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Chapter 147: Realization

 Chapter 147: Realization

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"Go!" Suzanna yelled in a low voice. Her combat power suddenly became even more intense and brighter. Anfey stood back to back with Suzanna. He could sense the pressure and prickling pain from Suzanna's body. He jumped into the sky like a shooting arrow without any hesitation.

Suzanna swung her sword sideways. Her combat power stirred the dirt up from the ground and moved outwards in circular waves. A circle of clear sword radiance appeared and radiated outwards with Suzanna at the center.

When Barak and other werewolves saw Suzanna's combat power and sword radiance, they either jumped or lowered their bodies to dodge her sword radiance. Only one werewolf was quite unfortunate. He was not quick enough and was not able to dodge in time. He was only a hair too high. Before he could completely lower his body, the sword radiance had already hit his eye. Blood immediately gushed from his eyes. The werewolf held his face hard as he screamed in pain. He wobbled, rushing towards Suzanna. He obviously had become blind.

Anfey jumped into the sky fast and landed fast as well. He looked like a falcon swooping down quick as a hare was flushed out. Anfey kicked that wounded werewolf's crotch. His scream sounded even more panicked and chaotic than the chaos magic. That werewolf summersaulted a couple of times in the air and fell to the ground, dead.

"My sword did not seem to work as well as my legs." The corners of Anfey's mouth curled up.

"Werewolves' defensive abilities are high." Suzanna was teaching Anfey a lesson. "Paladins are good at turning element energy into physical energy. It was not because your sword was not useful. It was because your fireballs did not work."

"Try again." Anfey suddenly rushed towards Barak. Suzanna seemed to sense Anfey's need and followed right behind him.

Barak was shocked by Anfey's moves and moved a few steps back. Other werewolves ran to Anfey from the side of Barak.

Anfey shook his wrist and a flaming sword appeared in his hand. He thrust the flaming sword at Barak's neck with a strong heat wave. Barak reached his left claw out to grab the flaming sword while the right claw tried to grab Anfey's neck at lightning speed.

Anfey continued to rush forward. When Barak's claw was almost on his neck, Anfey slid two inches to the right as fast as a ghost. Two inches were just the right distance to dodge Barak's attack without wasting any of his energy at the same time. As they passed each other, Anfey's giant flaming shield smashed at Barak's head.

Even though Barak had quick responses, he was not quick enough to make any defensive moves. Barak was hit by the giant flaming shield. With a huge banging sound, Barak was shaken by the hit. He did not have any wounds on his body from the heat, but he felt dizzy from the hit. Anfey passed Barak on his right side while Suzanna passed his left side. They looked like a pair of swallows flying in the storm. Suzanna cut deep into Barak's neck with her sword. Barak was not as good as Suzanna from the beginning. With the hit on his head, Barak had no way to counter or dodge Suzanna, which allowed Suzanna to give him a fatal blow.

Anfey pushed off with the tips of his foot to rush a step forward to stop himself. "Turning the element energy into physical energy. I think I got it."

Suzanna stopped next to Anfey and gave him a warm smile. "What did you get?"

"Here." Anfey held out his hands.

Christian focused on watching Anfey on the battlefield. Suddenly someone patted his shoulder hard. Christian jumped and turned around to look. He saw Black Eleven behind him. He said angrily, "What are you doing?"

"Is that Suzanna?" Black Eleven pointed at Suzanna, looking weird.

"Who else could it be if it were not Suzanna?" Christian did not seem to understand Black Eleven's question.

"That girl used to be cold-hearted as an ice queen whenever she pulled her sword out. I never thought I would see her smile." Black Eleven heaved a sigh.

"What do you know? It is the power of love," Christian said.

"What do you know about love?" Black Elven gave Christian a dirty look.

"I am better than you. What is Anfey doing?" Christian asked with surprise.

It did not look abnormal as Suzanna stood behind Anfey. However, Anfey looked greyish. They had to open their eyes wider to see carefully, but could not see Anfey's face clearly.

As a magister, Christian could tell that countless dirty elements were gathering around Anfey. After those werewolves saw what happened to Barak, they slowly walked to Anfey without expecting to survive after this fight. As the dirty elements stopped moving, a rusty-looking giant axe showed in Anfey's hand.

It did not look exactly like an axe; to be more specific, the weapon looked more like a blacksmith's hammer. Of course, it was more than ten times larger.

"This is all I can come up with." Anfey watched the werewolves slowly approaching him without any emotion on his face.

Werewolves howled wildly with so much ferocity and passion for revenge. They threw themselves at Anfey one after another. Anfey swung that giant weapon at the werewolf running in the front. The werewolf coldly looked at the element weapon flying in front of him. He was not bothered too much by the weapon and countered it with his arm. In his mind, Anfey's element weapons were never too powerful, so there was no need for him to be scared.

