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Chapter 135: Weighed Down by the Responsibilities

 Chapter 135: Weighed Down by the Responsibilities

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At dawn, as soon as the patrol had opened the gate of White Mountain City, Anfey and his legion walked out in mighty formation. It was not an exaggeration to call it a mighty formation. Black Eleven was pretty influential, because he was able to get over thirty wagons. Alibaba mercenaries were in the front of the wagon route, girls in the middle, while a variety of items were carried in the back. Black Eleven said he would be in charge of getting everything ready for this trip. He did not just say it, he in fact brought everything. In addition to necessities like rice, flour, tables and other furniture, cabins, cloth and other materials, and alcohol, he even brought nails, sewing thread, rope and needles. He brought everything imageable. Black Eleven even had cosmetics for the girls. Anfey wondered if he carried the whole grocery store with him.

There were many attendants for the caravan. Anfey had mentioned to Black Eleven that they needed to figure out how to attack the Griffin Aerial Unit in the shutter ridge. Therefore, Black Eleven brought all the people he could think of and asked them to disguise themselves as the bodyguards of the merchant caravan. They walked on both sides of the caravan to protect them.

They had been travelling south the whole time. They had not run into any trouble yet. They did meet two small bandit groups. When those bandits saw their caravan from a distance stretched so far like a snake, they had backed off. Black Eleven brought over sixty people with him, and all of them were good. He also hired more than a hundred bodyguards. Those two bandit groups were not able to counter the strength of a caravan with such a large number people. Even the larger bandit group with about hundred bandits in it had to think twice before taking any action.

As it was getting dark, the caravan stopped and started to set up their camp. There were so many people working on it that Anfey did not have to do a thing on his own. He leaned back on a rock, zoning out looking at the sky. Suzanna walked to him from the other end of the camp. She took a seat opposite of Anfey. She waited for a while and snorted when she saw that Anfey kept looking at the sky.

"What are you snorting for?" People could not say whatever was on their minds. If Anfey said the same thing when Suzanna had just joined the legion, they might have already started to fight. Of course, Suzanna did not have the same attitude towards Anfey any more. Everybody had already become familiar with each other and been through difficult times together. They were more like brothers and sisters. No one would make a big deal out of jokes.

"I admire you." Suzanna said.

"What do you mean?" Anfey asked.

"Do you know how long I have known Hagan?" Suzanna asked.

"Less than thirty years?" Anfey joked.

"You..." Suzanna did not know whether she should be angry or laugh at his answer. Everyone knew Suzanna was not even twenty years old yet. How could she know someone around thirty years? Suzanna did not want to fight with Anfey. She said, "I have known him for three years. You just met him two months ago, but it seems that you are more important to him than me."

"Why are you saying that?" Anfey asked.

"I was asking him what he was making. He just would not tell me," Suzanna said.

"He just followed the directive. It is nothing to do with whom he is closer to." Anfey smiled. "It looks like Hagan is more mature than I thought."

"Are you proud of it?" Suzanna snorted again. Suzanna typically changed her mind really fast. Since Suzanna met Anfey, her attitude towards Anfey had changed a lot. She was alert from the beginning, then felt relaxed in front of Anfey, then trusted him, now she could even go into a fit of rage in front of him.

"No, no. You do not have to ask him. You can just ask me." Anfey smiled.

"I hate people who pretend to be mysterious in front me." Suzanna's mouth curled down. She had asked Anfey before, but he had always told her that she would understand later. She really hated how Anfey treated her.

"But I just like to act mysterious in front of people." Anfey heaved a sigh. "What a paradox!"

Suzanna felt helpless dealing with someone like Anfey. She should have snorted and left, but she did not. She still sat across from Anfey.

"Feller, can you get me some wine?" Anfey shouted at Feller.

"Sure," Feller answered him from distance. A moment later, Feller walked over with a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. What good service.

Black Eleven was talking with Hagan. One looked sincere, while the other kept shaking his head. After a while, Black Eleven had to stand up. He slowly walked towards Anfey. It was obvious that Suzanna was the first one lost in the conversation; and, well, Black Eleven was the second one.

As Black Eleven passed by Christian, he drew back. He saw Blavi, Riska and Zubin talking about something together, but they kept looking at Anfey. Each of them had a grin on his face. Black Eleven was shocked for a second and realized something. He did not notice it until he saw Christian and others' grins. There was definitely something between Anfey and Suzanna when he looked at them again. Alibaba mercenaries had been trying to leave them alone. They seemed to agree not to bother them, no matter whether Anfey was looking for Suzanna or Suzanna was looking for Anfey.

