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Chapter 117: Evil

 Chapter 117: Evil

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"Yes," Ahab said with sympathy.

"Do you mean her temper is still hot or...?

Ahab shook his head. "She has some mental problems. She said she was Shansa Empire's princess and claimed to sentence me to death. It was ridiculous."

Anfey had always been calm but he could not help being shocked at that moment. Ahab was squinting his eyes, feeling sorry for that "nut." He did not see Anfey's look, otherwise he would have been able to tell something from it.

Christian had been following after Anfey. He did not know the whole story. Seeing Anfey zoning out, he secretly touched Anfey's arm.

Anfey snapped out of it. "Where did you meet that nut?"

"We bought those girls from Shansa Empire's military." Ahab's eyes shone.

Anfey could tell Ahab was lying with just one glance. With the information he had, the princess of Shansa Empire must have fled and crossed Ahab's business route. Ahab must have seen a lonely, beautiful girl in the deserted prairie and wanted to catch her. He would be happy no matter whether he sold her or kept her for himself.

"My bro, I remember you said you have tried to sell female slaves in Blackwater City for two days. Didn't anyone want to buy that nut?" Anfey smiled.

"Master Anfey, you must be kidding. The third oldest son of Saidy in Tiger of Tawau mercenary group is getting married to the princess of Shansa Empire. The princess is in Blackwater City now. I could not let that nut get on the stage. She would yell that she was the princess of Shansa Empire on the stage. If Tiger of Tawau mercenaries heard about it, they would stop my business. I am just a merchant. I do not dare to offend them," Ahab said, smiling.

Anfey did not know whether he should laugh or cry. After the wagon route noticed the princess had fled, they must have searched for her everywhere. After they failed to find her, they must have replaced the princess with another girl to cover it. The upper class in Tiger of Tawau mercenary group must have known about it, since Saidy acted very weirdly.

If Anfey calculated right, Ahab's merchant caravan must have reached Blackwater City a day earlier than the princess's caravan. The princess's wagons had been searching everywhere without knowing their princess was in Ahab's merchant caravan. The upper class in Tiger of Tawau mercenary group would never think their princess had become a slave. Failing to see the princess by a narrow chance made a huge difference. It must be a joke played by God.

"Did you say that nut was a lot better than elves?" Anfey squinted his eyes to leer at the "nut." Only squinting his eyes could accentuate his dirty mind.

"Of course!" Ahab nodded. "What do you think, Master Anfey. Are you interested in her?"

"Let me take a look first." Anfey smiled.

A few elves were sitting in a fancy wagon while the poor "nut," covered by a canvas, stood in a cage which was only big enough for a person to stand up in. When Ahab took the canvas off her, a pretty girl appeared in front of Anfey.

Suddenly, Anfey did not have the words to describe this girl. Stunning? But she was not like a vulgar rose, rather an angel. Beautiful? A little subjective. The word "beautiful" was not enough to describe the girl in front of him. Pretty? She had a young girl's appearance to her. She gave out a different and indescribable feeling. She also looked energetic.

She had a full forehead and a pair of bright and innocent eyes. This kind of eyes made men have the desire to win her heart over. Her nose pointed slightly upwards, which made her look naughty. Her lips were small and pink: a natural pink color, not flower-juice-dyed redness. They looked so alluring. She was not extremely beautiful if just judging by her face, but she gave people a unspeakable feeling. Even calm as Anfey was, his eyes were brightened up for a second when he saw her.

The princess squinted her eyes when the bright light suddenly hit her, and then she looked into the distance. It looked like she did not even see Anfey and the others.

Her bun was messy, and she only wore a light blue denim dress which only country girls wore. She did not wear any shoes. Her toes and lower legs were fair and silky, but they were trembling. Anfey knew it was because she had stood in the cage for a long time. Her bones were reaching to their limits to support her weight.

Anfey glanced at Ahab and wondered if the denim dress made Ahab neglect other things on this girl, or Ahab wanted a good price for this beautiful girl, or even Ahab was drowning in her beauty. Ahab neglected something he should not have neglected.