As a senior swordswoman, Suzanna had been very sharp. She could clearly tell that werewolf's arm was hit back and smashed back into his face as it was hit by Anfey's weapon. Anfey swung that giant axe on that werewolf's head and his head immediately became distorted. His body was also thrown into the air, which created a trace of a parabola with a height of about 24 feet. He fell down into a magma pool that was 70 feet away. His body dipped into the lava and floated back twice before his whole body turned into charcoal black. The charcoal turned into powder like dirt.

"It is a homerun." Anfey heaved a slight sigh, but he did not stop his moves. He swung the giant axe at the next werewolf.

The werewolves were startled to see their peer was hit into the sky like a straw. They slowed down. Anfey's attacks were as fast as lightning. That werewolf only had time to cover his head with his arms when Anfey's element weapon reached him.

Suzanna saw another werewolf distorted in front of her. That werewolf's arms could not counter Anfey's axe. When the elements smashed onto that werewolf's head, he looked suddenly a lot shorter. Hs head was smashed into his neck, his fierce needle-sized pupils suddenly turned dull, both of his legs were broken, the bones pierced through the thighs and stuck through his skin, his body slid to the side and fell to the ground.

With a huge banging sound, the element weapon hit the ground hard. The element weapon was not able to take the hit and broke like the bones on that werewolf. There was half shaft left in Anfey's hand. Anfey looked a little pale.

Smart people could tell Anfey had used up his magic power. He did not have any magic surge left. Although werewolves felt scared from the bottom of their hearts, they summoned up their courage to rush towards Anfey when they saw what had happened to that werewolf. This could be their last chance.

"Anfey!" Suzanna yelled in a low pitch. She rushed forward in front of Anfey before the werewolves could surround him. The werewolves' suicidal attacks gave Suzanna an excellent opportunity. It was hard to catch them since they jumped up and down and moved swiftly. Now they rushed towards Anfey like they were expecting their death in this attack. Therefore, they did not even bother to dodge. Suzanna performed her sword skills to the max. She swung and thrust to block most of the werewolves, but there were two of them who were able to dodge Suzanna's attack and rushed to Anfey from the left and right.

Anfey did not make any extra moves. He opened his hand and a knife appeared on his palm. He quietly waited for the werewolves to get close to him and then he suddenly started his body to dodge their attack at the last moment.

In martial arts, there was a saying that the shorter the weapon was, the more dangerous for use in an attack, the longer the weapon was, the more advantage a person could have. In fights, the two parties were competing for who was more fierce and willing to take risks. There was a very thin line between living and dying in fights.

The werewolf on Anfey's left missed his attack, so he hurriedly turned around. He felt something flash at his eyes. Anfey had stabbed his knife in his eye. The werewolf screamed in pain. He grabbed the knife hard with one hand and tried to grab Anfey with the other. Anfey let go of the knife. He did not mean to continue the fight with that werewolf. He jumped high without too much effort and kicked right on the knife shaft. That werewolf raised his head and fell hard on his back. Unfortunately, he was just a little too slow. The knife went a few inches deeper. If he was hurt in some other part of the body, a few inches might be ok, but to the brain, even one inch difference could cause fatal damage.

The werewolf wobbled, but his hand was still holding on to the knife while the other hand was trying to grab something in the air. Anfey summersaulted and beautifully landed on the ground. He stepped forward and gave a little push on that werewolf's elbow. A string of blood flew from that werewolf's eye. The werewolf wobbled a little before he slid to the ground.

A super hot fireball fell from the sky, which turned the other werewolf into a flaming werewolf. Christian rushed in to help. Flaming meteors usually would not pose any fatal threat to werewolves since they move swiftly. However, it was a totally different story when they were unprepared for the attack.

Suzanna was doing awesome. Every werewolf who tried to pass her to attack Anfey suffered a fatal attack from her. Being crazily excited was beneficial on the battlefield. However, being crazy could only make werewolves die quicker when they were fighting with a lot stronger opponent. When Anfey turned around to look, Suzanna's sword had thrust into the last werewolf's chest. That werewolf looked like he could not take his defeat and he suddenly managed to open his mouth. A faintly seen surge came out of his mouth.

Anfey kicked a werewolf's body with the tip of his foot. The body flew into the air and block the surge for Anfey. Anfey had already turned to look at the hill. Magic spells started to disappear, but dead bodies were everywhere on the hill. Getting away from the lava did not guarantee their survival. Super hot lava caused a temperature change in the air. Regular dwarves and gnomes would definitely die if they sucked in any air.

"Christian, can you guys wait here for a second. Suzanna, let's go to Moramatch first." The temperature on the dirt road was still too high. They had to wait a little bit to ride the wagon.

"Ok." Suzanna answered in a low voice.