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Chapter 81: Show the True Color

 Chapter 81: Show the True Color

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The young man with black hair could not take the stupid provocation any more. He suddenly stood up with rage. He pointed his sword at Anfey. Everyone could sense from the tension in the air that the fight was ready to start.

"Anfey," Zubin called out nervously.

"Anfey, come back!" Suzanna was worried as well.

Anfey waved his hand with a smile and casually walked forward. He looked calm and casual. He thought he would be fine, since the tip of that young man's spear was made of wax. He wanted to know whether the young man could affect him the same way that he had made Suzanna's combat power disappear. He had to fight with him to know it, though he knew it would make Suzanna and others worried.

"You are a guest from far away. As you wish, you did make me mad. You will pay for it," the young man with black hair said coldly.

"Saint, please crush their spirits." An orc chief smiled and bowed sincerely to the young man when he saw that young man was firm about the fight.

"It does not matter what you say. What matters is what you do and whether you are able to do it." Anfey walked on to the stage with a smile. There were light circles shining on the stage, which swallowed Anfey. Anfey closed his eyes to feel his own qi. He did not feel his qi had been affected by the young man, but rather had been slowly moving in his twelve regular channels and eight extra meridians. Anfey felt more confident about the fight, knowing his qi had not been affected.

"You will pay for your arrogance," the young man with black hair said frigidly.

"You will pay for being pretentious. It's weird that I still have qi with me in your Antimagic Terra. I have to remind you that you are going to make a fool of yourself." Anfey smiled.

"Am I?" The young man's face got serious. He thrusted his sword towards Anfey's chest with force and speed. It looked like he was ready to kill Anfey without any concerns.

"Anfey!" Zubin called out Anfey's name when he saw the sword almost touched Anfey's chest. He released levitation magic and flew to the stage. If Anfey had to die here, he would try his best to save him no matter what it would cost him to fight, and no matter how powerful that young man was.

Sante chanted the abracadabra with his eyes blood red. Suzanna ground her teeth and then rushed back to the stage. Those orcs looked up and were ready to watch a bloody scene with excitement. Then everyone was so shocked that they were frozen to the ground with eyes as big as plates after seeing how Anfey countered the young man's strike.

Anfey reached his hand out and gripped the sword between his thumb and index finger. It looked so casual that it seemed Anfey was picking up a flower. The young man tried to thrust his sword forward with full force, but he could neither thrust it forward nor pull it out of Anfey's fingers. The young man's forehead started to sweat when he realized his sword would not move a bit in Anfey's fingers.

"You have neither magic power nor combat power. Are you affected by the Antimagic Terra?" Anfey gave him a sarcastic smile. "If this is the legendary Antimagic Terra, I have to say it is trash. If there are two fully-armored soldiers in this field, they could easily kill you."

That young man's face turned beet red. He even tried to shake the sword with two hands, but he was merely a strong normal guy in the Antimagic Terra, while Anfey was a qi master with strong force. The difference in forces between two of them were huge. If Anfey were a stone column, then the young man was just a dragonfly on the stone column.

"Ah...Ah..." Zubin was so into watching the stage that he forgot he was flying with levitation magic and almost fell to the ground. Luckily, he had quick responses and saved himself from falling on his head by regaining control of the air elements.

Suzanna was watching Anfey closely on the stage in surprise and excitement. Sante heaved a sigh and relaxed a little bit. Those orcs were shocked and could not believe what they just saw. The almost god-like saint was easily beaten by Anfey, which meant that their tribe was going to disappear.

"You did one thing right, that is, you did not hurt my friends. That is why I am not hurting you yet." The young man with black hair was pulling the sword out with full force when Anfey playfully let his fingers go. The young man hit his chest with the shaft without any advanced notice. He had to move back five or six steps before he finally fell on the ground with a huge bang.

"You are our captive now." Anfey walked slowly to the young man. He stood not more than 2 feet away from the young man. He seemed to be tempting the young man on purpose to attack him again.

The young man's face turned from purple to pale. The struggle showed in his eyes. After a while, he tossed his sword on the ground and got up slowly. His mind was gone and he stood there silently without a word.

"I am going to kill you." The orc chief lost himself and rushed towards Anfey.

Anfey did not fight back right away. It looked like he was waiting until the last moment and slightly dodged to the side. The orc chief rushed passed Anfey. Maybe it was a coincidence or could have been on purpose that the orc chief tripped over Anfey's feet. The orc chief stumbled a few steps forward and fell off the stage.

If the orc chief had positioned himself to jump off the stage, an eight-meter tall stage would not be dangerous, not even for an old orc. However, his head hit the ground first. Dirt flew up and danced with the wind. The orc chief trembled a little bit and died.

Suzanna jumped onto the stage. This time her combat power was not affected. The Antimagic Terra must have disappeared. How could an Antimagic Terra disappear so easily? Suzanna glanced at the young man with black hair. She realized the young man was not in charge of the Antimagic Terra. He just temporarily simulated the magic forbidden effects in a certain area.

"Sante, can you go and tell Christian to end the battle as soon as possible? Ask him to be careful. There are some orcs who went out for patrol and will be back to join the battle," Anfey said to Sante.

"I will." Sante nodded and walked out of the cave.

"It is our turn now. So, tell me your name first." Anfey looked at the young man with black hair with interest.

