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Chapter 143: The Victory from the Girl

 Chapter 143: The Victory from the Girl

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"Bulls*^t! Totally bulls*^t!" Vonmerge shook his head non-stop. They were friends, but he could not stand Hui Wei's nonsense.

Hui Wei gave a disdaining smile. He glanced at Anfey, finding him lost in thought. He was shocked for a second, since he did not think Anfey would take his bizarre talking without reacting. However he was wrong.

"Hui Wei, you will be on the wanted list if you speak this nonsense to others." Suzanna smiled bitterly. "You are crazier than any defiler in history."

Hui Wei hesitated for a second and said, "I've already been on the wanted list."

"No wonder you would rather stay with orcs." Suzanna gave Hui Wei a weird look.

"Defilers are everywhere in the world. Churches' abilities are limited." Hui Wei looked calm. "For instance, there have been so many archmages in history. They have devoted themselves to improving spells, silent chanting magic, immediate magic and many other techniques. They were doing it more to challenge old rules than to improve their combat powers. Some archmages were able to release antimagic spells in silence in the Sacred Battle. They represented the archmages who hoped to have control of everything with their innovation on spells rather than praying to God for it."

"You are using crazy logic," Vonmerge yelled.

"Your vision is too short," Hui Wei responded.

"It does not make sense to argue about these. Let's get back to gnomes," Anfey said casually. "Hui Wei, are you saying gnomes are strong?"

"No, they are not strong at all." Hui Wei thought for a moment and then said, "Civilization is the backbone of intelligent life. Losing it means losing everything. If human orphans were kept in a cave without being taught anything, they would be more stupid than any barbarian when they were kicked out of the cave as they reach adulthood. The gnomes had already lost their culture. If you have seen any gnome, you would think they are just garbage."

"What else do you know?" Anfey asked.

"No matter whether gnomes are male or female, they are just as selfish as their ancestors. Even when they receive more stress from outside, they still look for opportunities to pick fights inside their group, even over very small things, and they..." Hui Wei said.

"Hold on, when you talked about dwarves, you divided them into men and women. Why are you dividing gnomes into males and females? Isn't it showing disdain?" Anfey asked.

"Hehehe, gnomes are at a disadvantage in the magic world, but they have looked down upon other intelligent races, including human beings. They are still as proud of themselves as they were in ancient times. Therefore, other intelligent beings disdain them. It is not just me; all intelligent beings on Pan Continent divide them into males and females. We are isolating them this way." Hui Wei looked at Anfey, "Don't tell me you do not even know about this? This is common knowledge."

"Anfey has followed Archmage Yagor to learn magic since he was little. He did not have much experience on Pan Continent. Of course, he did not know about it. Did you know everything when you were just born?" Suzanna asked unhappily.

Hui Wei looked at Suzanna with curiosity, "Did you say Anfey is not experienced? Does he lack experience?"

Suzanna was shocked. Anfey paid attention to details, and the strategies he used were phenomenal as well, but he had always made a fool of himself on issues involving common sense. It was hard to explain this contradiction. Not to mention with Suzanna: even Anfey himself could not explain it.

"We are talking about gnomes. Why are you talking about me?" Anfey shook his head helplessly.

"When we enter Moramatch, we have to be careful of gnomes. Hatred and revenge are only part of it. There are some other things that could make gnomes go crazy," Hui Wei said.

"What is it?" Anfey asked.

"Male gnomes love beautiful girls. You can understand them. Besides elves, human beings have the best looks." Hui Wei smiled. "Female gnomes also like men. Besides the looks, compared with short gnomes, male human beings can give them more intense sensual pleasures and orgasms."

Suzanna blushed right away. She was just a virgin without any bedroom experience. She was not able to take it when Hui Wei was talking about sensual pleasure and orgasms.

"Sorry, Miss. Suzanna, it was my bad." Hui Wei noticed Suzanna was comfortable with his talking. He immediately apologized.

"It's alright. It's fine." Suzanna hurriedly waving her hands.

"Did you say gnomes would attack us first if there is any conflict?" Anfey asked.

"Pretty much. They act more on impulse than hot-tempered dwarves. If they get to know we are powerful, they would be the first ones to run away as well," Hui Wei said.

"Any powerful ones among gnomes?" Anfey asked.

"Well..." Hui Wei thought for a while. "Gnomes could practice neither magic nor combat powers. I would say there is no powerful gnome."

"How could they survive till now?" Anfey was fascinated.

"They have fighting puppets." Suzanna answered Anfey's question first. Anfey had asked another stupid question. She did not want Hui Wei to answer it, in case he would mock Anfey for having no common sense. Although others did not think Hui Wei mocked Anfey, Suzanna still felt uncomfortable about his comments.

