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Chapter 121: A Big Victory

 Chapter 121: A Big Victory

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Just as Anfey had estimated, this was undoubtedly a slaughter. The Great Flame Sword in Anfey's hand had created a flaming swirl in the battlefield. Where the flaming swirl moved to, people close to it were killed. Suzanna was more like a harvesting machine, passing through people horizontally and vertically. Where her sword passed, there had been a smog of blood appearing in the air.

Sante, Zubin and others were still releasing their magic. Although mages and swordsmen were on the same level, the ways they fought were quite different. If mages got the chance to fly in the air, swordsmen would be at a disadvantage and could only passively defend themselves without any chance to fight back. This was because the swordsmen could only fight back with sword radiance. Once the mages were in the sky, the swordsmen would have no chance to release their sword radiance. And vice-versa, mages' shields and defensive magic arrays were quite weak. If they were attacked by bad-intentioned swordsmen at a short distance, the result would be disastrous.

The battle between swordsmen and mages on this level was not so fun to watch. The key to the victory lay on which party was the offensive one. However, the fatalities were far more than in the battles at the senior level. Senior-level fighters usually could decide the winner and survivor quickly. If Zubin, Sante and others were suddenly attacked by a group of swordsmen, their fatality would be no better than the swordsmen who were losing right now.

Wind Blade could be countered by combat power. Big fire balls were a challenge though. When the heat waves swiped through people, they would not necessarily die, but definitely be burnt to some degree. If Christian and Riska joined the legion, or if a meteor appeared in the sky, they would die without even any chance to counter it. The powers could be quite different even when the same magic was released by mages and magisters.

A mercenary ran towards Anfey like a crazy monster. Few wind blades were slayed on him, but all were countered by his combat power. The last slay of the wind blade got him and cut deep into his skin. The wind blade turned into moving elements and disappeared in the air. The reason that mercenary was hit by a wind blade at the end because it was released by Christian.

The bloody battle was quickly approaching the end. There weren't many people in a merchant caravan and a small-sized mercenary group. More than half their number had been fatally injured. Christian and others had stopped to watch how Anfey and Suzanna did on the battlefield.

Everyone felt Suzanna's sword skills had gotten a little better than before, and her attitude changed a little as well. Once she was in a state of fighting, she became cold and treated people's lives like bugs. Seeing people dying one after another in front of her, she neither slowed down nor showed any sympathy on her face. She had +undetectable calmness in her.

Anfey's sword skills made watchers feel they were enjoying a show.

If looking at their faces, Suzanna was undoubtedly more beautiful and enjoyable than Anfey. Girly-looking Suzanna looked adorable. Anfey was not a bad-looking guy, but he was not comparable with Suzanna in terms of looks. If looking at their sword skills, Suzanna was skilled with a strong killer vibe, while Anfey had dance-like moves to it. After watching the two of them on the battlefield, everyone felt they had illusion that Anfey did not kill those mercenaries and bodyguards; instead, they were rushing to Anfey's sword one after another one.

The reason for that illusion was Anfey's foot movement. Regular swordsmen's forward, diagonal and side moves were only to help them speed up their offensive attacking or to dodge the opponent's attacks. Anfey's foot movements were systematic on their own. To Anfey, every foot move was an attack itself. Even if he held a sword in his hand still at an angle, with the foot movements, he still could kill his opponent one after another. Anfey's sophisticated sword skills added more effects to his performance. It was more than just a simple calculation of one plus one equals two.

It was unknown when the Shansa Empire's princess had come out of the wagon. She hid in a far corner with a person in her arms. She focused on the battlefield from a distance. Isis did not have that numb face anymore, instead, she had a smile on her face under the moonlight.

When the gang only had just over twenty people left, they could not take the terrifying feeling anymore and started to run away in all directions.

Christian slowly landed in front of Anfey and gave him a questioning look. Anfey nodded at him and then Christian waved. Riska and his fellows chased after those people in the gang.

Great Flame sword and Flame shield turned into elements and disappeared. Anfey walked over ten steps to the side. He smiled, "Bro, get up, I know you are not hurt."

No one answered. There were dead bodies everywhere whose blood had gathered and merged into streams.