Her silky skin alone should be enough to prove she was not a country girl.

"Master Anfey, do you like her?" Ahab waved his hand. A bodyguard walked over with a bucket of water. Ahab took over the bucket and poured it on the girl. He laughed obnoxiously, "You can see it more clearly this way."

Water had wet the girl's body. The denim dress stuck tightly to her skin. Two black spots showed on her chest. Her breasts, crotch, and even her butt showed clearly in front of everyone.

Anfey looked first at her face instead of at her body. It was weird that she did not scream, get angry, or get scared. That girl still stood there quietly, looking far away.

"How is it? Very clear, right?" Ahab obnoxiously smiled. He reached his hand out and touched her and squeezed her butt cheeks hard. That girl did not move her body to fight him. She looked down at Ahab and said, "You, ugly pig. I have told you that someday you will pay for what you have done to me." The reason she could talk so calmly under such conditions was unknown. Maybe it was because she had given up fighting or was angry to the point she did not care about anything.

"Pay what, tell me," Ahab laughed weirdly. He even touched her breasts and rubbed her nipples with his fingers. In fact, only Ahab himself knew he felt uneasy every time when this girl talked to him in a calm voice. He had to act more relentlessly to give himself confidence. He had decided he would take her to his bed tonight if Anfey did not want to buy her. After sleeping with her for a couple of nights, he would bury her somewhere. He did not want to have those uneasy feelings anymore.

The girl seemed to sense his uneasiness. She knew fighting and struggling only could make him feel proud of what he had done. She stayed still. She held on to the metal cage so tight that her knuckles had turned white.

"How much is she? I will buy her." Anfey did not want this obnoxious drama to continue. He had made a quick decision to buy her. If that woman is a beautiful flower, then Ahab actually was just a pig trying to ruin the flower. He looked so disgusting.

"Hahaha, Master Anfey, I knew you would buy her once you see her." Ahab rubbed his hands with excitement. "I do not make much from you. Ok. Two hundreds gold coins. I bought her for one hundred and ninety gold coins. She's been drinking and eating for the past few days. She cost me pretty a lot."

That girl did not even bother to tell Anfey about Ahab's lie. No one would believe what she said under these circumstances. She could only keep quiet.

"Deal. Let her out," Anfey said, smiling.

"Sure, sure." Ahab was so happy. He nodded and few bodyguards walked up and pulled the woman out of the cage. Of course, those guys took the opportunity to touch her all over.

"Master Anfey, she is yours now." Ahab smiled. He reached his hand out and grabbed her butt again. He was worried when he could not sell her. Once she was sold, Ahad did not want to let her go. What kind of person was he?

The girl suddenly turned around and punched Ahab in the eye. Ahab never thought a woman who never showed any violence would attack him. He was just a businessman and could not take such a punch. He immediately put his hand over his eye and screamed. His bodyguards got mad. One of them grabbed the girl's shoulder.

"What are you doing?" Anfey sneered. Christian stepped next to Anfey. He had seen too much up to that point and would not mind showing off what he could do.

"Wait." Ahab yelled immediately. Ahab knew the rules of purchase. Once Anfey agreed to buy the female slave, they did not have any right to hit her.

"Two hundred and ten gold coins. Bro, those ten extra gold coins are for you to see doctors," Anfey said calmly.

Ahab was shocked for a second. He looked regretful. When he asked for two hundred for the girl, he had been prepared to accept Anfey's bargaining. Who would think Anfey did not care about the price? He had figured Anfey had money, but did not think he would have that much money. If being hit on the eye could make him ten gold coins, geeze, he wished that "nut" could have hit him more.

"Where is Isis?" the girl suddenly asked.

"Who is Isis?" Anfey was shocked by her question.

"Master Anfey, Isis is her companion," Ahab answered quietly. His hand was still covering his eye. Obviously, the punch was pretty hard.

"Where is she?" Anfey asked. "Since I already bought her, I do not mind buying another one."

"She is at..." Ahab hesitated a bit and said, "She is with mercenaries."