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Chapter 105: Confrontations

 Chapter 105: Confrontations

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"Done," Anfey sighed. He pull out his knife and gently blew on the streams of blood. Obviously, the material of the knife was far from the best in the world, so the blood was still left on the knife after a few blows.

Suzanna also heaved a sigh. Her face turned to the side as she lifted the sheet with the sword to cover Orwell's body. Her heart was still pounding fast. She thought to herself, "A man's body is so weird."

Anfey slowly walked to the candlestick and blew hard to put out the light. He thought to himself, "Even though I cannot blow off the blood on the sword, I could at least blow out the light." He walked to the window and gently lifted the curtain to see if anyone was on the street. The street was still empty. The combat power was released but was withdrawn very quickly, so no one should have noticed it.

The woman lay still on the floor. She looked like she had passed out. She lay flat, so they could see her curvy body. Anfey relit the candle and looked down to see the women clearly. Her face was pink.

"Hey," Suzanna called out unhappily. She almost made a mistake by calling out Anfey's real name. Luckily she realized it and stopped herself.

Anfey fixed his eyes on the woman and then bent down to open her eyes with his fingers.

Anfey stood up, thought for a while, and looked at Suzanna. His fingers felt a little resistance when he tried to open her eyes. It meant this woman had not passed out. She seemed to be very smart to protect herself.

"We will bring so much trouble to the master," Suzanna said with a coarse voice.

"Do you think the master would be afraid of Glory mercenary group? Don't forget the princess has reached Blackwater City," Anfey sneered. "This bastard killed nine of our people. Are we going to just let it slide?"

"But..." Suzanna said.

"But what? Even if this issue gets out of control someday, I am not afraid of it. He killed our people first," Anfey said.

Suzanna sighed, "What are we going to do with this woman?"

"She has nothing to do with Orwell. She is just a poor woman being used by Orwell. I do not want to hurt her," Anfey said.

"Orwell died right here. Glory mercenary group would not let her go," Suzanna said.

"I have no control over Glory mercenary group." Anfey sounded helpless. He looked outside to see if there was anyone on the street, and then he said, "Let's go. We need get out of here right now."

* * * *

The celebration during the day had finished. Leftover flower petals were everywhere on the streets. They were dancing with the wind, giving the air a hint of fragrant flowers. It was dark, with neither stars nor moon in the night sky, while the station of Tumen Commercial Union was bright with countless torches and lanterns. This station had turned into a sleepless city. They had high security, with four junior swordsmen on watch on both sides of the door and a senior swordsmen beyond the door.

On the street, passing the Tiger of Tawau mercenary station, an old man around fifty years old slowly walked out of the dark. His gait was very noticeable. After every step, he paused before taking another step. His eyes shone with coldness, looking straight ahead. One of his hands lightly held onto the sheath. Looking at his face and hands, it would have been hard to believe they belonged to the same person. His face wore many wrinkles, while his hands looked young without any age spots. The veins on the back of his hands were vague and did not look like the hands that been through many fights over the years.

There were people walking out of the darkness one by one behind the old man. More people appeared in the alleys on both sides of the street and on the fences around the houses. They continually joined the main force. When the old man walked to an area about 400 feet away from the Tiger of Tawau mercenary station, he already had over 300 people behind him. Some of them were swordsmen, some mages, even warriors from Dwarf Tribe and archers from Elf Tribe.

That old man looked calm, but with a pair of furious eyes. The people behind him looked nervous. Since the day the Country of Mercenaries was established, the four largest mercenary groups were closely matched in power. No matter how many conflicts they had and how many traps they had set for each other, they neither confronted each other in public nor had any bloody fights. Today they gathered here to fight with Tiger of Tawau mercenary. It was a rare moment in history. Therefore, they could not help being nervous.

Four junior swordsmen on watch at the entrance of Tiger of Tawau mercenary had noticed something unusual. One of them rushed into the station to report, while the other three nervously watched the newcomers. A junior swordsman forced himself to walk up to the man when he was 90 feet away from the gate. He asked, "Master Davidson, how can I help you?" Davidson was the third most important person in Glory mercenary group, but he had nothing to do with Tiger of Tawau mercenary group. The commanders of the four largest mercenary groups were respected very well. They were all called "masters." Actually, it was an appropriate way to address them.

