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Chapter 111: Being Stupid

 Chapter 111: Being Stupid

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Shanteler was shocked. It took him while to realize what Robert meant. Robert must have agreed with someone that he would never tell the secrets to anyone. Robert chose the way he did under the obligation of friendship.

Shanteler took a close look at Hui Wei and smiled. "I am the vice commander of Glory mercenary group. My name is Shanteler."

"I know," Hui Wei said coldly.

Shanteler's attitude did not change, and he still smiled even thought Hui Wei was rude. He did not have patience to be courteous to Hui Wei, so he went directly to the topic. "I do not know what you can tell me?"

"I can tell you something you definitely do not want to hear," Hui Wei said.

"Please go ahead and tell me," Shanteler said.

"I want you to die," Hui Wei was brutally direct.

Shanteler was shocked, and a thick cloud of combat power appeared immediately. He was an old man, but his reaction time was actually shorter than a young man's. He reached his right hand to the sword shaft, while his left hand released a Magic SOS scroll at the same time. Shanteler's heart dropped the moment he found that his magic signals were blocked by the magic array in the building.

Shanteler's moves were done in the blink of an eye. A waving light circle diffused from Hui Wei. If Shanteler's combat power could be described as white snow, Hui Wei's light circle was more like boiling water. If a pot of boiling water was poured onto the snow, the white snow would be dissolved immediately. When the light circles passed through Shanteler, the thick combat power disappeared in places where the light circles passed through.

If Shanteler had not been an experienced commander, this dramatic change would have caused him to panic. A proud powerful man had been turned into a helpless person. Even thought he was cool, Shanterler was quite helpless in front of Hui Wei. Shanteler still quietly watched Hui Wei. It seemed whatever just happened had nothing to do with Shanteler.

The side door opened again and Anfey slowly walked in. He was shocked when he saw that Shanteler's look hadn't changed a bit. Because of Anfey's experience as a killer, he had seen all kinds of reactions at the verge of death. Some were angry, some struggled, some begged, some tried to exchange wealth for their lives. Of course, some people remained calm.

Anfey had the experience of killing a retired mafia leader. His hand was already on that old mafioso's neck while the mafioso just calmly looked at him without fighting back. Anfey was curious and asked him why he was so calm, knowing he was going to die. The old man told him that everyone would die someday. When Anfey gave him an admiring look, the old mafioso started his last strike. Anfey almost died at his dangerous game. Since then, Anfey understood the saying, "Curiosity killed cat."

However, curiosity did save him once. Once Anfey took an assignment to kill a mainland businessman who was on a business trip to Hong Kong. At the beginning, everything went well, but he suffered vicious attacks at the end. Anfey was more experienced and skilled than the businessman, and he was winning. The businessman suddenly asked Anfey why he did not work for the country but instead lived in the dark. Anfey did not know whether he should laugh or cry about this question. He chatted a bit with him and learned that the businessman was a special agent in police department. Anfey realized that he was being used by his employer. It also could be a setup by the man's enemies to kill the special agent. He would have no good days left if he killed that special agent. No matter how powerful he was, he would not be able to against the government. He was just a two-year beginning killer. His experiences were not so great. He knew what he would end up with if he fought with the government.

Since then, Anfey had been smarter. He hired informers and created several identities. Every identity had certain social networks. Once he got an assignment, he would do a thorough investigation on the target and then decide whether he was going to kill the person. The informers gave him different information, some even conflicted with another. He had to find the reasons for the conflicting information. He gradually developed his own way of doing things. He would proactively cancel the assignment if he thought the target could not be killed or did not deserve to be killed.

"Did you do all of these?" Shanteler laid his eyes on Anfey.

Anfey slowly walked to Shanteler and did not say anything.

"Antimagic terra? It was amazing. I thought Antimagic terra the stuff of legend." Shanteler smiled. "Can I see Robert? I want to ask him a question, only one question."

"I am sorry." Anfey finally talked. His wrist moved a little bit and a cool light appeared and passed through Shanteler's throat.

Hui Wei could not help opening his eyes. He thought Anfey would attack Shantler after at least saying a few sentences to him. Shanteler did not ask for too much. To fulfill what a dying old man wanted was a good deed. He did not realize that Anfey did not intend to talk to Shanteler at all. Anfey quickly took Shanteler's life.

