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Chapter 139: A Tough Opponent

 Chapter 139: A Tough Opponent

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Before Anfey finished talking, Suzanna had already shot herself out to lead the swordsmen. The radiance of Suzanna's sword was threatening.

The other senior swordsmaster did not move at all. The two swordsmen to his sides went forward to counter Suzanna. One of them looked like he did not see the sword radiance from Suzanna's sword. He thrust his sword at Suzanna like he did not care whether he would die from this attack. The other swordsman thrashed at Suzanna's midsection from the side.

Suzanna had a higher level than these two swordsmen, but not much higher. No matter whether it was with the sword broadside or blade, they both could hurt her. Suzanna pulled her sword back to block the sword thrusting at her. That intermediate swordsman almost dropped the sword. He tried really hard to hold the sword shaft steady with his arm raised high, which is a good angle to attack from.

Suzanna had no time to take advantage of this opportunity to attack the intermediate swordsman. She thrust her sword at the other intermediate swordsman's neck as she moved one step sideways to avoid his attack.

The sword had a radius of more than 3 feet. Even if she had not moved sideways, her sword radiance could have killed him anyway. Suzanna was young but she was very experienced in fighting. It was a correct move to pull away from him. By doing so, she gave herself plenty of time to make another attack, no matter how the swordsman attacked her next.

That intermediate swordsman suddenly sped up. He looked like he was running onto Suzanna's sword radiance. His sword had sword radiance as well. He thrust at Suzanna's midsection again.

The third intermediate swordsman was running towards Black Eleven. They had very similar fighting abilities, even though Black Eleven was slightly better. This intermediate swordsman was just as the other two. Every attacking move looked suicidal, which forced Black Eleven into a disadvantageous position.

The senior swordsmaster yelled and jumped into the air. His body left an arc trace in the air because of his fast speed as he threw himself at Anfey. It looked like he did not even want to survive this attack. In general, only when two parties' abilities were vastly different or they fought for life would they use the strategy of attacking opponents from the air. If his ability was not as good as the other one, this attack would have been suicide. If a swordsman jumped in the air, he would lose the dodging ability and could barely defend himself. He was allowing others to trample him. Of course, if his ability was far better than his opponent or he did not even think of dodging or defending, that suicidal attack could win him the advantage and allow him to continue his offensive attacks.

Anfey moved back as fast as he could, as coldness showed in his eyes. Today he was quite different than usual. He chose to counter the attack just to see how good that swordsman was.

Although they had just met and talked very little before they started their fight, Anfey had sufficient information to know this swordsman was a tough opponent.

Anfey took advantage of Magic Array of Chaos and killed most of the enemies. Most people would become crazy or depressed after suffering such a defeat. However, the four people left in the battle were very calm. They did not do anything extra. They were neither scared nor panicking.

By exchanging secrets, Anfey wanted to double check who they were, on the one hand, and provide them an opportunity to see if they could grab it, on the other. The explosion from the Magic Array of Chaos was very intense. Those four people were too close to the explosion. They were all hurt to some degree. Wounded people needed some time to allow themselves to adjust before they could get back to the fight again. They did grab the opportunity. They wanted to talk to Anfey even as their colleagues' bodies were everywhere, which proved they were capable of adjusting their emotions.

The fight at the end was well organized. There was a story about horse racing Anfey heard when he was little. The person in the story won the horse race by strategically matching the worst horse with the best one of the opponent, the intermediate one with the worst one of the opponent, and the best one with the intermediate one. This was the strategy they applied as well. They have two intermediate swordsmen attacking Suzanna, the other intermediate swordsman fighting with Black Eleven, while the main force attacked Anfey. They definitely thought Anfey was their break through. This was the only correct strategy they used.

Anfey felt upset after seeing how these four guys fought. He could tell how powerful Evil Mist was. One guy moved back fast and another rushed forward. The knees were bent forward, so moving forward was a lot faster than moving back. When the senior swordsmaster landed on the ground, he was less than 17 feet away from Anfey. The sword in his hand pointed diagonally downwards. A crescent shaped sword radiance swept at Anfey's shoulders.

Anfey suddenly switched direction as fast as a ghost. After barely dodging the sword radiance, Anfey moved back again.

The senior swordsmaster went after Anfey after getting the upper hand. He thrust the sword at Anfey's forehead with a step forward. Before the sword blade got close to Anfey, the sword radiance had already reached him.

