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Chapter 131: Seeing Honna Again

 Chapter 131: Seeing Honna Again

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Maybe it was because the nature of civilization in this magic world involved many bloody fights, or because everyone was eager to prove how strong they were when a person's fate was purely decided by their abilities. Almost every city seemed to have boxing facilities in addition to entertainment complexes. Anfey thought the boxing here was even more bloody than the underground boxing in his world.

The last match had just finished. Four human slaves were torn up into pieces. Blood and their organs were everywhere on the boxing stage. The audience had both men and women. They got excited, cheering for bloody scenes. If Black Eleven and Christian had not sat next to Anfey, Anfey would have thought he was in a party thrown by vampires.

Anfey never thought killing was enjoyable. It was only a way to protect himself. Anfey did not like the idea that the crowds loved to watch the bloody scenes, but he did understand these crazy people. The people who watched the boxing should be no less excited than the people who went to an arena to watch fights when it was newly built.

Walking in others' shoes was Anfey's strongpoint. In most cases, he could find a specific reason for any unusual behavior. He was never surprised by unusual behavior. His strongpoint allowed him to be able to think psychologically, including studying his enemies' psychology.

"Do you have other places to go that are not so bloody?" Anfey asked, frowning. He was a ferocious assassin who killed many people, but he did it with reason and purpose. He had never been able to appreciate death in an entertaining way, so he did not like the crowds in the boxing arena. He liked neither the boxing stage nor the Angel Love Hotel.

"Do you want to go to the theater?" Black Eleven grinned.

"Is there any theater? What is it for?" Anfey was shocked for a second.

"It has bard shows," Black Eleven said.

"Not bad." Anfey smiled. "If I do not have a job, I know where I should go to help make ends meet."

"Do you want to be a bard?" Black Eleven seemed to pick up on what Anfey implied and asked in surprise. Anyone who knew a little about Anfey should know he would never make it as a bard.

"I have the potential to be a bard because I have so many great stories." Anfey pointed at his head with a smile. "Camille, Faust, Madama Butterfly, Carmen, Romeo and Juliet. I promise you every one of them will be a classic."

"I think you have the potential to be bragger." Black Eleven did not believe a word Anfey said.

The crowd suddenly cheered and went wild. Many men and women started to stand up. Some of them threw beer bottles on the floor, some flipped their tables, some even stood on the tables. There were even some waitresses who stopped serving and just jumped and screamed. Gradually, all kinds of sounds merged into one: "Katuru, Katuru, Katuru!"

"What is Katuru?" Anfey asked.

"It is a scary monster." Black Eleven smiled bitterly. "You will know in a second."

A gigantic magic altar light lit up on the boxing stage, which signaled the most important annual matches at Angel Love Hotel were about to start. There were only three matches like this each year. The curtain on both sides of the stage opened. The boxers in this match were about to come out.

From Anfey's angle, he saw an 8-foot-tall wolfman with blond fur walk out from the left side of the stage. Compared with the wolfmen Anfey had seen before, this one was bigger and had different fur. Regular wolfmen were 6 feet tall with grey, brown or black fur. The appearance did not make a huge difference, but his ferocious personality did. When the wolfman walked on the stage, his eagerness to fight showed on his face. He even tried to attack the bodyguards who escorted him out. The wolfmen Anfey had seen before were a lot calmer. That wolfman did not even have to make any aggressive moves, he showed his ferociousness in his eyes. His pupils were contracted to the size of peas.

The three boxers who came out from the other side of the stage were female. An elf wearing a gold crown walked in between, and two human swordswomen walked on the sides. They all were scantily dressed. Only a few layers of gauze were wrapped around their breasts. Small and thin panties barely covered their private parts. They all looked desperate. Anfey could clearly tell that they were trembling as they walked. Obviously they had been forced to dress the way they were dressed. They had been forced to fight on the stage as well.

The bodyguards escorting them were quite different. Although the boxers all wore antimagic bracelets, a senior magister and two intermediate magisters followed the wolfman, while only two junior swordsmen followed the three girls.

Before they even started their fight, Anfey knew these three girls were no match for the wolfman. Anfey did not understand the point of this fight.