"My name is Hui Wei", the young man answered.

"How did you start the Antimagic Terra?" Anfey asked. This was the real reason Anfey did not kill him and kept him. If Suzanna was beat so easily in the Antimagic Terra the young man created, then there would be nothing to be scared of against Phillip. If Anfey could start the Antimagic Terra himself, he could perform 100% of his qi while Phillip's combat power would have almost nothing left in the field.

"You will kill me anyway no matter if I tell you or not. I could not find a reason to tell you." Hui Wei's lips closed so tight that made him look very stubborn.

"If you tell us how you started the Antimagic Terra, I will not hurt you. You do not have to worry about me keeping my word. I have a good reputation for it," Anfey said with a smile. Hui Wei just sneered at Anfey. "If you tell us, you can take the chance whether I would kill you or not. If you do not tell us, then you do not even have the chance to gamble." Anfey still had a smile on his face, but his words were threatening.

"I am not telling you." Hui Wei looked very firm about it.

"You do not have to answer me now. You will have few days to decide." Anfey tried to lighten up the conversation. Then Anfey curiously walked a couple of times around the big chair made of bones. He was trying to find something unusual. He sat casually on it at the end. The back and arms of the chair were made of bones. It looked pretty scary. It did feel comfortable to sit on with the layer of animal fur on it.

The battle outside had almost ended. Most orcs in the battle were killed. Only the old and the females survived. Christian asked Riska to ambush the orcs who would return to help, and Blavi to watch the captives. Christian and Sante walked into the cave.

Christian asked loudly at the entrance of the cave, "Anfey, who set up the Antimagic Terra? Which one?" Christian was usually mature and calm, but learning about the Antimagic Terra just made him lose control and ask loudly. Some master swordsmen and senior magisters were legendary, but the Antimagic Terra was a legend among legends.

Anfey pointed at Hui Wei with a smile. Christian flew to the stage and stared at Hui Wei. Hui Wei had his eyes half closed and ignored Christian. He looked like he was going to change his mind no matter what Anfey would do to him.

Christian chanted an abracadabra. A visible surge hit right on Hui Wei, but he kept quiet.

"He has both magic and combat power. Anfey, did you say he was in charge of the Antimagic Terra? Are you sure about that?" Christian asked.

"I might be making a mistake myself, but everyone saw it. It cannot be mistaken. Christian, did you say he has both magic and combat power?" Anfey smiled.

"Yes, his magic power is stronger than yours, and his combat power is stronger than Niya's." Christian gave it some serious thought and said "There is no way he is in charge of the Antimagic Terra."

"He actually did it. I was...I was..." Suzanna felt so embarrassed. When she rushed into the Antimagic terra and found her combat power was suppressed, she was shocked and did not know how to respond to the change. Suzanna's weapon was easily taken away. It was not a history she was proud of. If it were not for Anfey, they would have been deceived by Hui Wei.

"You do not have to think about it too much. He will tell us in a few days," Anfey said casually. He pointed at two orc chiefs with a finger and said, "You two, come here."

Those two orc chiefs looked at each other and stumbled over to Anfey. The chair was still the same chair, but the person sitting on it had changed. The two orc chiefs did not show any loyalty or sincerity to Anfey as they had to the young man with black hair. No matter how much they hated Anfey, they did not dare to show it, since their lives were still in Anfey's hands.

"Tell me, how long has your tribe been living here?" Anfey asked. Suzanna's treasure map showed that the treasure was right here. If these orcs had been living here long, Anfey might have to find traces on these orcs to find the treasure.

"Master, we have lived here over half a year," the orc chief on the left answered politely.

"Where were you half a year ago?" Anfey continued.

"We were living in the Stone Forest in the Forest of Death," the orc chief answered.

"Lier," Suzanna said loudly. "Forest of Death is over four thousand miles away from Forest Clarm. How did you move here?"

"Suzanna is right." Zubin nodded. "There are five countries in between. How could orcs get here? Before they reached Forest Clarm, they would have been killed by humans."

The orc chief on the left realized from the shock that he had told the most important secret of the tribe when he rushed to answer Anfey's question under stress.

"Tell!" Anfey said coldly. He saw that orc chief looking angry and regretful. Anfey certainly knew what had happened.

"Master, please forgive me. I did lie. We just moved from the south of Forest Clarm." That chief orc trembled and kneeled on the ground. He cried, "There were something left by our ancestors for us in the south of Forest Clarm. I was afraid...then I lied about it. Please forgive me for that."

"It's not hard to forgive you as long as you tell us how you moved here from the Forest of Death. I will release all orcs as well if you tell us the truth," Anfey said with a smile.

The orc chief was shocked. "Master, we have never been to Forest of Death. We grew up in Forest Clarm. Master, as you know, Forest of Death is over four thousands miles away from here. How could we escape from Forest of Death to move here?"

"Christian, how many captives do we have out there?" Anfey did not want to play the game with the orc chief anymore. He turned around to look at Christian.

"About 60. Are you worried that they would escape? Not possible. Blavi has been watching them," Christian answered.

"Zubin and Sante, can you bring 30 captives in." Anfey gave the order.


The orc chief's eyes were moving fast. It looked like he was trying to guess Anfey's intentions. Hui Wei struggled to swallow. His reaction was a lot faster than the orc chief's.