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Chapter 140: Worries

 Chapter 140: Worries

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Anfey remained still, and the wind blades rearranged themselves together. The blades wove together tightly and formed a large, circular formation, then began to spin. It was very fast. The edge of the formation was blurred and it made a high pitched screech.

The swordsmaster saw that Anfey had disappeared and a strange swirl appeared. He was shocked. However, he knew that he did not have another choice, because he heard his companions dying. He had to keeping going because it was his last chance.

Three sword radiances hit the swirl, but all three were swallowed by the blades. The swordsmaster couldn't tell how many of the blades he actually destroyed. It didn't matter. Compared to how many blades were there, the amount he destroyed was still too little. The swirl was not at all affected.

Anfey smiled and waved his right hand. The swirl, as if controlled by an unseen force, gathered and flew to his hand. It became a long spear. Anfey couldn't use intermediate magic, but he was very good at controlling the elements. The formation of the elements were very tight, the spear shone as if it was a real weapon, especially the tip. It shone coldly, and the swordsmaster felt cold just looking at it.

Anfey held the spear in one hand and thrust it forward, aiming at the swordsmaster's head.

The swordsmaster shouted angrily and summoned all of his combat power. He waved his sword and hit the spear's shaft. He was confident that his blow could shatter the weapon made out of elements. Even though he had never seen the strange weapon, he was sure it would be as vulnerable as the others he had seen before.

Something strange happened. The swordsmaster used all of his might, but Anfey had used a lot of strength as well. As the two weapons clashed, the swordsmaster felt his arm going numb. His sword bounced away from the spear as if it had hit a spring. The spear bounced the other way, and the spear bent under the impact. The elements were still woven together after the blow. The strength of this weapon and the person who summoned it was evident. This was important news for the organization, but first he needed to survive this fight. A dead man cannot relay information.

Anfey's eyes flashed. He kicked on the spear, which caused the spear to travel upwards. At the same time, his right hand reached forward. When the spear straightened itself, the tip was only a foot away from the swordsmaster's face.

The swordsmaster had never seen anyone fight like this. At the last minute, he raised his sword and blocked the attack. However, this time his defense was significantly weaker. The spear made a curve and hit the swordsmaster's chest.

The swordsmaster's chest rippled. It was the reaction from his combat power. The spear left a visible wound on his chest. The man flew back.

Anfey jumped up into the air and chased after the man. The spear in his hand flashed and struck the swordsmaster. The man had just taken a hit, and had not recovered enough to block this next hit. The only thing he could do was to summon his combat power. All three blows landed where Anfey wanted them to land. The man was falling faster, and the light of his combat power dimmed.

The swordsmaster rolled on the ground. Anfey had already landed when he jumped up. Anfey held the spear in both hands and thrust out towards the swordsmaster's head. Spears were originally his weapon of choice, but here in this world he had not found a place to use it. Until today.

The swordsmaster was like prey in a trap. He tried to block the spear, but Anfey changed his way of attack. The spear changed its direction and struck down instead of up. The tip of the spear struck the swordsmaster's calf. Even someone like Ernest could not defeat Anfey with a spear, let alone a swordsmaster.

The swordsmaster screamed in agony and tried to grab the spear. The way of the spear was to strike continuously. As soon as the enemy was wounded, every strike could be a lethal blow. Trying to grab the spear was human instinct, but it was a mistake.

Anfey pushed with his left hand and pulled with his right, and the spear was jerked to the right. The tip was still in the swordsmaster's calf. The man screamed again as his leg was pulled away from under him. A chunk of skin was ripped off by the spear.

Anfey then pulled right with his left hand and pushed left with his right hand. The spear returned and hit the swordsmaster again.

The swordsmaster was wounded, but he could still react. He lowered his head to duck from this lethal blow.

Anfey did not wait for him to recover. His left hand flew back and the spear flew back like a snake. Then he step forward with his right foot, and the spear flew forward. It struck the swordsmaster's chest.

The swordsmaster tried to block the spear with his sword. He was wounded and his combat power was almost gone. Now he was very slow. When his sword was a hair away from hitting the spear, the spear glided past the sword and hit his chest.

The swordsmaster reached over and grabbed the spear. He stared at Anfey with bloodshot eyes.

Anfey smiled. He pressed down with his left hand and threw the swordsmaster into the air.

The swordsmaster couldn't hold onto the spear no longer. He began tumbling through the air, his blood spraying down. Before he hit the ground, he felt cold and then pain in his back. The spear had pierced his back.

Anfey had no mercy. When the spear entered the man's body, his hands were relaxed. He didn't fight against the gravity and let the spear glide forward. Then he took a step back and brought his hands back. When the man was almost on the ground, he stepped and thrusted forward.

The spear pierced the swordsmaster's body and killed him.

The swordsmaster fell to the ground. Anfey let go of the spear. The wind elements dispersed quickly. If anyone found this body, it would be very hard to identify the murder weapon.

Anfey turned around. Suzanna was almost done with her fight. She had already taken care of one of the men. The other blocked a few of her blows but couldn't hold against her. The swordsmaster fighting with Black Eleven wanted to run, but his route was cut off by Suzanna and Black Eleven.

Perhaps because he did not do well today and was troubled by someone who was less powerful, Black Eleven seemed defeated. He checked the swordsmaster's body and walked over to join Anfey.

"You took a huge risk today," Black Eleven said.

"Well, at least now I know how dangerous Evil Mist really is," Anfey shrugged and replied.

"I've told you before..."

"Listening and experiencing are two very different things," Anfey interrupted. Why were they following him? Was it because he had killed Black Ghost? Anfey felt that there was something not quite right. There should be another reason for this.

"Thank god we took care of their mages first," Black Eleven said. "If there had been a necromancer, then we would be the ones on the ground now." He was in fact very troubled. His sense of order told him to tell Anfey to be cautious and tell him everything. He did not realize Evil Mist would be so interested in Anfey and send out their best men. A senior swordsmaster was rare even in White Mountain City.

"I'm curious. They are indeed very powerful. If they had just fought us, we would definitely have lost. Why are they following us? If it wasn't for the faint surges I felt, no one would have realized they were there." Anfey frowned. If there were a necromancer among the mages, combined with the other mages, why would they follow him in secret?

"You're saying they have backup?" Black Eleven's face paled. Normally he wasn't afraid of Evil Mist. If he couldn't fight them, he could run and hide. However, now he needed to destroy Shansa Empire's aerial squad. He didn't have time to be dealing with Evil Mist right now.

"Do they know we are going to Moramatch?" Anfey asked.

"How am I supposed know?" Black Eleven replied.