Countless fireballs appeared around Anfey at the same time. They were side by side and layer by layer. Anfey was submerged in fireballs in the blink of an eye. The senior swordsmaster paused for a second. On Anfey's profile, it never showed Anfey was a Magic-Combat discipliner. The fireballs were not big, but there were many. Intelligent life had been cautious when they saw any unknowns. Without testing, the swordsman was not sure whether those fireballs would be able to hurt him.

The countless fire balls suddenly disappeared, just as bizarre as they suddenly showed up. Suddenly a flaming sword appeared in Anfey's right hand, a gigantic flaming shield on his left arm. As the swordsman was startled for a second, Anfey swung the sword upwards to block the sword from the senior swordsmaster, and then he moved back a step. The flaming sword created a flaming wall in the sky as it moved toward the senior swordsmaster's neck. It appeared that, Anfey had better momentum than the senior swordsmaster.

The pupils of the senior swordsmaster contracted. Anfey did not fit the profile he had. Anfey should not have such powerful combat power. If he knew about this, he would never have thought Anfey was his break through. He would rather have attacked the guy who wore a facial mask even during the day. As things had already proceeded in this way, he was not able to change anything. That swordsman suddenly screamed in anger, and pulled back the sword a little bit before he thrust the sword forward with full speed. The sword radiance was so bright that people could not directly look at it.

The sword was the key of this attack. He knew he could not fight with Anfey for long. His two companions were no match for that girl, so he had to beat Anfey before the two intermediate swordsmen finished their fight with Suzanna. He attacked with full strength without caring about his wound. He almost reached the limit his body could handle.

As the sword hit the flaming sword, the senior swordsmaster's body only moved a bit, while Anfey felt unbearable pain in his arm. Anfey lost control of the flaming sword. It moved to the right, and a lot of its flame went away as well. However, the elements did not disappear totally. They still kept the shape of a sword.

The senior swordsmaster would not let any opportunity go, so he took the opportunity and kicked at Anfey's chest. In this magic world, there was no leg technique for fighting. As the name suggested, leg techniques were a system of fighting skills using leg movements. The ones without leg techniques could still kick others, but with strong body and combat power, a kick could be more lethal.

The senior swordsmaster attacked quickly. Anfey's speed was not slow either, and did not seem to be affected by his wounds. At the very moment, the gigantic flaming shield on his left arm shielded his front. With a huge explosion, the senior swordsmaster had to move back 18 feet and stopped. Anfey was no better than him. Anfey was moved back almost twice as far as the swordsman. He accidentally fell into a big puddle created by the explosion from the magic array.

The senior swordsmaster was so happy to see Anfey fall. He immediately ran to the big puddle in one big stride. He looked down at the puddle, but he was shocked by what he saw.

The fire elements Anfey used in the fight disappeared in the blink of eye. They turned into intense surges of gas elements. Countless wind blades were floating above Anfey. They looked like groups of swimming fish. They were close, and swam in all directions with a strange pace. Between the wind blades, the senior swordsmaster could see Anfey's eyes shine with coldness.

The senior swordsmaster could not help taking a deep breath. Anfey's hands and feet did not move a bit, but he was able to stand up and then rose in the air. Countless wind blades were moving around him, protecting and holding him. It was not levitation magic. The magic Anfy performed was self-created.

The senior swordsmaster did not understand how Anfey could rise in the air. Worried, he secretly glanced back. That girl obviously had started to get familiar with the pace of their suicidal attacks. It would not be long before she would end the fight with the two intermediate swordsmen. He took another deep breath and decided to attack Anfey with the sword radiance, but Anfey had already landed on the other side of that big puddle.

"You are a lot stronger than me," Anfey said slowly.

The senior swordsmaster snorted. If Anfey wanted to bulls*%t before the fight had started, he would have loved to bulls*%t with him, but he did not dare to waste any time now. He swung his sword hard and a shining sword radiance showed up. He jumped into the air and threw himself from the air towards Anfey.

The crescent-shaped sword radiance left a series of mirror-like traces in the sky. The sword radiance swept 40 feet through the sky in the blink of an eye and reached Anfey. The senior swordsmaster jumped into the sky and left a trace of an arc. He rushed to Anfey from the sky. He had already used up his strength. He had been hurt, and used all of his remaining strength to try to beat Anfey as fast as he could. His body had already gotten really weak. If he continued to fight like this, even if his companions could get even in the fight with the girl, it would not help because he had lost all his fighting ability.

Being tough on himself was crueler than being tough on others. The senior swordsmaster grinned as he swung his sword. Two crossed sword radiances came together in the sky, but his combat power seemed to get weaker.