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Chapter 123: Furtive

 Chapter 123: Furtive

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"You are free now." The words he said before did not matter, the last sentence was the most important. It needed to be said by Anfey.

The female slaves stood shocked for a second before they cheered. Some of them cried out of happiness, some hugged and jumped up and down. The youngest girls did not understand what "freedom" meant, but seeing their sisters and aunties so happy made them happy as well.

Anfey jumped off the wagon and walked to the four elves. Those elves looked excited. They looked at Anfey.

"Christian, take the antimagic bracelets off them," Anfey said calmly.

From Anfey's point of view, elves were proud and stubborn. They were not easy to get along with. However, they were better than most human beings. There were many people who did bad things to the people who used to offer them help, but very few elves did those terrible things. Taking a deeper look into it, maybe this was the reason the culture of elves was getting weaker. They were too pure for this magic world, while the world was too much for them.

Elves either had to adapt to this world or be destroyed, which was a difficult choice the world had given them. Unluckily, elves had proudly chosen the latter rather than being influenced in a bad way by the world. Their decision could not simply be judged by right or wrong.

"Thank you." The elves bowed to Anfey.

"You are welcome." Anfey simply waved. He turned around and walked away.

Those elves stood still, shocked. Most human beings were interested in the world of elves or elves themselves. Anfey could have taken the opportunity to talk to them. Anfey walked away, which made the elves wonder. Anfey's idea about the elves was simple. These elves who ended up as slaves probably had unimportant roles in the world of elves. In other words, their power levels were average at most. Anfey was not interested in knowing them. After they reached White Mountain City, he would send these elves to Tiger of Tawau mercenary group in the name of Alibaba mercenary group. By doing so, Anfey could gain the friendship of both Hotchbini and the elves. Besides helping Anfey winning over friendship, they were not useful.

Anfey had been dealing with many chores the whole day. Ahab's merchant caravan was just a low-level one, but there were all kinds of items in it. It already took a day to write down everything in the inventory. Anfey decided to camp where they were and take a day's break.

When everybody was busy doing things, Anfey held little Shally's hand secretively and walked with her out of the station. They submerged themselves in the grass and disappeared. Suzanna saw them from a distance. She just smiled, shaking her head. She did not think it was a big deal. If it had happened in modern times, seeing so much news about perverts, she would surely have followed them. Anfey's furtive moves were suspicious, but Suzanna did not worry about it at all.

Anfey looked around and listened to their surroundings to see if anyone was around them before asking Shally in low voice, "Shally, would you listen to me?"

"Yes." Shally nodded seriously. "My sister told me to listen to you."

"Would you listen to anything I tell you?" Anfey asked.

Shally thought about it and nodded, "Yes." Shally was even purer than any elf. She did not have any idea that Anfey could do anything bad to her. Anfey's furtive look did not make him look like a good person.

"Good." Anfey smiled. He looked up and listened to the surroundings again. He thought for a while and finally made a decision. "Shally, are you ready?"

"Ready for what?" Shally asked in surprise.

Anfey whispered to Shally to her ear.

"Huh? I don't want to do it," Shally said.

"Yes, you will do it," Anfey said.

"No, Anfey," Shally said.

"You will do it. Are you listening to me?" What Anfey said was a typical conversation between a predator and victim. No one could imagine this kind of conversation could happen here.

"I am afraid..." Shally said.

"What are you afraid of? Just try it, just once," Anfey said.

Luckily, Suzanna did not follow them. If she had heard the conversation, she probably would not have been able to keep from jumping out to ask Anfey what he was doing to Shally.

"Anfey," Shally pouted.

"Did you just say you would listen to me and do anything I ask you to do?" Anfey asked.

"But," Shally said.

"Why are you talking so much? Just listen to me." Anfey was upset.

"If I hurt you, my sister would blame me," Shally said.

"Are you kidding me? Do you really think you can hurt me?" Anfey had to dare Shally.

Little kids were easy to comfort. Shally frowned and looked like a little soldier. "Ok. If I hurt you, you are not allowed to tell on me to my sister."

"Of course, I would not tell on you. I, Anfey, am not that kind of person," Anfey said.

