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Chapter 156: Archenemy

 Chapter 156: Archenemy

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After they returned to Moramatch, Anfey was the only one who could remain calm. Everyone was overjoyed. Black Eleven was the head of the spies in the Country of Mercenaries, but except for his normal espionage activities and occasional assassinations, he hadn't done anything important. Eliminating an entire aerial squadron was major victory for anyone.

Black Eleven immediately dispatched a team to carry the news to White Mountain City, so they could report to the Sacred City through a portal. He also sent out a request to set up a portal in Moramatch. In the list of contributors, Anfey was the first name. Suzanna and Christian's names immediately followed. Black Eleven placed his name at the end of the list. Black Eleven knew that without Anfey, he wouldn't have achieved this victory. In order to eliminate the squadron, he used several undercover spies who were stationed deep within the enemy ranks. Nothing could escape the Sacred City. He knew well that the general knew what kind of work he had done for the operation. Even though he was modest now, he would still be rewarded. No one could deny his importance in the operation, and the general would see him as a person of good character.

Of course, he didn't know whether the general could sense his motives. He did not care, either. The general once that said people who did not show their motives were either fools or extremely dangerous. Black Eleven did not want to be either.

Wars were precarious, and one change could bring about a series of changes. After the news of the destruction of Shansa Empire's aerial squadron got out, the Country of Mercenaries was shaken. The mercenary groups needed to reevaluate Maho Empire and reestimate the course of the war. it was unknown why Tiger of Tawau mercenary group had attacked Glory mercenary group, but it affected the mercenaries negatively, especially because Tiger of Tawau mercenary invited the Shansa men into battle.

It was like a two members of a household had just had a fight, but someone had invited unrelated people to loot and destroy the home. This created a sense of unity among the mercenaries. Even the people who did not like Glory mercenary group spoke out against Tiger of Tawau mercenary group's actions.

The call for taking back control of Transverse Mountain was getting louder. Some small mercenary groups formed by young people put the call into action. They felt Country of Mercenaries was threatened by foreign powers, and they needed to do something to preserve their nation.

More and more mercenaries arrived at Transverse Mountain. They couldn't do anything to Shansa's supply lines, but they set up numerous traps and obstacles in the mountains. They claimed to be setting traps for magic beasts, and the Shansa soldiers couldn't do anything to them. This slowed the Shansa supply lines significantly.

Tiger of Tawau mercenary group became very secretive and kept a low profile. No matter what the mercenaries said, they had response. However, they quickly began to gain control over the city. The patrol teams were disbanded, and those who were willing to join Tiger of Tawau were allowed a position. The others were sent home. Those working on the city counsel were dismissed as well, replaced by people working for Tiger of Tawau mercenary group. Mourtta's goal was very clear. He didn't need to control the Country of Mercenaries. He only wanted to control Blackwater City. The other three major mercenary groups were all based in White Mountain City, and were too far away to affect the situation in Blackwater City.

However, compared to the conflicts on the northern border of Maho Empire, the conflicts in Country of Mercenaries were only minor.

With a sure victory in sight, the Dark Moon Magic Legion crossed the Yagor Mountains under the leadership of Newyoheim and Serigue. They were heading towards Sacred City in Maho Empire. Two days later, Baery, who was supposed to be in the middle of the empire waiting for a prince's arrival, appeared at the border. He blocked off the mountain's exit with the Roaring Dead Legion.

Yagor Mountain was only sixteen thousand feet at its highest point, but it became Newyohiem's worst nightmare. Mages could levitate, but there was a limit to how high they could go. A normal mage could go about three hundred feet at most.

As the altitude increased, the air element would decrease. Random currents and strong wind gusts made the situation worse. No one could control the air elements in that environment. Even Newyoheim himself could only go up three thousand feet. If he couldn't cross the mountains using magic, normal mages couldn't even dream of it.

The situation itself couldn't discourage Newyoheim. Saul had spent a long time and wasted countless magic crystals to set up a Guardian of God kekkai. This kind of kekkai was useless in most situations, but now became Newyoheim's worst nightmare.

Guardian of God kekkai cut off the elements and had a twenty-five-mile radius. This meant that neither Newyoheim nor Saul could effectively replenish their magic. However, Dark Moon Magic Legion was made up mostly of mages, and the kekkai could render the mages powerless if all their magic was spent.

The Roaring Dead Legion, on the other hand, was comprised mostly of swordsmen. They were not affected by the kekkai.

These factors were not enough to make Newyoheim despair, either. He still had Corps of Wind, led by the famous master swordsman Jerrofick. If he could plan everything else, he could fight his way out of this.

In a small-scale contact battle, a ridiculous scene affected Newyoheim's confidence. Jerrofick was leading the charge against the enemies, but as a master swordsman from Maho Empire charged towards him, Jerrofick panicked and admitted defeat without even engaging the man. Afterwards Newyoheim learned that the man was called Ernest, and had once challenged Jerrofick. When he was almost defeated by Jerrofick, he stabbed Jerrofick with a dagger dipped in poison. This shameless act made him a very hated man among the swordsmen. However, Newyoheim knew that things were not as simple as the story had said. But now was not the time to dig up ancient histories. The most important thing right now was to lead his army away from the Maho armies.

Maho Empire's famous master swordsman Phillip joined the battle along with two of his students. This made the situation even more impossible. He knew what had happened between Saul and Phillip. It would not be easy to forget about one's only successor being murdered in cold blood. There was only one man who could make the two forget their rivalries, and that was the old king, Yolanthe. He was the only man who had that much power in Maho Empire.

Newyoheim now knew that Yolanthe was still alive, and that he had fallen into a trap. He knew how bad the situation was, but he could not tell anyone, because that would discourage his soldiers. Maho Empire had sent out five master swordsmen and one archmage with Baery. What did he have? Three archmages who could not replenish their magic, and a master swordsman who had lost his will to fight. Newyoheim was desperate.

In White Mountain City, Anthony was sitting in a chair, deep in thoughts. He looked like a common man in common clothes, and his longsword had no decoration. He looked more like a swordsman who had fallen from grace. However, all the servants in the room acted as carefully and quietly as possible. They were clearly very afraid of him.

Next to Anthony was a senile man. He had a grave expression and was dressed lavishly. He held a black staff in his hand.

"My lord, he is here. Do you want to see him now?" A mercenary appeared at the door and asked. Anthony nodded.

A few moments later, a man who looked even more common than Anthony walked in. He looked around the room and mumbled something. He was clearly unsure of what to say.

"I already know. You're Shinon. Your wife died when you were thirty years old, and your only son is in prison right now. Am I right?" Anthony said slowly.

"Yes, my lord."

"You said you have important news about the Maho army? I apologize, but you do not look like someone who knows any important secrets. If it wasn't for Michael, you wouldn't even be here right now." Anthony waved his hand languidly. "This is Michael. Tell him what you know."

"Thank you for the chance, Lord Michael," Shinon said, bowing.

"Save us the formality. Tell me what you know." After seeing the man, Michael clearly agreed with Anthony. He didn't believe Shinon had any new information.

"Maho Empire's king, Yolanthe, is still alive."

Anthony and Michael both stopped in their tracks. They had learned about Dark Moon Magic Legion's current situation, and had guessed this. However, they could not figure out how this man came by this information.