Black Eleven hurried in from the side door and saw that Shanteler had died on the chair. The blood from the wound on his neck had dyed Shanteler's leather armor. He could not help smiling bitterly. "Anfey, you killed him too early."

"Hum?" Anfey calmly turned around to look at Black Eleven.

"Shanteler knows many secrets of Glory mercenary group. Since you had control of him, why did you have to kill him so early?" Black Eleven asked.

"It looks like Mr. Robert has told you about Antimagic Terra," Anfey smiled.

Black Eleven nodded. "Yes, but unfortunately I came here too late."

"Do you think Shanteler would tell us? If he told us some fake information, how would you know which pieces of information he said were true or false? Shanteler has seen Antimagic terra, but he still could keep calm. It showed how determined he was. What do you think you could do to make him tell secrets? Torture him?" Anfey shook his head.

"How do we know if we never tried?" Black Eleven asked.

Black Eleven heaved a long sigh and then turned to look at Hui Wei. Robert was also looking at Hui Wei. Both Black Eleven and Robert were good at controlling their facial expressions to hide their real emotions, but the two pairs of eyes were like the bright stars in the lonely dark sky, telling Anfey they were very excited inside.

It was easy to tell what level of power Hui Wei had, which meant that the Antimagic Terra must be released in some way. Once Anfey's mercenary group learned the method to release it, they could create an Antimagic Terra as well. The power of Antimagic Terra was well known. However, it was still unknown what Antimagic Terra could do to master swordsmen, archmagi and other people with high powers. However, the effects of the Antimagic Terra was not all powerful. As long as they had a regular bow, they could kill any swordsman or magister once the Antimagic Terra was released. Wasn't it enough?

Hui Wei still sat on the chair with his hands firmly holding onto the arms. His body was slightly trembling. For the past few days, when Anfey was not around, he tried to talk to Christian and others to build their relationship. He could tell only Anfey was cold-hearted in the whole team, while the rest of the team was easier to negotiate with. Anfey had done so much for the whole team. When Anfey wanted to force him to tell secrets in crude and torturing way, the team would be against him. When Anfey asked him to fight with a senior swordsman, he agreed without any hesitation. He meant to make Anfey like him, but who would think Anfey sold his biggest secret out. Hui Wei was very scared by it.

Black Eleven and Robert looked at Hui Wei up and down. If the stares had any power, they would have torn his clothes off him. Who did not want to know about his secrets?

"We need send Shanteler's body to the station of Tiger of Tawau mercenary group immediately. Who is going to do it? Your people or my people?" Anfey asked calmly.

"I will have my people do it." Black Eleven only glanced at Anfey and returned his gaze back to Hui Wei.

"Ok, let's go." Anfey smiled. "Hui Wei, what are you sitting there for?"

Hui Wei could barely stand up. He slowly walked to Anfey, staring at him without words. His look was so complicated.

Anfey walked outside. He seemed not to notice anything wrong. Hui Wei followed him. He could feel the stares on him. He wanted to get out of there as fast as he could.

"Anfey, you did it on purpose!" Hui Wei yelled as soon as they had walked out of the building. He could not hold his anger or horror anymore.

"I just lost my patience with you. You can either tell me the secrets about Antimagic Terra or I will give you to others. You make a choice," Anfey said calmly.

"Are you crazy? Do you know that if this secret is known by others, many people would want to kill us? Even if I tell you about the secret, how long do you think you can survive?" Hui Wei said.

"That would be my business." Anfey shook his head. "You only need to know if you want to collaborate with me, you will become one of our mercenary group from today. You will experience everything with us, no matter whether we are in good or bad times."

"I am not going to die with you," Hui Wei yelled.

"You can leave as long as you leave behind the things I need," Anfey said.

Hui Wei thought for a while without saying a word. He smiled bitterly. "Anfey, I thought you were a very smart guy. I did not think you would do something so stupid. Go? Where am I going to go? No matter whether you will be able to survive or not, I will be their target."

"Then you have to trust me. Do you really think I would do something stupid?" Anfey said.