Boxers all walked onto the stage. A senior magister and his assistants started to set up the magic array. A moment later, a swordsman walked onto the stage to check the antimagic bracelet on the wolfman, and then he turned around to take the antimagic bracelets off the girls. He walked back to the wolfman to take the apron off him. The wolfman stood on the stage naked.

Audience screamed, "F*^king kill them, F*^king kill them!"

The elf had already loaded her bow and pointed it at the wolfman standing opposite her. The other two girls pulled their swords out and positioned themselves to fight. The wolfman wore the antimagic bracelet. The girls were ready to fight with their full force, but the girls did not seem to have the confidence to win and looked even more desperate.

"Is this the upper class you talked about? Is this the show you said regular people were not qualified to come in to watch?" Anfey said with an ironic tone.

"Anfey, let's go back." Christian was anxious to leave.

"In order to bring you here, I had to pull a lot of strings," Black Eleven said, smiling bitterly. "These people looked crazy here, but when they walk out of this hall, they could be gentlemen. They could give money to the homeless and would shed tears for the unfortunate. Anfey, this is just a show. Every city has this kind of show. You cannot stop them and have no right to stop them. Many royal families just love to watch them," Black Eleven said.

"Supply and demand. I understand it." Anfey smiled and stood up. "I have no control over others, but I can control my eyes. There should be no one forcing me to stay, right?"

"I finally find someone who shares the same values as me." A girl's voice rose behind Anfey. "The air here is filled with ugliness and disgrace. Sir? Did we meet somewhere?"

Anfely slowly turned around. He smiled, "Madam, we did meet at White Mountain City. I am sorry that I offended you then. I did not mean to."

"So you still remember me?" The corner of Honna's mouth turned up.

"You are so beautiful. How could I forget you? I may forget where I am from, but I would not forget you," Anfey said.

"You have such a sweet way of talking." Honna looked at Black Eleven and Christian. "Don't you want to introduce me your friends?"

"Hello, Madam. My name is Christian." Christian stood up politely.

Black Eleven followed him, standing up too. "Hello, my name is Armin."

"Nice meeting both of you." Honna nodded. "I am Honna."

The fight had just started on the stage. That elf and the other two swordswomen crowded into the corner of the stage, trying hard to defend themselves. The antimagic bracelet definitely constrained the moves that the wolfman could do. He had received two minor wounds on his body in the short fight. Those three girls were intact, but wolfman had the advantage of making offensive attacks.

"What is your name? Is it a secret?" Honna looked at Anfey with a smile.

"My name is Anfey. Honna? Your name is as beautiful as you." Anfey smiled.

"Thank you." Honna covered her little mouth with her hand. "I have something to do today. I am going to let you guys go, but I hope you guys can come by at my house sometime. Will you?"

"It would be my pleasure," Anfey said.

"Oh, right, where are you staying now?" Honna asked.

"Tuna Hotel," Anfey answered.

"Honna." A man around fifty years old called from the distance.

"I am sorry. I have to go now." Honna had a beautiful smile on her face. She moved back two steps.

"Sure," Anfey said.

Black Eleven waited until Honna walked next to the old man. He frowned and asked, "Anfey, what does that woman want to do?"

"Who knows? It seems that she wanted to get to know us," Anfey said.

"Not us. She wanted to know you." Christian smiled. "Her eyes had been on you the whole time. Couldn't you tell?"

"Idiot!" Black Eleven commented. He had not known Anfey for a long, but he knew Anfey was different than other young guys. He would not fall into the trap of a beautiful girl. Niya and Suzanna were famous for their beauty. Anfey did not make a big deal out of it. Even when he flirted with Suzanna, Black Eleven still could tell Anfey had a natural calmness in his eyes. If Anfey would not fall for Suzanna and Niya, neither would he fall for Honna. In addition, Anfey knew about Honna's messed-up life. It would be a joke if anyone tried to connect with Anfey through beautiful girls.

The situation on the stage suddenly changed. The wolfman took the opportunity and dragged a swordswoman out of their defensive zone. The other two girls understood the importance of fighting together. If any of them died, the other two would end up the same way. Therefore, the other two girls went forward and tried to save that swordswomen from the wolfman.

Anfey looked at the stage and noticed that the wolfman was breathing normally, while the girls were out of breath. He shook his head. "Let's go."