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Chapter 113: Punishing the Wrong Person

 Chapter 113: Punishing the Wrong Person

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The horrified residents of Blackwater City witnessed a sudden and bloody fight break out. Davidson led two groups of Glory mercenaries in a surprise attack on the station of Tiger of Tawau mercenary group. However, they were badly defeated as a result.

Each individual had different personalities and ways of doing things. Davidson was brave but he tended to rush into things. If Shanteler was still alive, his plans would have been more thorough. Davidson was simple and direct. He did not even bother to send people to check on Tiger of Tawau mercenary group before he took revenge.

Davidson first saw the scene where his little brother was killed and then heard that his respected brother had died. Hot-tempered Davidson almost went crazy. The stupid moves he did were predictable and understandable. The problem was whether his apologies would be accepted by others, especially the mercenaries who had trusted him and were willing to fight for him. Would they forgive a stupid leader?

Mourtta hurried to the outskirts of the city. He had the chance to contact the bodyguards of the Shansa Empire princess and then, taking advantage of his administrative authority, asked the patrol to open the city gate. The Shansa Empire military, lead by four senior swordsmen, marched into Blackwater City.

The situation totally flipped. The people led by Davidson, even with help from the mercenary group led by Anthony in White Mountain, would be no match for an alliance of Mourtta and Shansa Empire. There was no doubt which side would win.

Waves of intense magic surges were flashing in Blackwater City's sky. Countless people were running, killing and screaming in the streets and alleys. One party asked their soldiers to kill all the enemies, while the other party struggled to fight back. Both parties went crazy killing people. Hatred actually could develop so easily.

Different-sized mercenary groups in the city were so confused about what had just happened. The mercenary groups with some capability kept themselves in their stations to avoid confrontation, while the ones with low capabilities stayed in hotels to keep themselves safe. Regular citizens shut their windows and doors super early, afraid that something disastrous would fall on them.

However, there were some people who liked this chaos instead of peace. Anfey was one of them. He hid himself outside the battlefield early, quietly watching it. At this critical moment, everyone did not have time to hide their real ability. Anfey could clearly sense the positions of the powerful men around him.

As the leaders of mercenary groups, Davidson and Mourtta were fighting hard with each other. They were suddenly tied by a cloud of entangled ivies from the sky. The ivies were so tough, especially because hundreds and thousands were entwined together instead of just a few. Hotchbini released the life magic, which only belonged to the Elf tribe. It sped up the process of defeating Davidson.

Davidson was thinking of rushing out into the sky. Mourtta and Hotchbini had been husband and wife for more than twenty years, so they did not have to verbally communicate to know what the other wanted. The moment Hotchbini released life magic, Mourtta had already rushed into the sky and got control of Davidson.

Ivy was flying everywhere in the sky, which was fatal to Davidon but helpful to Mourtta. Only a couple of vines wrapped around Mourtta's waist, which allowed him to stay in the sky. His left hand was constantly making all kinds of moves while Hotchbini sent ivy to where Mourtta wanted to go.

In the beginning, Davidson destroyed many ivy vines with his strong combat power. Hotchbini was a senior Cleric of Life. She had similar power levels as Davidson, so wherever Davidson destroyed ivy vines, more ivy would grow up, The ivy was trying to wrap itself around Davidson. Davidson had missed the opportunity to escape from the sky. He was positioned to only do defensive moves without any offensive moves under the couple's attacks.

This was a street fight, not a justified battle. Mourtta and Hotchbini did not feel bad about fighting him together. Davidson was not stupid. He did not bother to ask them why the two of them fought against just one. He just tried to fight back as hard as he could.

The four senior swordsmen from the wagons of the Shansa Empire princess joined the battle, which decided Davidson's tragic fate. The moving ivy suddenly disappeared. Davidson was exhausted. The swords thrusted towards him and sword radians from the top had sent Davidson to hell in the blink of an eye.

With the death of Davidson, Glory mercenaries started to flee. Mourtta would not let them run away so easily. The main force was sent out searching for Glory mercenaries. He wanted to weaken Glory mercenary group, which would allow Band of Brother and Storm mercenary groups the chance to weaken Glory mercenary group even more.

Saidy was at the City Hall of Blackwater City. He took advantage of Tiger of Tawau mercenary group's administrative authority to demand patrols to collaborate with Tiger of Tawau mercenary group. He sent a few patrol lieutenants to the jail because they failed to follow his orders.

