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Chapter 137: Treating Each Other with Respect

 Chapter 137: Treating Each Other with Respect

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Anfey turned around to look. He saw the little unicorn walked around with an empty bottle in his mouth. The little unicorn walked sideways, diagonally, backwards, hopping and many other ways, but just not forward. This little guy did have very strong kinetic skills. He wobbled all around, but did not fall.

Niya had already rushed over and held the little guy in her arms. She felt so bad for the little unicorn. She reached out her hand to take the empty bottle away from the little unicorn. She was a senior swordswoman, but she could not even pull the empty bottle out of the unicorn's mouth after two tries. The little unicorn bit the empty bottle so hard that Anfey could even hear some cracking sounds.

Niya suddenly turned around, screaming again in anger and sadness. "Look at you." Niya's temper had gotten a lot better now. Six months ago if someone had fooled around with her pet, she would have pulled out her sword at that person without thinking whether she could beat the person or not.

"Anfey did not do it on purpose. The little unicorn wanted the wine himself," Christian tried to mediate between them. He smiled.

The little unicorn burped loudly from drinking too much. It seemed that the unicorn tried to prove Christian was right. Everybody burst into laughter. What a scene! Many people could not see a real unicorn their whole lives, but they had raised one as a pet and could watch the little unicorn burping from drinking. They definitely could brag about it.

The little unicorn looked around with eyes half closed. Drunk people easily made fools of themselves, and so did the little unicorn. The little guy was looking for Anfey, but it spun around a couple of times in a weird pace, failing to locate Anfey. Anfey actually was only 70 feet away from the little unicorn.

"You deserve it." Niya gave the little unicorn a love tap on its butt. Her anger came and went fast. She had already switched her attention quickly from being angry at it to how to take care of this drunk little guy.

Anfey slowly stood up. "Christian, I will come to see you later."

"Sure," Christian said.

If someone had closely watched Anfey, he would have notice something weird. Compared with the little drunk unicorn, Anfey walked more steadily, but without any directional sense. He first walked towards his wagon, then changed direction on the way. It looked like he was trying to see Feller. He changed direction again before he walked along. This time it looked like he wanted to see Hagan. Half way there, he turned around and walked toward Hui Wei. If there were a spy watching him, he would be so confused by the way he walked. In fact, Anfey himself did not have a clear destination in mind either. He just walked by following his heart. When he finally stopped, he realized he was standing in front of Suzanna's wagon.

They might have to fight together soon, so Anfey felt they needed to talk about the misunderstanding between them. He did not want to see them not being able to team up well because of any misunderstanding.

Anfey found a good excuse to see Suzanna. He lifted the curtain and ducked into the wagon.

Suzanna was surprised to see Anfey, and then she blushed again. It was interesting to see Suzanna blushing again when her previous blush had not disappeared yet.

"Hey, here you are," Suzanna said in low pitch.

"Yeah," Anfey said.

"Would you like some tea?" Suzanna asked.

"No, thanks," Anfey said.

"I heard Niya yelling. What happened?" Suzanna found a topic they could talk about.

"The little unicorn drank too much. She thinks it is my fault," Anfey said.

"You must have given the unicorn the drinks. Am I right?" Suzanna said.

"I only wanted that little guy to taste it, but it finished the whole bottle before I even noticed," Anfey said.

"I cannot believe you are so naughty." Suzanna gave Anfey a smile.

"You are not being fair to me." Anfey smiled bitterly. "We have known each other for a long time. Don't you understand me? I take things seriously."

"Don't be mad at Niya. She's got a temper. She will be fine," Suzanna said.

"I know. I was never mad at her," Anfey said.

Their conversation was stuck. Both of them seemed to have nothing else to talk about, but their brains were racing. They seemed to be stuck in this tense thinking at the same time.

Anfey was thinking how he could explain to Suzanna in a way he was not going to hurt her feelings. His instinct did not allow him to have any connection with women. No matter how others saw Suzanna and him, he would not admit there was anything between them.

Suzanna was trying to read in between Anfey's lines. She thought to herself, "Anfey just emphasized that he takes things seriously. Did he worry that I do not take what Shally said seriously?" Suzanna nervously bit her lip.

No one would know whether Anfey meant it or not. If Suzanna thought so, just let her believe so for now.

"Would you like some tea?" Suzanna asked again. She did not know what else to say. She just could not stand the silence. The quieter it got, the more nervous she felt.

