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Chapter 115: Testing

 Chapter 115: Testing

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"Do you think Antimagic Terra can be started at any time? It was restricted." Hui Wei smiled bitterly.

"What kind of restriction?", Anfey asked.

"Shattered Will of God of War can be started three times a year," Hui Wei answered.

"Only three times a year? How many times have you used it?" Anfey continued to ask.

"It has already been used three times," Hui Wei said.

Anfey had a half smile on his face. "Do you mean this Shattered Will of God of War was just a waste now?"

"How can you call it a waste? Cooling time will pass soon and you will have the Antimagic Terra in the legend. Anfey, I did not lie to you. If you still do not trust me, you can wait and see. Let the facts tell the truth," Hui Wei hurried to explain.

"I do not have time to wait," Anfey said, shaking his head.

Hui Wei was startled for a second, and he felt his heart drop. He did take out Shattered Will of God of War from his Dimension Ring, which was the secret to operating Antimagic Terra. Before he decided to tell Anfey about the secret, he had given it a lot of thought. He wondered how Anfey would treat him. If Anfey did not trust him, he would end up in a very dangerous situation. The problem was he could not release Antimagic Terra to prove himself. The explanation did not matter to someone like Anfey, who was cold-hearted and only believed in facts instead of a person's explanation.

"Anfey, there is a secret that my ancestor died for in my Dimensional Ring. I think these secrets are more precious than Antimagic Terra. As long as you have my Dimensional Ring, I would not run away." Hui Wei passed his Dimensional Ring to Anfey. He was giving it his last try. He even threw out the secret that his ancestors tried to protect with their lives. Of course, no matter what would happen later, he would not give out the rest of the secrets. He needed to get Anfey's interest first. As long he had value to Anfey, Anfey would not want to kill him. He could think about ways to escape later.

"Dimensional Ring?" Anfey took over the Dimensional Ring. He took a look at it with a smile and tossed it back to Hui Wei. "This is your stuff."

"Huh?" Hui Wei hurried to catch the Dimensional Ring. He stared at Anfey.

"You did not look like you were lying to me." Anfey played with the Shattered Will of God of War. "I have promised you that you will have your freedom if you can tell us the secret of Antimagic Terra. By then, you can choose to leave or to be our friend."

"Are you serious?" Hui Wei asked.

"It does not look like there is any need to lie to you, does it?" Anfey asked.

"I got it." Hui Wei put the Dimensional Ring on his finger seriously. The difference in his manner before and after was huge. He looked excited. "Then, I choose to stay."

"Aren't you afraid of me asking about your secrets?" Anfey smiled.

"If you really want to do it, you would not easily give my ring back," Hui Wei said.

"Good. Since we are friends now, I have to let you know that I was not proud of taking away your stuff, but as you can see, I was not affected in the Antimagic Terra. I really need it, but it would not be that useful for you. If archmages and master swordsmen are also affected by Antimagic Terra, I could easily kill very powerful men. When I saw Suzanna's combat power was affected in Orcs' village, I decided to get it no matter what it would cost me," Anfey said.

"I know," Hui Wei nodded with a smile. "Anfey, there is a question I have always wanted to ask. Why were your martial art skills not affected? Did you practice the Skills of Gods?" Hui Wei asked.

"I did not mean to know your secrets. You are trying to ask about mine." Anfey had a weird smile on his face.

"Sorry, I did not mean it." Hui Wei shook his hand immediately. "I was just curious."

"You are one of us from today. You need think about what you can do for us." Anfey switched topics. "Alright. You can go back and take some rest. If there is anything you want to talk about, we can talk about it tomorrow."

"Ok." Hui Wei nodded. He stood up and walked outside. He stopped at the door. "Anfey, aren't you scared? When the Antimagic Terra is known by others, maybe the whole world would be our enemy."

"There is no need to get scared." Anfey smiled, paused, then said, "I know it is risky to do so. However, things will come sooner or later. We need to make a decision for ourselves."

* * * *

In a far away city in Maho Empire, there were two people talking about the same thing as Anfey and Hui Wei were.

"Antimagic Terra? Is it really an Antimagic Terra?" Yolanthe asked in surprise.

"Yes, your majesty. Black Eleven and Robert both have sent the same information back. The second important person in Glory mercenary group was Shanteler. He turned into a regular old man in the Antimagic Terra. There was not even a struggle before he was killed by Anfey," the grey shadow said.

"What do you think?" Yolanthe asked.

"Your majesty, I think we should immediately arrest the guy named Hui Wei and gain control of him," the grey shadow said.

