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Chapter 95: Coming Out of the Room

 Chapter 95: Coming Out of the Room

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For the next three days, Anfey did not come out of his room at all. Niya had to take care of the little unicorn for him. Christian and others thought Anfey had dedicated himself to practicing magic. The non-stop magic surges from his room were the evidence. They did not go and bother him.

Christian thought Anfey would exhaust himself from the nonstop practice. Before he decided to check on Anfey on evening of the the third day, Anfey had already come out of his room. Christian was only seven or eight steps away from Anfey's room when he saw Anfey show up at the door of his room. He was surprised and hurried over to Anfey. "Anfey, are you alright?"

"I am good." Anfey looked reenergized. It seemed that his magic skills had improved a lot.

"Anfey, don't practice magic this way next time. Don't you remember what you have told me about alternating...?" Christian said.

"Alternating work and relaxation is the key to learning." Anfey smiled.

"Right, I meant to say that," Christian said sincerely. If he had known Anfey had drunk a small bottle of unicorn blood, he would have been very mad. Sometimes it was good to be ignorant.

"Anything happen in the past few days?" Anfey asked.

"Everybody followed your orders and no one went out. Hmm, Vonmerge should have a lot of information. He came by several times. He saw you in training so he did not interrupt you," Christian said.

"Did Hui Wei behave for the past few days? Did he try to escape?" Anfey asked.

"He has been good. His Dimensional Ring is with you. How could he escape without the ring? I bet there is a lot more good stuff in it. Maybe the secret of the Magic Forbidden Field is in it." Christian smiled. Hui Wei looked painful when he had to give away the Scroll of Temporal Teleportation. How could a poor guy with both magic and combat powers, who had to work with orcs, have a such valuable magic scroll? It inevitably made people wonder about his identity, where he was from, and the secrets in his Dimensional Ring.

With Anfey's temperament, if Hui Wei had told Anfey his secrets, he felt there was a good chance Anfey would kill him. Hui Wei was very smart. Generally, he did whatever he was asked to do. He never challenged Anfey nor caused any trouble for Anfey's legion. He had behaved well, but never opened his mouth about the secrets of the Magic Forbidden Field.

Yet at that time, even if Hui Wei had told Anfey the secret of the Magic Forbidden Field, Anfey would not have killed him. Nobody knew how many secrets he held onto. Anfey would not want to kill him before he could get all the secrets out of Hui Wei.

Anfey heard someone walking upstairs. It was Suzanna walking upstairs with Shally. Today Suzanna did not wear leather armor. She wore a white dress. The dress was a little bit below her knees. The clear and delicate skin of her lower legs showed. She wore a pair of boots made of flash leopard. The black shoe ties on the boots wrapped around her lower legs. She looked sexy with those black shoelaces. Suzanna also had a little bit of makeup on. She looked so adorable with the long and thick eyelashes. She looked at Shally with a warm smile. Her gold earrings sparkled in her black shiny hair.

Suzanna looked feminine, but everyone knew the power hidden underneath this feminine appearance.

Under normal conditions, it would only take one or two years to make a name for herself. There would be people wanting her to be her aides. She was already a senior swordswoman even before she was twenty years old. No one would doubt that she would be a master swordswoman someday. She had reached to a level that many people could not reach in their whole life. People knew she would become a master swordswoman someday, but the question would be how many more years it would take her.

Anfey knew he was lucky to get to know Saul and Ernest after he came to this world. He was also fortunate to know Suzanna.

"Anfey, you finally came out." Suzanna smiled.

"Brother Anfey, take it." Shally held a hot dessert in front of her.

"I am not hungry yet. You can have it, Shally." Anfey caressed Shally's head. This was a way to get Suzanna to like him. If he touched Suzanna's head, she probably would have punched him. Shally was so much easier to maneuver.

Anfy had been the one caring about Shally the most, sometimes even more than her sister since Shally joined Anfey's legion. He read stories to Shally, played games with her, and even "shamelessly" challenged her with magic powers. Shally did not have strong desire to win. She was happy if someone would play with her. It did not matter to her whether she was winning. To Shally, practicing magic with Anfey was a game. She was not as serious as Anfey, who wanted to see who was better with magic power.