Since the day the Country of Mercenaries was established, patrols remained neutral among mercenary groups. Patrols never took sides against any mercenary group. Although they needed to follow the orders of the mercenary group in power, they had the authority to overthrow the mercenary group in power if the mercenary group in power was harmful to other mercenary groups. What Mourtta had done was definitely against the law of Country of Mercenaries. It looked like the start of a chaotic period.

The influence of Mourtta's action would be significant and have serious consequences. Even though Brand of Brother and Storm mercenary groups wanted to divide the benefits from Glory mercenary group for the time being, Mourtta's actions would be a problem once those two mercenary groups finished their benefit segments.

No one knew why Mourtta did that. Was it because he wanted to wipe out the rest of the Glory mercenary group or take the opportunity to make a claim against others?

Mourtta sent his main force throughout the city to search for Glory mercenaries. He had to try to make time. It was not because he worried about Anthony's coming, but because he wanted to prove his capabilities. If this conflict lasted several days and nights, he would not feel proud even if he had won. If Glory mercenary group was wiped out in one night, it would make all the mercenaries open their eyes wide to look up to Tiger of Tawau mercenary group. He would not only win the battle, but also the reputation and fame.

The opportunity Anfey had been waiting for finally came. He put on the badge of Tiger of Tawau mercenary group. He strutted out onto the street, where blood had not dried yet, and buried himself in the crowd who were cleaning up the battle field. Mourtta was actually very cautious. He only sent his own people out to search for Glory mercenaries. He kept some of soldiers of Shansa Empire in his own station to be on watch and other soldiers to clean up the battle field. It seemed reasonable to send some of the soldiers to clean up the battle field since they were trained for it.

Shansa Empire had a different system in their military than Tiger of Tawau mercenary group, so they would not even care what Anfey was doing. Even when Anfey met other mercenaries, the excitement on his face appropriately showed a winner's pride. Others could tell he had been through many bloody fights from the blood on his body. Regular people would not be able to tell anything wrong by observing Anfey. Anfey just walked to the station of Tiger of Tawau mercenary group without any trouble.

He had already seen the map of Tiger of Tawau mercenary group's station. He memorized every route. Right before he reached his destination, Anfey had his face scratched by tree branches on purpose. He was in thought with his hand on his cheek. He made sure there was no body around and quietly emerged into the dark.

It took a lot of money to make a model of the princess's house, but they did not do it for nothing. After Black Eleven saw Anfey shooting the arrow piercing the wall and hitting the bed beams, he stopped doing half-assed jobs. He put a lot of effort into making this model. With limited time, it was a rough model, but it included a large area with more than ten rooms and hallways.

The benefit of having a model showed at just that moment. Anfey walked around there like it was his backyard. He swiftly passed the hallway and made a turn. He met the princess's servants twice on the way. He was able to quickly find a suitable place to hide. He finally got close to the princess's bedroom

The bedroom's door was not closed all the way. "She must have felt safe, so she did not lock the door," Anfey thought. Anfey did not walk to the door immediately. He looked around and even up in the sky. He found a few places where he could hide before he slowly walked to the door. If anything happened, he could find a nearby place to hide, just like when he had met princess's servants before.

Anfey slowly pushed the door open a slit with his finger. Luckily, he only needed to move his body a little bit to be able to see what was inside the room through the slit. He saw a woman reading a thick book on the chair. Anfey frowned after he saw her.

He had seen the magic image of the princess. He knew this woman was not the princess after just one glance. But the badge she wore belonging to the royalty did not make sense. He looked through the slit again. He felt she looked familiar. Anfey had a super memory. He tried to think and remembered she was the female bodyguard who had whipped him before.

Anfey was one hundred percent sure that she was not a princess, since others did not show respect to her. Even if Black Eleven's information was false, or the princess disguised herself as a bodyguard, how could those soldiers dare to laugh out when he flirted with a princess. They should have fought with him for life.

Anfey jumped up onto the house beam. He was wondering what that female bodyguard with a royal badge was doing there? Was she the cover for the princess? But what was the reason to have a cover for the princess? Suddenly, something flashed in his head. Black Eleven got information that the princess's wagon route was in trouble a few days previously, but he was not able to find out what happened. Did the princess run away from the marriage?