It is easy to tell from Niya's face because she kept grinning at Anfey and Suzanna in a way that seemed like she had been given hundreds and thousands of gold coins. She held Shally's hand with one hand and the little unicorn with the other hand. If she had let Shally and the little unicorn go, they would have gone to bother Anfey and Suzanna without any doubt. She would have no show to watch if that happened.

Anfey lifted up the glass and poured the wine into it. He took out something Hagan made and carefully dropped one drop in the wine. He passed the glass to Suzanna.

Suzanna looked at Anfey in curiosity, but did not say anything. She took over the glass and raised her head. It looked like she was going to drink to the bottom.

"Hey, hey, hey..." Suzanna did not care, but Anfey could not sit there still. He grabbed Suzanna's arm and took the glass away from her.

"What are you doing?" Suzanna frowned.

"Did you really want to finish it?" Anfey smiled bitterly. No one would eat anything without knowing what it is. It was common sense. Anfey thought Suzanna first would ask what it was so he could bring the topic up. Who would know Suzanna would chug it without even asking.

"Didn't you ask me to have it?" Suzanna felt Anfey was weird.

"Are you going to drink just because I asked you to?" Anfey sighed. "You fool. Would you die if I ask you to?"

Suzanna went quiet for a second. It looked like she actually gave serious thought to his question. She smiled, but without giving him the answer.

Anfey took a close look at the wine in the glass. Luckily he had taken the glass away from her quickly. She only had taken a sip out of it. He heaved a sigh of relief.

"We haven't practiced sword skills for a long time. Anfey, do you want to fight with me?" Suzanna smiled.

"You want to beat my ass, right?" Anfey leered at Suzanna.

Suzanna burst into laughter. "We are just practicing sword skills. Don't tell me you do not dare?"

"I do not dare," Anfey answered firmly.

"You are not a man," Suzanna said.

"Crazy! So I am a man if I allow you beat me?" Anfey said.

"Boring." Suzanna shook her head. If any man had refused to fight with her in the past, Suzanna would look down upon him. She thought a real man could move forward even knowing it was going to be hard, and bravely face the failure. She did not disdain Anfey even when she saw Anfey shamelessly refuse to fight with her or tried really hard but still lost the match when they practiced sword skills together. After having been through so much together, Suzanna had to admit sometimes the power someone possessed was not decisive. The two senior swordsmen in Glory mercenary group were among the best on Pan Continent. They were tricked and killed by Anfey. If it had been her, she would not have thought she could escape it either.

"Boring? You have many ways to be entertained. You do not have to find me every time you are bored." Anfey smiled.

"Who always finds you?" Suzanna blushed a little. Women were usually sensitive. They could easily make things more complicated than they were. " I am going to look for Niya. I am not going to stay bored here with you."

Anfey watched Suzanna running away with a smile. When he looked down, the smile had already gone. He looked a little anxious and sort of touched. He raised the glass and drank the whole glass of special wine. He heaved a slight sigh. "Suzanna, do you trust me to the point that you could do anything I ask you to do?"

Anfey's heart was heavy. He shook his head and forced himself to stop thinking about it. He looked up at the sky again.

Suzanna went to find Niya. Shally and the little unicorn finally had their freedom back. They ran behind each other to Anfey. Shally was a little slow, while the little unicorn already rushed to Anfey with hurricane speed. He whined, with his head pushed onto Anfey's leg. The little guy noticed the wine glass in Anfey's hand. He moved his nose closer to the glass to sniff, and stuck his tongue into the glass to taste it.

Frankly, Anfey did not love animals that much. Neither could he be called "nurturing". He grinned and held a glass of wine to the little unicorn.

The little unicorn stirred the wine with its tongue and then bit the glass to pour the wine into his mouth. The little unicorn put the glass down on the ground with happy barks. If it was other alcohol, the little unicorn might not have liked it. Feller brought wine. This little guy got used to drink fruit juice, and the wine was similar in smell and taste, so he was very tempted to have it.

"Haha, you really can drink." Anfey smiled and poured another glass.

The little unicorn was still an infant, but it seemed that the little guy really liked the wine. Every time Anfey poured a glass of wine, he could finish it without any trouble. The little unicorn made some happy sounds.

"Anfey." Shally came up to Anfey. Shally had been a happy kid, but she seemed different today. She looked at Anfey with worry and anxiety.