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Chapter 145: Desires

 Chapter 145: Desires

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The werewolves standing beside Barak attacked Anfey, but not Barak himself. They stepped forward as their bodies transformed. When they rushed in front of Anfey, they had finished transforming. The werewolves' fighting powers were strong. When they were in their fighting status, they became even stronger in terms of offensive ability, speed, antimagic skills, and physical abilities. Their sharp claws even made bellowing sounds as they swung their arms in the air. They fearlessly attacked Anfey's back.

Barak rushed after them and reached his sharp claws on Anfey's forehead. The girl with her arms tied behind her back was leaning against the wall. She looked desperate. She knew Anfey's fighting power. He would not have any defensive ability under four werewolves' attack. The girl was startled by what she saw. Anfey lowered his body a little bit and jumped out of the fighting zone with lightning speed before the werewolves could even surround him in the fighting zone. Hundreds of fire balls suddenly appeared around Anfey at the same time. They were like huge rain drops above his head. The magic Anfey released shocked everyone. It was such a scene to see hundreds of fire balls shooting at those werewolves. Those werewolves almost thought they would be hit by fire-ball rain. Unluckily, Anfey's junior magic was not strong enough. Although every werewolf got attacked by some fire balls, there was no damage to their bodies.

Christian was shocked as well. He was ready to step forward to help Anfey. Seeing Anfey releasing magic, he immediately released magic signals and then he turned his wagon around. Feller pulled on the reigns to turn his wagon around as well. Suzanna watched Anfey closely through a crack in the curtain. Seeing Anfey shooting the fireballs, her hand on the sword shaft loosened a little, and she took a breath to calm down. She did not want others to notice her breathing.

Zubin was in the second wagon. When Anfey released his magic, Zubin was even quicker than Feller to turn around his wagon. His moves were not smooth, and he even dropped a small box with over three hundred gold coins everywhere. He did not have time to pick them up. He held the reins tight to rush out of the town.

Anfey thought to himself, "We are all humans. Why are we treated so differently? Those werewolves could fight with each other for a girl, but also could become allies to fight with me. It seems that women could definitely be more valuable than men."

Barak jumped high with his rear legs kicking the ground. He kicked so hard that it created a huge cloud of dust. He threw himself at Anfey with a lightening speed. His claws shone with cold color as they moved towards Anfey's heart. Most werewolves were good hunters. When they hunted, they would not pick any unimportant or non-fatal areas to attack.

"Niya, can you take a look at what is going on over there?" Riska asked in low voice.

"Me?" Niya had been sitting quietly in the wagon when Riska asked her. She was shocked by Riska's request. Stubborn Niya had learned to accept the reality to save everyone some trouble by staying behind whenever there was a battle. She learned to hold Shally with one hand and hold the little unicorn in her arm hiding in a safe area. She had gotten used to this procedure, so she did not get Riska's request right away.

"Yes." Riska nodded sincerely.

Niya lifted the wagon curtain and stuck her head out to see what was going on.

Hundreds of fire balls appeared around Anfey again and gathered to form a giant flaming shield above his hands. Anfey raised the giant shield. With a huge crashing sound, Barak's claws hit hard on the giant shield. His body was stopped by the shield, while Anfey flew away from the crash. He flipped a couple of times in the air to keep a distance from Barak.

"Go! Everybody, hurry!" Christian yelled.

"Anfey, run, run fast." Niya subconsciously thought those four werewolves were way too powerful when she heard Christian ask them to withdraw. She was scared to death and screamed when she saw Anfey was hit in the air.

Many people believed women looked the most beautiful when they smiled. To a real good looking woman, as long as her face was not distorted, she could always make people astonished by her beauty.

Niya's big blue eyes were filled with panic, two sword-shaped brows snapping together, her silky blond hair flying in the wind, her sexy lips were slightly open, showing her snow white teeth. Right now, Niya replaced Suzanna, acting like a woman worried about her lover. Niya looked panicked and helpless.

Barak and the other werewolves all had their eyes on Niya. Their contracted pupils were a little distracted. With their social status and living environment, they had no opportunity to meet such beautiful girls. Niya, who was like a great archmage, controlled their souls with a blink of her eyes. She also allowed their passion to come out like exploding volcanos.

Anfey suddenly turned around and chased after the wagon route. He jumped on the last wagon and stared fiercely at Barak. He yelled, "You guys had better wait for me. I will come back to take my revenge. I swear!"