"You promise?" Shally was still not so sure about it.

"Come one, come on, hurry up." Anfey felt helpless. If he had not wanted be a joke for others, he would not have found Shally to do it with him. This little girl talked too much.

"Are you ready? I am firing now," Shally said seriously.

"Yes, yes," Anfey said.

"My greatest Fire God..." Little Shally started to chant with sincerity.

Anfey secretly wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. It was just a little fire ball. She did not have to ask for Fire God, did she? Luckily, he knew, if others saw Shally looking so sincere, they probably would think she was releasing magic.

After she finished her chanting, a little fire ball appeared in Shally's hand. She shot at Anfey.

Anfey focused and tried to communicate with the fire elements that he could sense. This was a new idea he had yesterday. If the fire elements he called out would not hurt him, then maybe he could try to communicate with others' fire elements. Of course, he was not so sure it would work. Otherwise he would not have asked Shally to shoot the fire ball.

As Anfey felt he was communicating with the fire elements with his telephathy, the little fire ball hit Anfey's face. With a puffing sound, the little fire ball turned into countless sparks and disappeared. Anfey felt warm on his face without any burning pain. He had done it. Immediately, Anfey realized a serious problem. This little girl aimed at his face. What would happen if he had not made it?

"You; Shally." Anfey could only heave a long sigh. He could not do anything to little Shally.

Shally was startled for a while before she ran to Anfey. She tugged on his shirt to asked Anfey to lower himself. She touched his face with her little cold hands. "Anfey, your face got a thick layer of skin." It was Anfey's turn to feel shocked. From Shally's point of view, without a magic shield and combat power, the only way Anfey could counter the fire ball was because he got thicker skin even than magic armor.

Anfey was speechless about the way Shally thought. Shally's comments did not sound so nice.

"Anfey, can we play again?" Shally screamed in excitement.

"We should go back now. Maybe we can play next time." Anfey was just trying to test whether his idea would work. He had completed the task, so he wanted to go back and give it a little bit more thought.

"I want to play again." Shally twisted her body to whine to Anfey.

"Next time," Anfey said.

"I want to play again," Shally whined a second time.

Their conversation right then, as before, could easily make people think something else was going on. However, Anfey and Shally did not feel there was anything wrong with their conversation. Shally had no idea, and the other did not realize.

"Ok, Ok." Anfey nodded. He showed a serious face and said, "Not on the face, ok?"

"Yes, I know," Shally said.

"Ok, shoot." Anfey started to focus with his telephathy. It would be good for Anfey to test his new idea a couple of times more. He tried to control the fire balls Shally fired at him as quickly as possible. If he could get control of the fire balls at the moment Shally shot them out, then he could easily beat any mages at the same level when his magic skills reached a certain level.

"Great Fire God." Shally looked even more sincere. She wished she could improve the power of her little fire balls with more sincere chanting.

One, two, three...Anfey continued to have few feelings. They did not leave the forest for a long time. When they walked to the station, Shally was so exhausted that she could not even walk. Her magic ability was low to begin with, and she had been trying hard to hit Anfey. She not only emptied her magic, but also physically exhausted herself.

Anfey walked into the station with Shally in his arms. Shally had sweat all over her face. Her face was a little pale, with her eyes half closed. If any dark person saw this scene, Anfey would have a hard time explaining what happened between Anfey and Shally.

Suzanna and Vonmerge were talking when Anfey walked in. They hurried over. "Anfey, where did you go?"

"What happened to Shally? Anfey, what did you do?" Vonmerge asked in surprise.

"I did not do anything. We were practicing magic," Anfey answered calmly. Anfey had not done anything wrong, so he was not afraid of being questioned.

"But..." Vonmerge looked at Shally in surprise and thought to himself, "Look at poor Shally. How could Anfey say they did not do anything?"

"Sis, it was fun." Shally opened her eyes and barely had strength to smile.

"What did you play?" Suzanna asked in curiosity.

Anfey suddenly coughed. He did not want anyone to know his combat power.

Shally realized as well. "This is a secret between me and Anfey. I am not telling anyone," Shally answered proudly. She was proud to be able to share a secret with Anfey.