Anfey did not know why he glanced at Suzanna's legs. He did look at other places right away. "What a shame. It would be perfect with a pair of high heels and shorter skirt," Anfey thought to himself.

Suzanna was a senior swordswoman. It was not difficult for her to catch Anfey glancing at her legs, even though he looked away quickly. Suzanna looked down at her own legs and then she blushed.

Most times, people could not forget something even though they tried. Every time when Anfey saw Suzanna's skin showing, or even heard Niya asking her to take a bath, he could not help thinking of that night with Suzanna. Sometimes he would secretly glanced at Suzanna. Suzanna was even worse than Anfey. Every time she saw Anfey smiling, she would think about that night. There was no one to blame, since Anfey's smile had never changed. The angle he pulled his mouth and the number of teeth he showed were always the same. It seemed that he wore a mask, and his facial expression would never change. When she had been caught by him that night, he gave her the same kind of smile. Later when they formed a legion, he smiled the same way when they discussed issues for the legion. Suzanna could not help thinking about that night. She had developed a conditioned response.

From a psychological point of view, to get rid of this conditioned response, it would have been better for her to be away from Anfey. If she did not see Anfey's smiles, she would forget about it in few years. However, there could be another possibility: If Suzanna kept recalling Anfey's smiles, this psychological barrier could get worse.

"Suzanna, I have made your leather armor. Huh, Anfey, you are here." Anfey heard Hagan talking behind him and then he asked, "Where is my stuff?"

"Wait a second." Hagan tucked his head back to the room and walked out of the room a minute later with a package in his hand.

Anfey gently opened the package. There were almost a hundred arrowheads. About twenty of them were thick and snowy white. They were made of manticore's teeth. The rest of the arrow heads were comparatively smaller and light blue. They were made of wyverns' teeth. Anfey knew these arrows were quite powerful. The former arrowheads could explode, and the latter ones were poisonous and could kill anyone unless that person carried the detoxing medicine made from wyvern's gallbladders.

These arrowheads were great, but they were all disposable and a hundred of them were far from enough. Anfey put the arrowheads in his Dimensional Ring and then he grabbed a knife. Maybe it should not be called a knife anymore. It looked more like an awl because it did not have any blades. It could only be used to thrust, not slay. The tip of the knife looked very sharp. Anfey touched it with his finger.

"Don't..." Hagan screamed.

Hagan reminded Anfey a little too late. Anfey felt the pain on his finger. His finger was cut by the knife and then he felt an unusual feeling. His blood circulation and heartbeat slowed down. He felt chest pain, exhaustion, dizziness. He could not even move any of his fingers. These were symptoms of paralysis.

Suddenly, Anfey felt something different. The spirit crystal in his chest started to tremble. Anfey knew well that it was fighting with the paralysis. In about five seconds, the symptoms of paralysis disappeared and the spirit crystal calmed down. It seemed nothing had happened.

"It's so wasteful!" Hagan shouted. "I have changed the properties of the knife and increased the rate of paralysis, but it also shortens the lifespan of the knife. You shouldn't have tested it on yourself. Every time you use the knife, its lifespan will get shorter."

"What is the rate of paralysis?" Anfey felt rejuvenated. He thought he was lucky to have a knife with such a strong paralyzing effect. He gave credit to Hagan.

"About eighty percent, or even higher, but it could only be used 30 times at most. You just wasted one." Hagan rolled his eyes. He was not too happy with Anfey wasting his product.

"Great, wonderful!" Anfey looked happy. He patted Hagan's shoulder forcefully.

Christian and others looked at Anfey in surprise, because Anfey used to have only three facial expressions: frown, calm and smile. They all had different meanings. This time Anfey seemed he had lost himself. This was their first time to see him losing himself.

They did not know how much eighty percent paralyzing effect meant to Anfey. It meant that he could kill twenty tough opponents. Hagan had helped Anfey with his biggest problem. How could he not be happy? He had taken the tears of stars for a while, which had gradually changed Anfey's personality in an unnoticeable way. Anfey used to hide his emotions well, but this time he lost himself a little bit.