"Ask Mooly Tawau to get the f*ck out here," Davidson said coldly.

"What? What did you say?" The junior swordsman could not believe what he had just heard. Davidson went to the party that Mooly Tawau held three days ago. They were talking and laughing at the party. Why did Davidson suddenly curse him today?

"Ask Mooly Tawau to get the f*ck out here!" Davidson yelled. He pulled out his sword, and his body radiated with strong combat power. With sword radiation breaking through the sky, the sword hit the gigantic festive red lantern hung at the entrance of the station. The lantern split in half. It shook a little before it fell to the ground and burned into two bright flames.

The junior swordsman took a breath because he knew they would have a rough night. He did not dare to stop the furious Davidson. Therefore, he turned around and hurried into the station to report to his supervisor.

In a little while, the sound of heavy steps came from the station. With a huge explosion, the unlocked entrance doors flew forward, rolled more than 30 feet, and fell hard on the ground. The entrance door was made with 15-inch thick agilawood. It was so heavy that anyone who could kick it so far only showed how strong he was.

Davidson's face twitched out of fury instead of fright.

Saidy slowly walked through the broken door. He was the third eldest son among the nine children of Mooly Tawau and Hotchbini. His talent, ability, and even his looks were remarkable, otherwise he would not marry the princess of Shansa Empire when his elder brother had not married yet.

Maybe because his single life had been disturbed or for other reasons, Saidy looked furious. Kicking down the door showed his bad mood. His eyes met Davidson's, and they stared at each other. No one wanted to look away. He even sneered, "Old mad man, if you had Viagra, you should have gone home and slept with a female pig. How dare you come here and try to make a mess. Are you looking to be killed?"

Both Glory mercenaries and Tiger of Tawau mercenaries were so shocked by his words that their jaws dropped. Saidy was a gentleman. He always talked with courtesy. What happened to him today? He scolded that bodyguard with cursing words. They could not understand what happened to him.

Davidson was one of the people in charge of Glory mercenary group, while Saidy just assisted in the management of mercenaries. Saidy had lower ranking in the mercenary group. He was only the age of Davidson's nephew. He should not have talked to Davidson in such a disrespectful tone.

It did not matter why Saidy said what he did, Glory mercenaries still ran behind Saidy in case the opponents would start the fight.

Davidson was so mad. His younger brother had been brutally killed. After an investigation, he found out that someone in the Tiger of Tawau mercenary group had killed him. He came here to demand an explanation. Before he could even blame them for killing his younger brother, a nephew-aged kid scolded him in front of hundreds of people. He was humiliated. Luckily, as a senior swordsman, he was tough, otherwise he would have died of rage.

"Ok, Ok." He laughed angrily. His face twisted and looked scary. The blood vessels even showed in his eyes. Froma distance, it looked like his blue eyes became red.

Most people would have panicked under Davidson's furious stare. Saidy was not scared. He even stepped forward and slowly and determinedly pulled out the swords on his waist.

Davidson brought his people here, but he did not mean to fight. He was one of the few important people in a super mercenary. He completely understood what made the Country of Mercenaries survive among other countries. He only wanted to force Mooly Tawau to hand over the person who had killed his younger brother. However, facing a young man's scolding and cursing, his rationality slowly gave way to anger. His hot temper made the situation even worse. Davidson held the shaft of the sword tight. He was positioned to attack Saidy at any time. Suddenly a female voice was heard from the station of Tiger of Tawau mercenaries, "Saidy, back off."

After hearing this voice, both parties felt relieved. That voice represented a legend. Hotchbini enjoyed even more fame than her husband. Mooly Tawau was renowned for his strong power, while Hotchbini earned many people's respect because of her kind heart and mercy to others. Glory mercenary group, Tiger of Tawau mercenary group, Brothers Union mercenary group, Wind Thunder mercenary group and many others had benefitted from Hotchbini's help.