"Fighting puppets?" Anfey asked.

"Death magic includes puppet magic. Do you know about it?" Suzanna asked.

"No," Anfey answered honestly.

"You know about puppets, right?" Suzanna was a little worried.

"Yes," Anfey answered. "Fighting puppets are the puppets that can fight."

Suzanna heaved a sigh of relief. "Fighting Puppets were empty inside. Gnomes could get into them to control Fighting Puppets so they could know how to fight, but Fighting Puppets are generated by magic crystals," Suzanna said.

Hui Wei added, "A Fighting Puppet with high accuracy has unbelievable fighting power, but this kind of Fighting Puppet has not been seen for a long time. Steel Fighting Puppets are not powerful, at least they could not pose any threat to us. Miss Suzanna could handle more than ten of them by herself."

Anfey got a sense of what Fighting Puppets were. Fighting Puppets were similar to robots. He was shocked for a second and said, "Why did other countries not do any research on Fighting Puppets? Thousands of Fighting Puppets could form a military, and then their military power would be powerful."

"Archmages could burn groups of Fighting Puppets into ore while master swordsmen could cut them into pieces like slicing bread. What do you think of their fighting ability now?" Hui Wei smiled. "Fighting Puppets with high accuracy could pose some threat. However, these rare things could be melted into ore and made into all kinds of weapons once they were found by human beings. Human beings would never allow gnomes to have them."

"It is weird. How could barbarians defeat gnomes when they had so many Fighting Puppets at their peak?" Anfey asked.

"You curiosity is crazy." Hui Wei smiled bitterly. "It happened ten thousand years ago. You ask me. How can I know the answer ?"

"It's better to ask than pretending to know everything." Anfey laughed at himself. "According to what you said, gnomes should be posing no threat to us."

"We still have to be careful. If Fighting Puppets come out of nowhere, it would pose a lot of threats to mages. There was a layer of defense inside the Fighting Puppets. As long as the gnomes are not hurt, their Fighting Puppets would not stop fighting. Junior mages could not hurt gnomes. Intermediate mages were not powerful enough either. Only senior mages could do fatal damage to them. We do have Suzanna, so we do not have to be scared by them. Those gnomes would not have more than two Fighting Puppets. Suzanna could destroy them in a second," Hui Wei said slowly.

"Ok." Anfey nodded. "I know what we should do now. Hui Wei, did you have any contact with gnomes?"

"Yes," Hui Wei answered.

"How about you, Vonmerge?" Anfey asked.

"I did not have any contact with gnomes, but I had contact with dwarves," Vonmerge answered.

"Would you dare to negotiate with gnomes and dwarves if I ask you to?" Anfey asked.

Hui Wei hesitated for a second, but Vonmerge nodded. "Sure, no problem."

"Don't worry. I would not ask you to risk your life without any protection." Anfey smiled. Vonmerge's response made Anfey happy. At least, he could tell what his job was and what his preferences were, otherwise he would have tried to talk Anfey out of it.

"Anfey, negotiation would not do us much good. No matter whether they are dwarves or gnomes, it would be hard to achieve any negotiation with them."

"I understand your concerns." Anfey nodded. "Ok, all of you can go take some rest."

Anfey and Suzanna walked slowly outside together. Suzanna hesitated for a second before she asked, "Anfey, do you really want them to negotiate with gnomes and dwarves? It is too dangerous."

"Are you worried about him?" Anfey smiled.

Anfey could swear he was just joking, but what he said just rubbed Suzanna the wrong way. She was shocked and stared at Anfey. Her face turned a little pale as well.

"Suzanna, I was just joking. Don't be mad at me." Anfey just realized that Suzanna was very sensitive, and his joke was a little overboard. He gave Suzanna a smile right away. This was the first time he had ever tried to please someone with a smile.

Suzanna bit her lip without saying anything. She felt wronged.

"Ok, ok. I apologize," Anfey said gently. He even made a move to hold Suzanna's hand.

Suzanna swung her arm and got away from Anfey's hand.

As Anfey was trying to comfort Suzanna, a woman's voice came from behind. "Anfey, you are here. I am looking for you."

Anfey turned around and saw Shansa Empire's princess standing there, lookikng beautiful.

"Alice, what do you need?" Anfey asked.

"Can I talk to you in private?" the princess asked.

"I..." Anfey hesitated for a second, and then he felt something warm and soft in his hand. Suzanna held his hand. Suzanna stepped forward, standing next to Anfey.

"I am sorry to bother you. We can talk later." Alice stared at Suzanna's hand. She looked sad.

Suzanna snorted quietly. She held Anfey's hand even tighter.