Yolanthe did not say anything. He slowly closed his eyes in thought. That grey shadow did not say anything either. He kept quiet. The hall became unusually quiet.

After quite a while, Yolanthe opened his eyes. "Ask Black Eleven and Robert to pass my order that anything related to Antimagic Terra should stop. Asked them not to tell anyone about the Antimagic Terra. If it gets leaked out, they will receive the harshest punishment."

"Your majesty, how about Hui Wei?" the grey shadow asked.

"You don't have to worry about him. Let him do his own thing," Yolanthe said.

"Your majesty?" The grey shadow could not help raising his voice.

"With your protection and so many royal followers, I do not think my safety is under any threat. Taking control of Hui Wei would do nothing good to us. Getting the secret of the Antimagic Terra? Hahaha...If things are getting that bad, I do not think you guys can protect me. It means that Maho Empire is coming to its end. What could an Antimagic Terra do?" Yolanthe said.

The grey shadow was startled, not knowing how to respond to Yolanthe.

"Do you know about Anfey's plan? What do you think of Anfey?" Yolanthe asked.

"Intelligent, determined, and mature. He is good."

"Do you think it is necessary for him to tell Robert the secret of Antimagic Terra?" Yolanthe asked.

"Hmm, no, not necessary," the grey shadow answered.

"Then why would he tell him the secret?" Yolanthe asked.

The grey shadow thought for a while about the possibility that Anfey may feel it necessary to tell Robert the secret of Antimagic Terra. He smiled bitterly and decided not tell his real thoughts. "Maybe he has a big mouth."

"I remember you said Anfey is very mature." Yolanthe smiled.

"Your majesty, everyone would make mistakes," the grey shadow said, smiling in return.

"I do not think so." Yolanthe squinted his eyes. "I think Anfey is testing me. He knows what kind of person I am. He wants to know if I am worth him working for me."

"What?" the grey shadow asked in surprise.

"Ok, my old friend. We have experienced so much together. I do not think you could not understand Anfey's little trick," Yolanthe laughed.

"Your majesty, I could not hide anything from you," the grey shadow said, smiling bitterly.

"I adore Anfey more now. He killed Shanteler really fast. It showed his martial art skills were not affected in the Antimagic Terra," Yolanthe said.

"I think so too", the grey shadow said.

"Then we will give him what he wants. Antimagic Terra is the most helpful for him. If it were me, I probably would have no way to release the Antimagic Terra with my whole being."

"Yes, your majesty," the grey shadow said.

"Oh, where is Robert now?" Yolanthe asked.

"I have asked him to come back without anyone noticing," the grey shadow said.

"Young people tend to do things without caution. When Tiger of Tawau mercenary group had total control of Blackwater City, he would start doing investigation of these things. The patrol in Blackwater City and the bodyguards of Shanteler had seen that Robert had contacted Shanteler. Robert's identity must have exposed. Old man, you did well and in good time," Yolanthe said.

"Your majesty, do we need remind of Anfey and let him know we noticed Robert's flaw," the grey shadow said.

"I hope it would not hurt his pride." Yolanthe nodded with a smile. "It feels good to be young. Only young people have time to make mistakes and correct them."

"I understand, your majesty," the grey shadow said.

"Anything new on Brufit's side?" Yolanthe asked.

"He has been very active," the grey shadow sneered. He seemed to describe a clown. "He has thought himself a palace chief mage and had a better and better relationship with the big prince."

"Did Wester do anything to make Brufit suspicious?" Yolanthe asked.

"The prince has done a good job on it," the grey shadow said.

"I do not like some parts of Wester," Yolanthe suddenly sighed.

The grey shadow shut his mouth. He never hesitated to offer his opinions on state affairs, but he had been quiet on Yolanthe's family issues.

"Wester is a little too cunning," Yolanthe said, shaking his head. "The most important trait for a king is to have a great personality. Being cunning would keep others away from him."

The look on the grey shadow's face was strange. He was thinking to himself, "It seemed cunning to pretend to be dead to allure Dark Moon Magic Legion of Ellisen Empire to the jedi." Obviously Yolanthe was considering who would inherit his throne. The grey shadow did not want to offer his opinion on this issue.

"Let's wait for few years to see. It's too early to talk about it now." Yolanthe heaved a sigh. It had been a pain for any king to think about who would be his successor. If three of his sons fell in the water and were about to drown while he was only able to save one of them, whom would he save? Two different questions, but the answer seemed to be the same.