"Ok." Anfey changed his mind to have some.

Suzanna lifted the tea pot up and tested the temperature of the water with her finger. "The water is already cold. I will have Feller warm it up."

"No, it's fine, I will have some water," Anfey said.

Maybe Suzanna unconsciously did not want to ruin the moment. She treasured this moment even though they were both awkward. She did not insist on making the tea. She gently poured a glass of water and passed it to Anfey.

Anfey took the glass and sipped on it. His eyes stared at something for a second. When Suzanna was pouring the water, her skirt rolled up and her long and beautiful lower legs showed. Suzanna was ready to go to bed and had already taken off her boots before Anfey walked in. The silky and milky-white feet showed in front of Anfey. It was common in psychology that old memories were triggered by seeing things that had been seen in the past. Anfey could not help recalling the battle with Suzanna in the water that night.

Suzanna was very sensitive right now. She noticed Anfey was looking at something. She followed his eyes and saw her lower legs showed. She blushed and hurried to pull her skirt down to cover her legs. She even tucked her feet under her skirt.

Anfey felt awkward and moved back a little. He looked around but was just not able to look at Suzanna.

"Anfey pays attention to details and does not show his emotions when he does things. It must have taken him a lot of courage to show his love to me," Suzanna thought to herself. Suzanna was recalling every moment with Anfey. What happened at the pond was a nightmare from the past, but it also made her realize the good sides of Anfey. When Anfey caught her that night, she was taking a bath without any clothes on. Suzanna was confident about her looks and body, but Anfey did not take advantage of her that night. Anfey quietly left the pond when he found out it was just a misunderstanding. If Anfey were bad, she would not be a virgin now.

Since joining Anfey's legion, Suzanna had been under Anfey's supervision. She had developed a habit of listening to and counting on Anfey. Before a woman decided to accept a man as her man, her top criteria would be whether that man was reliable. Suzanna was going far in terms of counting on Anfey. What she did not like about Anfey in the past had changed into things she liked about him. The awkward moments between them seemed to be sweet in their memories.

Suzanna nervously coughed. She thought what she did was too obvious, which probably seemed like a rejection signal to Anfey. Suzanna twisted her body a little bit to allow her lower legs to be shown again. This move was nothing to most girls, but it was all Suzanna could handle. Her heart beat fast. The red color on her cheeks made her more beautiful. Her head leaned on the wagon's wall. She did not dare even to look at Anfey.

In this magic world, there was no saying to describe girls accidentally showing their skin, nor was there a book to teach them how to keep perverts away. Suzanna moved in panic. As a result, she showed more than just her lower legs. From Anfey's angle, he could even see her underwear.

Anfey noticed Suzanna's moves. He understood Suzanna showed her body on purpose. After noticing it, Anfey started to feel nervous, but did show the nervousness on his face. He immediately realized his emotional change. He closed his eyes right away and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes, he could see clearly again.

"Anfey, why are you here?" Suzanna asked in a very low pitch.

"Well..." Anfey did not know how to put it. Before he walked to Suzanna's wagon, he did not realize there was anything special between Suzanna and him. He thought Suzanna was a good friend. He thought Suzanna was thinking the same way about him. That was the reason he felt it was necessary to explain to Suzanna about their misunderstanding. However, seeing how Suzanna acted, no matter how stupid Anfey was, he could tell Suzanna liked him.

Suzanna suddenly felt she was a fool. She did not even know how to talk. "If there was nothing related to the legion, was Anfey not supposed to come here to hang out? It was no different than rejecting him," Suzanna thought to herself.

"Actually you can come and talk to me anytime you want. I would like to hang out with you. Seriously," Suzanna said in a low pitch. Shally's little kid's talk had put Suzanna in this awkward position. She felt things moved too fast, and she was not too comfortable with it. However, she never wanted to hurt Anfey's feelings and pride.

"I am glad to hear that too." Anfey smiled. The air was filled with chemistry sparkling between them. They treated each other with respect and courtesy. Anfey never said "thank you" to Suzanna, but he did today. They were so polite to each other.

"Suzanna, can I meditate here for a while? Don't let anyone interrupt me," Anfey suddenly said. He had to meditate right now, otherwise he felt something bad was going to happen. He noticed himself getting panicky.

"Sure." Suzanna was shocked for a second, then she nodded at him.