from the king.

" my name also on the placards?" Feller kept asking Black Eleven.

"Yes," Black Eleven said.

"Awesome, awesome." Feller almost jumped for joy.

"It does not feel right." Anfey was not excited about the rewards from the king. He recalled the saying, "If you want the horse to run, you have to feed the horse grass." As a king, he surely knew the importance of giving rewards. Receiving rewards was not out of Anfey's expectation.

"What's wrong?" Black Eleven asked in surprise.

"We are in the Country of Mercenaries right now and we still have things to deal with here. If this news travels here, we would expose ourselves. It would cause a lot of trouble for us."

"Yes, it is a little inappropriate. However, you should look on the positive side," Black Eleven said slowly. "You guys cannot stay in the Country of Mercenary for your whole lives. You will go back to Maho Empire someday. Our king is going to make you guys heroes of our country this time."

"What do you mean 'make us heroes'? We are heroes," Feller complained. He seemed to be very sensitive to anything related to honor. "Who wiped out the Griffin Aerial Unit? No one else but us."

"Yes, Yes, I made a mistake. You are heroes. Of course, it includes me." Black Eleven smiled. "People are getting to know your names. Next time when Philip sees you, he has to think twice before doing anything to you."

"I heard old Philip had a bad temper. I do not think your names would work too much with him." Anfey smiled bitterly.

"Old Philip still has his title and land. When his time comes, he could pass those to a non-family member, even though his grandson had died. If old Philip does anything bad, he would not only humiliate his family, but also would lose his title and land," Black Eleven said casually. "This is not just about old Philip. His ancestors have devoted their lives to the country to receive those honors. How could old Philip take the pressure of losing all the honors. If he were not constrained by anything, he would not have hurried back to North Line and fought together with Master Saul.

"I hope you are right," Anfey sighed. He felt helpless when he dealt with old Philip. The reason he could not kill Philip was not only because he was powerful and influential, but also he thought it would be too much to kill Philip and his grandson. He had already killed his grandson. It would be too much to kill both of them.

In Anfey's world, he was used to living by himself. The experience of being lonely and highly tolerant had made him cold. He got a taste of a different life when he reincarnated in the Evil Abyss. He experienced what "power" could bring him in the Evil Abyss. In this magic world, he saw a big contrast between friend and father like Saul and Ernest.

Saul and Ernest were at the same level in terms of their power. Ernest always did everything on his own, which caused him to bear it when he was wronged. He knew who he should take revenge on, but he had to wait for the right time. Saul was so influential that his daughter, innocent Niya, could "bully everyone" in Sacred City. If Saul didn't have her back, Niya became a regular girl, and she could have been charged and enslaved.

Anfey was never greedy about power, but that did not mean he would be against authority. Being against authority would not do him any good, but instead cause more trouble for him, or he might even die because of the troubles.

"Even if the news that we wiped out Griffin Aerial Unit leaks out, it still would take some time for them to know, since the Country of Mercenaries does not know we work for Maho Empire. Do not worry." Black Eleven smiled. "Things have changed."

"What changed?" Anfey asked.

"Band of Brothers mercenary group held ambiguous attitudes as to which side they were on. Now everyone on Pan Continent knows that our king feigned his death. Band of Brothers mercenary group had claimed to be on the side of Maho Empire. If something happens, we could immediately ask for help from Band of Brother mercenary group. They would give us a hand," Black Eleven said.

"My concerns were nothing but Tiger of Tawau mercenary group and Glory mercenary group." Anfey sighed again. "If they knew about us, it would not be difficult for them to figure everything out, since we stayed in Blackwater City for a while. During that period of time, Tiger of Tawau mercenary group and Glory mercenary group had the fight. Anthony was fine, but Mourtta knew he had an unreasonable fight. He could easily suspect us."

"Tiger of Tawau mercenary group is hiding in Blackwater City now. They dare not come out. You do not have to worry about them." Black Eleven smiled.

"Ok, since we did it to them, there is no point in worrying about it. I remember a saying, "Counter soldiers with arms, water with a levee." Different situations call for different actions. We will deal with it when things come." Anfey stood up. "Everybody, go take some rest. Something happened on Christian's end. I need go to see him right now."

"What happened?" Suzanna asked in surprise.

"Not a big deal. There was a traitor among the werewolves," Anfey said, smiling.