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Chapter 103: Taking Action

 Chapter 103: Taking Action

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Vonmerge was drunk and wobbled as he walked. He sluggishly pointed at the wood building with his left hand as he passed by Anfey and Suzanna. Anfey fanned away Vonmerge's stink that was still lingering in the air. Anfey and Suzanna slowly approached the wood building.

"Hey, man, what are you doing?" A big man with a lazy look stopped Anfey. A middle-aged man with a hawk nose walked over to them from the wood building.

"This is my brother in-law's house." Anfey pointed at the wood building and asked in surprise, "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

"Us? We are bringing pleasure to your sister. Hahaha..." The middle-aged man with the hawk nose laughed.

"You, f*ck off. I will beat the crap out of you if you continue to hang around here," the big guy yelled.

"I got it," Anfey said timidly.

"Wait, you can leave. This girl can stay." The middle-aged man with the hawk nose pinched Suzanna's cheek. Suzanna had kept her head down the whole time. They could only see her little sexy mouth, which was already such a temptation for the middle-aged man with hawk nose.

Suzanna shook his hand off her cheek and suppressed her desire to pull out her sword and kill him. She moved closer to Anfey.

"Huh, you got some temper." The middle-aged man with the hawk nose seemed to be more interested in Suzanna, and tried to grab her chin.

Anfey waved an arch with his arm when he saw no one else on the street. It was time to kill them. If he killed them a little later, Suzanna could have lost herself and things would get bad.

The big guy with a lazy look had blood splashed from his throat. The fast speed, sharp knife and the force Anfey put on the knife did not allow the big guy to make any reaction before his throat was cut.

The other man's eyes were bulging, with his mouth wide open. Anfey thrust his knife forward and pierced through his throat. The middle-aged man slowly fell to the ground. He grabbed Anfey's arm as he fell. He gathered the only strength he had left and tried to attack Anfey. Anfey just moved his wrist a little bit. The middle-aged man with the hawk nose could even hear his own bronchial tubes and esophageal tubes get cut off. He lost all strength immediately, without even strength enough left to keep his eyes open.

Anfey listened with his ears against the door to see if anyone was in the room, and then he pushed the door open and dragged the dead body into the room. Suzanna dragged the other dead body behind him. Suzanna gently closed the door behind her. They heard a woman crying and screaming from the room above them and men talking and laughing beneath them. Anfey waited for a second before he bent down and took off the Glory mercenary badge from the middle-aged man with hawk nose. He carefully wore it on his chest and gently took off the hood for Suzanna. He even tidied her hair for her. Her silky black hair on her shoulder accentuated her charm even more.

Suzanna looked up at Anfey. She had this unspeakable feeling every time she saw him killing people. She had killed many people as well, but she had thought it was so cruel to kill anyone. She was not sure how Anfey thought about killing. The way Anfey killed people and his facial expression after the killing made it look like it was as easy as crushing bugs.

Anfey glanced at Suzanna up and down and said, "Ok."

Suzanna bit her lips but did not say anything.

Anfey smiled and started to walk loudly to the room. Suzanna walked slowly behind Anfey.

It was a diner inside, with four big men sitting around a table with few bottles of liquor. Judging from the amount of liquor left in the bottles and cups, they had not been sitting there for long. They did not have a chance to drink to their fill. They were shocked for a second when they saw a strange man and woman walk into the room.

"Hey, you are..." One of the guys saw the Glory Mercenary badge on Anfey, so he believed Anfey was their ally since they were all in the Glory mercenary. They had never seen Anfey before, so they felt a bit strange..

"Bill asked me to find Master Orwell." Anfey had a bright smile on his face. Bill was the middle-aged man with hawk nose. "Let me introduce this lady to you guys. This is Miss Jenny, a junior swordswoman."

"Oh." The four guys all looked at Suzanna. Blackwater City and White Mountain City were the most important distribution centers for magic crystals on Pan Continent. Entertainment facilities usually went hand in hand with distribution economics. There were definitely many beautiful women in those entertainment facilities. It was undeniable that Suzanna was the most beautiful one, no matter where she was. Niya was famous for her beauty in Saint City, but she was not as beautiful as Suzanna. There was no point in discussing how beautiful Suzanna would be in Blackwater City and White Mountain City.