If it were an unprepared wagon route, they might panic for a while when something like this happened. Since Anfey had planned thoroughly, the wagon route turned around in a very short time to rush out of the town.

Niya had tucked herself back to the wagon, which caused the werewolves to lose their focus. However, the sparkling on the ground caught their attention. Hundreds of gold coins on the ground gave out gentle and attempting shines.

The werewolf named Barak took few heavy breaths before he lifted his head with a long and low-pitched howl. Countless gnomes, dwarves, orcs and werewolves rushed out from their hidden places to chase the direction Barak pointed at.

Anfey had a good understanding of psychology so he made plans based on it. He planned around one theme, that is, desires. They should fall if werewolves like beautiful girls or money. If they liked neither, they would be a threat to Anfey and his companions. He had said he would come back for revenge. If Anfey wanted to eliminate any threat posed to him, wiping out enemies was the only option. Anfey was quite frank about his fighting ability. If he had any chance to win,there would be no way that he would flee.

Other than Barak, even an experienced commander of a mercenary group could have a hard time controlling himself with so many temptations.

Black Eleven was giving instructions on how to look for areas to set up camps when he received magic signals. He did not have time to see Anfey first. He ran back hurriedly to the route from the direction they came.

Anfey easily jumped over the rail with a hand on it to support himself. He landed next to Feller and ducked in the wagon. He saw Suzanna's worried big eyes. "Anfey, are you ok?" Suzanna asked.

"I am ok. They cannot hurt me." Anfey smiled.

"Did they fall for it?Anfey, are we really killing all of them?" Suzanna asked.

"As you see, I did not have any chance to negotiate with them." Anfey shook his head. "They did not want any other options, so we had to kill all of them."

They heard a few coarse chirps. Anfey lifted the curtain to look out. He saw a falcon-sized bird landed in the town.

"Genius, I almost missed a genius," Anfey sighed as he put the curtain down.

"Who are you talking about?" Suzanna asked.

"Hui Wei." Anfey smiled. "Some werewolves have magic pets. They can communicate with magic pets with their minds. Powerful werewolves could even exchange visions with magic pets. If Hui Wei did not remind me of that, we could have given out clues and never could have them fall for us."

"Hui Wei's history is a mystery," Suzanna said in a low pitch.

"So are you," Anfey said.

"So are you." Suzanna could not help rolling her eyes at Anfey.

"Suzanna, can we talk about your past sometime? Please. We should..." Anfey suddenly shut his mouth. A faintly discernible wind was approaching, and then with a huge explosion sound, there was a big hole in the rear wall of the wagon. A werewolf's claw reached into the wagon.

An intense magic surge came above the wagon. Christian released levitation magic, flying above the wagon. He chanted an abracadabra in low pitch, and then a flaming meteor rushing down to Barak.

Barak responded quickly. He started a somersault by kicking on the wagon wall. A flaming meteor smashed on the ground and made a smothered explosion sound. The wagon was shaken by the explosion.

Christian released a magic shield because he knew he had to be careful of werewolves. Compared with werewolves, physically mages were weaker. If mages were attacked by werewolves without any protection, they could get hurt seriously or even die. Facing more than ten werewolves approaching him, Christian was very cautious.

The wagon moved very fast. The dwarves and gnomes were left behind. The wagon was not able to pull away from the werewolves though. In fact, werewolves could even run faster than a wagon in a short period of time.

When they were fleeing, Christian had been Anfey's assistant. He had been behind the scenes, since Anfey took most of glory. This time, he finally got the stage just for himself.

Christian was nervous but did not panic, cautious but not scared. The corners of his mouth even curved up. He waved his hands fast to release magic in silence.

His magic was not so powerful, but very effective. He attacked the werewolves' eyes with fire balls, sliced the tips of their noses with wind blades, swiped their ears with electric arcs, and made them step on slippery ice and then released delaying and spider web magic to interfere with their moves. Because he lost his magic power slowly, Christian could fight for a long time.

The strategy to interfere with the opponents instead of damaging them was definitely annoying. Barak and the other werewolves hated this smiling mage, but could do nothing to him. As long as there was a distance between them, mages were unmatched. Sometimes werewolves ran onto the ice, slid and fell on their backs, or their legs were tangled in spider webs and they fell on their face.