Anfey kicked on the waist of a dead body. That dead body sprang up like he was just hit by lightning. "Master Anfey, don't kill me. Don't kill me." Looking at the chubby body, who else could he be? He was Ahab, with blood on his face and body. Anfey knew he was not hurt at all and had been lying on the floor for quite a while. He suffered while people stepping over him without making any sound. His will power was plausible.

"I will decide whether to kill you," Anfey said, smiling.

"Master Anfey, it was not my fault." Ahab knelt on the ground. "It was that guy. He made me do it. Master Anfey, please forgive me. I can give you all I have."

"Why did I hear you said "fight" before?" Anfey obviously was playing with him.

"That guy had a knife to my back. I had to give that order." Ahad had already had regretful tears in his eyes. "Master Anfey, we are friends. Can you forgive me this time?"

"Is this how you treat your friends? Did you say the guy who had a knife to your back was a commander of a mercenary group? So, after he laid down among the dead bodies, you laid down as well. You are of the same batch. Tell me what happened."

"You mother f*^ker." A guy yelled in anger. The guy with thick sideburns sat up in the blood. Of course, he was not cursing at Anfey. He was cursing at Ahab. "Ahab, you mother fucker. My people all died because of you. You are still lying. I..." The big guy suddenly stood up and threw himself at Ahab.

Ahab was just a muggle, so he fell on the floor before he could make any defensive moves. That big guy was smart. He knew Anfey had not killed both of them because they still had value to him. He punched Ahab hard, but did not mean to kill him. Even though Ahab had not died from the punch, his head swollen like a pig head in a blink of eyes.

"Enough. Tell me whose idea it was?" Anfey asked calmly.

"It's his, master," the big guy with thick sideburns yelled.

"It's him." Ahab's yell sounded a lot weaker. It sounded as if he was dying.

"It does not matter whose idea it was. I do not care." Anfey pointed with his finger. "Did you see over there? I will have them decide whether you will live or die. If they do not want to kill you, I will let you go."

The big guy lifted his head and looked into the distance. His bloody face twitched. He recognized those two people. He knew what he had done to them. He cut off Isis's tendon. He was also the first guy who raped her. How could that woman forgive him? If he had know what his situation would be like, he would have treated Isis like she was his family. Unfortunately, there were not so many "if"s in the world. There was no point to think of ifs.

If the princess of Shansa Empire did not flee, if Isis did not run away with the princess, all of these events would not have happened. That big guy had no position to think about ifs.

The big guy with sideburns suddenly jumped up and ran towards Christian. He did not dare to fight with Suzanna and Anfey. Compared with Suzanna and Anfey, Christian looked easy to pick a fight with.

Suzanna quickly put her hand on the sword shaft, and then she relaxed because she saw Anfey stepping forward and kicking that guy with his left leg super fast like a tornado swept through.

That big buy with sideburns got hit on his face while his body continued to move forward by momentum. His legs swung in the air and he fell on his back hard. His face was bloody, but this time it was quite different than when he was faking it before among the dead bodies.

Magic world had its own systematic sword skills, but there was no martial art skills that focused on legs. Anfey's kick was fast and brilliant. Suzanna's eyes brightened up and then she looked down to think about something.

"Hui Wei", Anfey called.

"Coming." Hui Wei ran over from a distance.

"Take them to those two girls. Do what they say. If those two girls do not know what to do with them, give them a hand." Anfey pointed in the direction of the princess with his chin.

"Women tend to more sympathetic." Hui Wei curled his lips. "If those two girls wanted them to leave, should we really let them go?" Hui Wei had just officially joined the legion, but he already had thought for the legion. Letting these two guys go would bring trouble for the legion. It would not only bring revenge to the legion, but also cause troubles in the courts. If he could make a decision, Ahab and the big guy were already dead.

"If those girls let them go, wouldn't you know what to do?" Anfey smiled.

"Master Anfey, please forgive me," Ahab said. The big guy had already passed out, but Ahab was still sober. Ahab screamed when he heard what the conversation between Anfey and Hui Wei. "I will give you all those female slaves. Please forgive me."

"Shut up!" Hui Wei stepped forward and gave him a kick. "Those female slaves would be ours anyway according to the rules. How dare you say you are giving us the female slaves? You are such an idiot."

"Anfey, those female slaves..." Christian asked.

"Take a few people with you and control those mercenaries. You do not have to do anything to those female slaves."

"I got it." Christian nodded.