Those four guys were fascinated by Suzanna's beauty. They just stared at her without even trying to hide it. Their greedy looks were disgusting.

Anfey coughed. He winked at those four guys as he talked. "Miss Jenny was from Alibaba mercenary group. Something unfortunate happened in Alibaba mercenary. The whole mercenary group with more than 20 mercenaries were killed by a manticore. Only Miss Jenny survived, so she wanted to join our Glory Mercenary group. She only needs a person to introduce her to our mercenary group, so I am taking her to see Master Orwell."

Anfey explained in a simple way, but also clearly made his point. He wore a look of you-know-what-I-mean. These four guys finally understood what was going on and what Anfey meant. One of the guys immediately showed a sincere look on his face. "Miss Jenny, please accept my sincere condolences. If you join Glory mercenary group, you will like it."

"Right, our Glory Mercenary group is the best. We welcome Miss Jenny on board," another guy said.

"Thank you." Suzanna still had her head down. She knew her acting was bad. Her eyes would have sold her out, so she had to keep her head down, which in turn accentuated her female features and made her look more adorable.

"Do you have more glasses?" Anfey smiled.

"Come here, bro. Here you are." One guy pushed a glass over and winked at Anfey, signaling Anfey they got what was going on. It was bulls^*t that Anfey wanted to introduce her to Glory mercenary group. He was trying to send a woman to Master Orwell. If Anfey had not said Miss Jenny was a junior swordswoman, which they felt could cause trouble, they would have pressed Suzanna on the table.

Anfey took the glass with a smile and poured some liquor in it. He also moved the glass out of Suzanna's sight and took out a small paper package. He poured the powder from the paper package into the glass.

This action could not be seen by Suzanna, but the guys sitting across from Anfey saw it clearly. Their eyes brightened up. They had done this kind of thing many times before. They knew very well what Anfey was doing. One of the guys even hid his hand under the table and secretly raised his thumb for Anfey. It meant, "Good job, man. You prepared everything. Awesome!"

They had not met Anfey before, but since they were in the same mercenary group and were the same kind of people, they already considered Anfey as their brother.

Anfey pushed the glass over to Suzanna. "Miss Jenny, would you like to have a drink?"

Those guys' eyes moved with the glass, waiting for Jenny to fall into their trap.

Suzanna glanced at the glass and shook her head. "I don't drink this kind of liquor. Do you have wine?"

Anfey was shocked and looked up. "Bro, do you have wine?"

"Yes, I am going to get it." A guy stood up and hurried over to the wine cellar.

"I am a little hungry. Do you have steak?" Suzanna said with a blush.

"Sure." The guy couldn't help heaving a sigh. This little girl was a bit much to handle. Why couldn't she just freaking drink that glass.

Anfey smiled bitterly and gave that guy a look. The guy had no way but to stand up. He muttered something and turned around. He walked to the storage room to look for steak. They had to do what she wanted before she would drink the liquor with the powder in it. They were worried that if they fought with Suzanna, a patrol would come by because of the strong combat power. They would be fine with the patrol, but they would let Suzanna off the hook.

Anfey put his arm on Suzanna's shoulder with a smile. "Miss Jenny."

"Get away from me." Suzanna's face suddenly darkened.

Anfey looked awkward and shrugged. He stood up and walked over to the two guys and took a seat between them. Those two guys were not suspicious about Anfey's move. They even gave Anfey a gloating look. They thought to themselves, "Man, you are running into trouble now. Why do you have to rush into things?"

Suddenly, they heard a bang from upstairs. It sounded like something fell on the floor. Anfey looked up. "Was Master Orwell in bad mood for the past few days?"

"Maybe his mood will get better today. Hahaha..." That guy felt cold on his throat before he finished his laughing. He could not laugh anymore.

The other guy had all his attention on Suzanna and did not know what Anfey had done. He smiled and asked, "Miss Jenny, are you from Alibaba mercenary group? I never heard of that mercenary group. When did Alibaba mercenary group register?"

"Hasn't registered yet." Anfey smiled.

"Oh?" The guy turned around to look at Anfey in surprise. He thought to himself, "Didn't he say they were all killed by a manticore? How come they haven't registered their mercenary group yet?" He saw a metal reflection when he turned around, and then fell onto the chair and died.